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  1. i cant even get 4k for my 06, but yours is cleaner.... i think im about to part mine out. Sucks.
  2. Reyndogg

    Whats Your 450f Like

    Sadly, I havent even started mine in two months click the garage link to see mods/whatever that arent getting any use
  3. Reyndogg

    2007 rear rotor

    just get a galfer wave rotor (less than 100) and have a good day
  4. Reyndogg

    Well its white ish

    I think it looks cool w/the blue shrouds.
  5. Reyndogg

    Stewart vs Everts

    I agree w/this.
  6. Reyndogg

    Brake and clutch levers ASV

    I have the C5 brake and C5 pro model w/hotstart clutch. I dig the setup.
  7. bleeding air from your forks with your front wheel on the ground can make you bust fork seals
  8. Reyndogg

    06-07 What bars do you use??

    reed/henry...put them on as soon as i got my bike home. I never even tried the stock bars, they're sitting in a box in my garage w/the oem grip still in place
  9. Reyndogg

    YZ 1/4 turn race throttle mod

    i love it on road race/track days, not sure about it on my 450...props on the detail and time you spent making this post either way!
  10. its the same in mx/sx as it is in road racing.. the company w/the biggest contingency payout usually has the most grid/gate spots...honda pays out way more money, plus they have a damn good bike as a base to build a race bike from....
  11. Reyndogg

    Steering head bearings

    You'll be surprised how nasty they are I bet... i do mine every 15hrs. It's really not too hard to do. I follow the twmx article, too.
  12. Reyndogg

    07 yz450 vs. 06 Kx450

    do your ages end in -teen? jeez.
  13. Reyndogg

    How do you keep your bike clean?

    liquid performance bike wash and the water hose. the LP stuff works better than simple green, though it is more $$ and harder to find... i think the last order was direct, so we got a 5 gal bucket of it!
  14. i have one... PM me what you're willing to pay for it man.