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  1. bashn

    07 WR License plate Mounting?????

    Can't help but think wheel position and fender flex are working together to suck the plate into the tire. Angling the plate up a bit to gain some extra space is probably what's required here. I've tried the home-made approach on other bikes by combining a thin aluminum bracket with a thin plastic or rubber backing. Seems to work pretty well but takes a lot of time to make. I hope the guy on EBAY tweaks his design for a little extra clearance in time to save me the trouble of making my own.
  2. bashn

    Dumb ?

    Try using the front brake when tire pressure is low, and you will find out! The valve stem will dissappear or rip off the tube, making the tire a btch to get off, or leaving the tube unrepairable. Not a huge problem unless your 50 miles from nowhere!
  3. bashn

    rekluse z start clutch-wr450-07

    Clutch drag is the tedency for the clutch to engage slightly even though the clutch lever is pulled all the way in.
  4. bashn

    Rampart still closed.

    Just called the ranger. They said Rampart is still closed but may open next week if the sun does it's job and melts the snow. Yes, they got snow earlier in the week!
  5. I was going to try the RC bend until you mentioned the Henry/Reed. The Henry/Reed is 15mm taller than the RC and I'm 6'0". I like bars on the taller side. Anything wrong with ProTaper contours, or should I spend more and get EA-70 grade? Thx,
  6. Hey everybody! I just bought a new 2006 YZ450F SE. I've searched for and couldn't find any references to the MXA recommended suspension settings. I found a few recommendations, but they vary so wildly I don't know where to start. Here's what I have so far: Fork Comp 14 Fork Rebound 8 Shock LSC 12 Shock HSC 2.0 Shock Rebound 8 Forks raised to mark Race Sag 105mm Also, just ordered a D755 front and D952 rear tire and the trick looking Works Connection radiator cages. I've been out to the track only once, but I can already tell this bike is a keeper!
  7. bashn

    metal shavings in oil filter

    No. Unless by tun, you mean a few flakes the size of finely ground pepper.
  8. bashn

    2006 vs. 2007

    I found an '06 SE brand new for a ridiculously low price. I'm picking it up tomorrow. I doubt I can appreciate the 06/07 differences after saving $1500!
  9. bashn

    Any New XR250s Out There?

    Try Honda of Chanute. http://www.hondaofchanute.com/new_vehicle_inventory.asp?page=2 They have a new '04 for $3999 + shipping. I've seen them ship bikes, so I know they can do it. Good folks, and they don't charge all the BS fees that some dealers try. Good Luck with your purchase.
  10. bashn

    06 ktm 450exc vs. 06 honda crf 450x

    I'm in the same boat as you, trying to decide between the 450X and 450EXC. I believe the valve check intervals on the X are 15hrs compared to 30 for the EXC. The 5-speed transmission with dubious reliability is holding the Honda back for me. I blew up my CRF450R tranny once already, so I know first hand that 3rd gear can and does blow on these bikes. I also know KTM has issues, so I can't really say either one is better from a reliability standpoint. I like the way KTM's handle and feel off-road, except for the hard seat. If that's all I have to fix on the KTM, then I think I'm going in that direction.
  11. bashn

    ACL surgery 5.5 hours ago

    Sorry to hear about your injury, but glad to hear how well your doing. Had mine done 14 days ago and a very similar recovery. I was driving my truck and back to work after 1 week at home. I'm starting PT tomorrow. Time seems to stand still when you can't do the things you love, but the knee should be back to normal in 6-8 weeks.
  12. bashn

    XR 250 diagnosis...need opinions

    Normally engines that smoke under load have ring problems and engines that smoke when the throttle is cut have valve seal issues. Yours sounds like valve/seals are the likely culprit.
  13. bashn

    Running In New XR250

    Most people over-think this whole break-in thing. I too was totally anal about this in my younger years. Now, I just temp cycle the motor by running moderately for 15 minutes, shut it off and let it cool all the way down. Repeat one more time, then just let it rip. The idea is to let all the parts expand and contract a couple times to find a "natural position". This also assures that internal parts don't get too hot, too soon, causing a loss of temper ot excessive wear. It takes very little time for the rings and piston to seat in and these are the most critical parts because they generate and must handle the most heat. I have owned scores of brand new bikes and have never encountered a single problem that can be attributed to break-in proceedure. Don't sweat it! Machine technology has improved contact finishes to the point it's ridiculous to worry about.
  14. bashn

    Dr. D pipe for 05 YZ 250F

    Mine runs best with a #182, the same jetting as delivered. I did have to adjust the fuel screw a bit. I really love the Dr.D pipe.
  15. bashn

    Wow my valves are tight!

    I think your seriously confused! You must be talking about english and NOT metric measurements, or you can see through your feeler gauges. Those numbers in "thousanths" are reasonable. .003mm is .000118 inches, or 1/10000 of an inch.