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  1. There's just no good info here.............. I guess I will have to go ride my Kreft-ed out 250 TPI
  2. What info are you looking for. Looks like you don't own one???
  3. retroone

    WP 4CS Fork better than Xplor 48?

    I'm 165# and run the compression and rebound all the way out and back in 2 clicks (front and rear it's that balanced for me) when Gnarly single tracking. 4 in on a little faster single track. Out in southern sand woops 8-10 clicks in. So yes I can feel an actual difference. I can tell if I miss counted the clicks and stop and recount. But it all can be in my head ??? I like to use all of my travel when I ride... I remember back in the Penton days Lol
  4. retroone

    WP 4CS Fork better than Xplor 48?

    I bought a 2018 TPI 250 and the forks are awesome and the adjusters work super good . I can feel every click when I ride. ???? I got lucky ????
  5. retroone

    Breaking news about the new KTM TPI’s

    I love my 250 TPI run Soooooooo good and low mid and top end is linear and makes a bad ass gnar gnar single tracker. JMHO
  6. Thx for clarifying this.
  7. retroone

    2018 250XC-W TPI or 2018 300XC-W Carb.

    I love my 250 tpi runs crisp zero rpm to scream. Soooooo much better then any carb bike I've owned since the 70's. I like to lug my bikes and tpi loves it back. Mid range to top is right there ............................. Can't wait till the 300's show up in the States. No I don't need the 300 but my buddies do.
  8. Went looking for this get to 210 and turn off wait and ride it
  9. Thx trouble maker. Never thought of looking in the manual.
  10. So what is the Re-initializing the ECM ??????????????????
  11. Soooooo my 2018 TPI 250 The &%$#@!ing starter just Zings 60% of the time from first start new. i found to start cold pull bypass knob out a little and just crack the throttle. After started do that for 30 ish seconds then let idle. Set idle up a tad I was stalling it. Other then that this bike ROCK’s Running 13-52 gearing
  12. retroone

    X TRAINER suspension

    Love mine
  13. I have a complete shock not in uses PM me or email vvolvo1@aol.com
  14. retroone

    So far not impressed with "Beta Quality"

    Cutting edge over sized carburetor on the 2017 300's ? The new air fork's are good.