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  1. It’s a chick bike.
  2. Have you checked your spark plug gap?
  3. So this thread is political?
  4. Well that doesn’t sound right.
  5. Kayne West loves Trump.
  6. Wouldn’t the receiver be on the tow vehicle, not the trailer?
  7. Why are you colluding with the Russians?
  8. Hondas will run forever if you maintain them well. Get yourself a new sprocket and chain set and go another 62,000 miles.
  9. Have you started shaving yet?
  10. The Colorado is a truck. The El Camino is a car.
  11. I own a 1973 C/K 20 Cheyenne. I've had it for 30 years, so I approve of the Chevy selection.
  12. Definitely the Honda because it's color accurate, and because I'd much rather have an off road capable machine in a zombie apocalypse. Aren't Kawasaki's supposed to be green?
  13. Neosporin, paper towel of some sort, and electrical tape....and you're good to go.
  14. Exercise and weed and sex. It works every time.