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  1. ryanmac

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Love that workshop dude!!!!
  2. Brilliant, I'm actually doing it the other way around. 97 bottom with 01 electronics and top.
  3. ryanmac

    2001 cr250 rear hub

    Post some pics..
  4. ryanmac

    01 cr250 resto

    Nevermind, I see its still the original setup.
  5. ryanmac

    01 cr250 resto

    Looking brilliant, did you do the rear brake resevoir conversion or did you get it like that?
  6. ryanmac

    Sachs suspension

    I find the she works better in the whoops. It's the when hitting the rocks at pace that she gets hard. I do have new springs which I need to install as the stock are to soft for my weight so that might make it better but I definitely find her easier in the whoops.
  7. ryanmac

    Finding Neutral

    Anyone used Liqui Moly?
  8. ryanmac

    Abused Beta

    Congrats dude!!!! You made it through what sounds like a serious opf0k!!!!
  9. ryanmac

    What, no Hot Start?

    Are your valves not out of spec?
  10. ryanmac

    2014 Models

    From ladakar.com: - New Oil in the front fork to reduce temperatures and minimize friction
  11. ryanmac

    2014 Models

    SO I see they using "NEW OIL", &%$#@!....... new oil weight, brand, what? Or just oil out of a new bottle...
  12. ryanmac

    2014 Models

    hahahaha, is cause I keep riding into things...
  13. ryanmac

    2014 Models

    I reckon the bottom bits of that white tank is going to be a b!tch to keep clean, especially if I see how scratched mine is getting already.
  14. ryanmac

    Show me your...BETA !

    Howzit dude, don't worry, your perception seems to be the typical yank one. :) The only animals we have running around, in the rural areas, are goats, sheep, cows and donkeys. Everything else is in parks and reserves. Re the murders, it's not everywhere you go that's a problem, main city centres are hazardous and in the townships they don't seems to like each other. We tend to be very select about where we go and tend to keep our eyes open and not go looking for crap. You really should come over one day, we can take you on some bootiful rides.
  15. ryanmac

    Long Range Tank

    Hows the size of those handguards!!!!