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  1. 2strokeYardSale

    Rear Wheel Bearing Removal

    If you do that and it goes to hell, you've got yourself in a real jam. There's an old thread I found here where somebody did that with the outer bearing stuck good.
  2. 2strokeYardSale

    Rear Wheel Bearing Removal

    Yeah my problem was moving the collar off-center. I really had to smack it out of the way. We more or less did the same thing but I finished with a puller. What are you doing for the other side? Punching out the inside race surface?
  3. 2strokeYardSale

    Rear Wheel Bearing Removal

    OK here's how to do it for anybody who hopefully finds this in a search. (Yamaha rear wheel bearing removal) Use a punch or whatever to move the inside collar (Yamaha calls it a SPACER, BEARING) off-center. This is required to reveal a portion of the left (sprocket side) bearing. Use a hammer and punch to move out that bearing about 2mm. You may have to move the collar in different directions to get at different portions of the bearing. When you've got enough space between the bearing and the collar, use a 22mm blind bearing puller. The right (brake side) bearing can't be punched out from the other side because it doesn't offer any surface; you must use a puller to pull from the inside diameter. It might help to pre-soak the bearings with PB Blaster beforehand, and to apply heat to the hub area surrounding the bearing just before removal.
  4. 2strokeYardSale

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    Removed the worn rear tire yesterday and inspected the Tubliss. Today, removed both rear wheel bearings. What a PITA.
  5. 2strokeYardSale

    Rear Wheel Bearing Removal

    So try to use the little play in the collar, moving it from the sprocket side to the brake side, to get a little space on the left side for the puller collet to bite?
  6. 2strokeYardSale

    Rear Wheel Bearing Removal

    I'm having trouble removing the bearings from my YZ250's older Warp 9 18" wheel, which uses an OEM Yamaha hub and OEM size bearings. The main problem is the axle collar doesn't move out of the way to enable purchase against the bearing, whether for my blind bearing puller or my punch. I have a Harbor Freight puller set with a 20mm collet puller that should expand to 22mm. I also have a steel punch and a hammer. I also have a butane torch for the hub area surrounding the bearing. The wheel has been in my cold garage.
  7. 2strokeYardSale

    Gas Gas, good bikes?

    See, that's how you share useful information. Trust me.
  8. 2strokeYardSale

    Miki Arpa. ... Gasgas article

    And me too Keihins, as mentioned in the article. (HusKTM has finicky Mikunis, right? That's a good selling point for GG.) There are some components that work so well the market demands them. Taper bars, etc.
  9. 2strokeYardSale

    Gas Gas, good bikes?

    One of the hallmarks of lazy internet argument styles. Appeal to authority, with not much authority behind it.
  10. 2strokeYardSale

    2019 EC/XC 200's

    The US market is so small for GG, it's not worth it to market and support another model, which would probably sell in the low hundreds per year. Hopefully they took an honest look at it and realized it's just a downsized engine in a big bike and we don't want that.
  11. 2strokeYardSale

    Miki Arpa. ... Gasgas article

    Yeah I was an early adopter of a 97 CR250, it had problems. Honda got their act together (2000? model). My 2002 CR250 was fine. My 06 YZ250 is fine. I think the anti-aluminum bias stems from the original 97-99 Hondas with their frames and forks. Now people say aluminum doesn't flex. B.S. It flexes as much or as little as the designer makes it. GG went their own way (or Kawasaki's way) with perimeter steel frames and all that got them was heavy bikes and bankruptcy. Now they have Me Too frames.
  12. 2strokeYardSale

    Miki Arpa. ... Gasgas article

    He said for enduro they needed a steel frame not aluminum. I think that's B.S., they just don't have the design and manufacturing capability for aluminum frames. Or they are aware of the anti-aluminum feelings of the market. Edit: Or, they just want to be more conservative and look like KTM, for the market. Little TM in Italy makes aluminum framed enduro bikes. Giant Yamaha has made aluminum framed enduro bikes for over a decade. Hey look at that, a European enduro 2 stroke with an aluminum frame and KYB suspension!
  13. 2strokeYardSale

    Yz250 woods jetting

    The difference between 40:1 and 32:1 oil is the former is 97.5% fuel and the latter is 96.875% fuel. They don't make jets with small enough differences for that small fuel difference. Just jet your carb and stop dicking with your oil ratio.
  14. 2strokeYardSale

    What the hell is wrong with my bike

    Around the 4 minute mark when you come to a stop before the downed trees, it sounds lean. A lean pilot jet or air leak or low float level is causing that surging idle with the closed throttle.
  15. 2strokeYardSale

    Miki Arpa. ... Gasgas article

    That was very interesting. The US market is insignificant, yet drives the demand for Kayaba suspension. They only planned to build 3,000 bikes in 2018. I don't understand if that figure was enduro bikes only or all GG branded bikes including trials and kids, not including Torrot brand bikes of course. That's pretty much a boutique number. Hey as long as we are driving demand of what you produce, I demand a 200 pound 250 with a low seat. Of course it still must have KYB.