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    Mostly cowtrailing, the occasional enduro, desert race or Grand prix. Restoring my `72 B50MX

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  1. So what’s the best oil to use in a Mach III?
  2. I copped a fifth overall in the 50+ squid class at Washougal couple years back. On a stripped down 650L no less. Just ran everybody over. Hoot and a half. 20% bike, 80% rider.
  3. So that was the 7.0 earthquake we felt, right?
  4. Good lord, you have no time at all on this motor yet, relatively speaking. Mine’s a ‘94; 10:1 Wiseco, reworked intake and exhaust installed in ‘98. Nothing but oil changes since. Innumerable Grand Prix’s, the odd club MX, and about a billion miles of single track. Smokes a little when cold, smokes a little less when warm. Still pulls the girly 450’s, still stays with uncorked 650R’s. Run it.
  5. 1971 Datsun 510 2 door sedan. Lowered 2 inches. KYB Gas Adjusts. 240Z 14” stock steels w/Michelin X’s 1600 cc block, 1800 head. Close ratio 5 speed. Dual side draft Weber’s. Hooker header and a glass pack. Rollbar and of course, a Pioneer Supertuner. Yeah baby!!!
  6. What’s your point?
  7. Super Hunky, Pete Scziczz and Jet Hamburger. Every month in 1970’s era Dirt Bike Mag. On target hilarity delivered by the neighborhood postman right to your parents mailbox where you would be waiting because you knew the day it would arrive. Yup.
  8. What’s the name of the language spoken on your planet? That might help us.
  9. I run Waste Vegatable Oil at a 5:1 ratio in my Series 60 Detroit. Throttle response is up, 3 lb psi increase in manifold pressure at 1,850 RPM and man, blendzall wishes it smelled this good!!
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