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  1. tvalliere220

    2018 crf 450 judder spring

    i have oem plate and fiber if anyone is interested in doing this mod. Bought for my 17 450 but sold before installing. Pay via PayPal.
  2. tvalliere220

    Something got too hot. 2015 CRF250R

    sounds like it will only fire off ether being sprayed and dies when not being sprayed. Pull the throttle body out of the cylinder head boot and see if the injector is firing/spraying fuel. If it isn't the fuel pump probably isn't building pressure. If you changed the fuel filter did you re install the fuel pump wires correctly? There are two plugs that can be mixed up. Tps and map sensor i think? It does take quite a few kicks to prime the fuel system.
  3. tvalliere220

    Corroded bolt in water pump.

    pretty normal, always one bolt rusty as hell every time i take one apart as well. see it a lot. Wire wheel it up and then grease it up!
  4. tvalliere220

    2017 crf450rx steering stem nut question

    pretty sure the lower one is 5 ft lbs and the upper one is 80 ft lbs. 32mm socket.
  5. tvalliere220


    i Have a 2012 crf250r head i would sell. has about 30 hours on it since rebuild and new oem valves and recut seats
  6. tvalliere220

    2001 CR250 CONVERSION

    There are many people out there doing this. I have one in progress at the moment. I made my own parts and billet Y. You will need a qualified tig welder to do this project. heres my build thread. Haven't touch my project in quite some time. Hopefully finish it up this winter. here are all the parts you will need http://www.conversionparts500.com/#!/Chassis-06-09-CRF250R/c/7006713/offset=0&sort=normal
  7. tvalliere220

    2 stroke sustained rev after throttle chop

    try putting on a new choke assembly in. Ive seen some cracked or clapped out ones allowing a leak.
  8. tvalliere220

    Does this look right?

    Yes that is normal. Be sure to clean all the dirt and dust out of there because that will kill your motor. If you leave the rear shock out put a small amount of lube on the boot lip. Leaving the subframe bolts out push the whole subframe onto the throttle body. Be sure the wiring harness it out of the way of the boot. Once boot is on tighten the clamp and then push subframe off to the side and install rear shock from the right side of the bike
  9. tvalliere220

    Shock removal on '17 450???

    I may have taken off the black piece on airbox as well. 4 8mm bolts that holds the ecu and I flipped it up on the tank
  10. tvalliere220

    Shock removal on '17 450???

    I've always had good luck removing the rear part of exhaust and then taking out all 4 subframe bolts and then push the subframe out of the way, and pull the shock out the right side of the bike. Then you don't have to worry about putting the airboot back on.
  11. tvalliere220

    Crf250r Camshaft has a hole in it!!!

    Why are you all so darn high strung. Relax. The man asked a simple question. Anyways, I believe they are often used as lightening holes and also to help balance the cam shaft.
  12. tvalliere220

    2017 Crf450rx problem

    My 17 will do the same thing. It will fire up and run for a second very weird idle then die. Kick it again and then it fires off normally.
  13. tvalliere220

    09 CRF250 Rebuild advice

    Doesn't look terrible. Make sure there is nothing embedded that could flake off. As for the gasket surface you really need a large surface plate with a very fine grit sand paper to flatten the sealing surface. Remove little material as possible.
  14. tvalliere220

    Oil Migrating from Transmission to Engine

    Balancer shaft seal and make sure the D shaped oring is on the balancer shaft where the gear goes on the spline. Those are about the only places.
  15. tvalliere220

    2017 CRF450R issue / knock

    Also you can run the bike and try manually adjusting the cam chain tensioner with a screw driver tighter or looser while it's running to see if the sound changes. Just be very careful not to go too far either direction. Also be sure to reset it after tightening it.