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  1. Johnny_On_The_Spot

    2019 KX450 Showa Fork Rebuild

    My fork seal is leaking on my 19 KX450, and I just checked my owners manual to see if it was 2.5 or 5wt oil. The only thing the manual says is "Suspension Oil A15-00 Part Number 44091-0023". I couldn't find it online, and it doesn't appear to be the normal Kawi SS-19 5-wt oil. The dealer looked it up and it says that oil is only for 2019 KX450 and is $57/qt! I gave pro circuit a call to see if they knew what weight oil it was and they weren't sure, but said Showa put a ton of additives in special for this fork for the coatings and to reduce friction. Anyone know what this stuff is? I like the feel of my fork as is so I don't want to change it... I also don't want to cheap out throw some random 5-wt in and not be happy with the fork action.
  2. Johnny_On_The_Spot

    Homebrew SFF-TAC Spring Conversion?

    I'm looking to convert my '16 KX450F SFF TAC forks from air to spring, and I think you can build one from OEM Kawasaki parts. It looks like if I buy the KX250F SFF spring cartridge, spring guide, and lower cap I can replace the TAC cartridge. Once concern I have is the SFF TAC is a 49 mm fork, and the SFF spring is a 48 mm. I can machine simple parts if needed, but don't want to have this turn into a major re-engineering project! Has anyone done this or know someone who has?
  3. Johnny_On_The_Spot

    Mx-tech TAC-R

    Dino, what type of riding and what bike are you testing with the TAC-R? I feel like I have my stock 16 KX450 forks at an "okay" setting, but definitely feel they can be improved.
  4. Johnny_On_The_Spot

    Gripping the bike with legs through turns?

    here is my 2 cents. I am by no means an expert, but am a mid-pack B rider and took a Gary Bailey race school a couple years ago. Picked up the first 2 tips from him, and the 3rd is something I started doing this season. Biggest things that have increased my corner speed are stand as late as possible in the rut. Watch Roczen's technique and how late he sits. A great training tool is to just ride motos standing the WHOLE time - you'll figure out the balance you need in the ruts. Start slow and pick the pace up. Work the front (and rear if you can) brakes, clutch, and throttle at the same time. You dont want to the pull the clutch and release it more than once - try to let it out nice and smooth in one long/slow motion, while you drag the brakes and slowly release them. If you are stabbing and popping the clutch the bike will get all screwed up - be smooth as possible. And your question about gripping the bike in the corner... I find that I take my inside leg and lift UP into the shroud while pushing down on the peg and in on the other shroud with my other leg, I can take all the force off my hands and the bars just "float" through the rut. This lets you brace your abs and be really aggressive with the power without having to worry about wheeling since you are pretty much doing a big ab crunch. If you ride in the really slick mud you will find this technique makes the difference between paddling around the corner with your feet, and being able to ride smooth and controlled.
  5. Johnny_On_The_Spot

    2016 KX450F stock suspension valving

    Factory air pressures and clickers are way off - they were extremely harsh for me. The team green settings are much better, but I still haven't found a good balance between plushness and bottoming resistance. I'll be trying my hand at a revalve pretty soon. If anyone can share stacks they've had luck with I would appreciate it!
  6. Johnny_On_The_Spot

    2016 KX450F Stacks

    Does anyone have any decent b-level motocross stacks for the fork and shock? I settled on the team green TAC pressures and have them performing OK, but i'm struggling to find the balance between comfort and bottoming resistance on both front and rear. I weigh 240 and am running 185 inner, 7.5 outer, 185 balance on the forks, and a 6.0 spring w/ 100 mm race sag.
  7. Johnny_On_The_Spot

    2016 KX450 OPINION

    Yeah, I'd give that a shot and don't be afraid to open up the high-speed and low speed compression on the shock. Stock it was way too stiff for me over acceleration chop.
  8. Johnny_On_The_Spot

    2016 KX450 OPINION

    Have you tried the black EFI coupler? It really makes the bike run smoother. It is more mellow, but still plenty of power.
  9. Johnny_On_The_Spot

    Clutch question

    Does not sound like a clutch problem at all. Sounds like bent shift forks are causing you to jump in/out of gear.
  10. Johnny_On_The_Spot

    2016 kx 450 qustion need help

    I got mine brand new for 6850 in Ohio about a month ago. Since you're in OH i would look around a little more and save some cash, because that is not a good deal at all. Mine came from Hardings Park Cycle.
  11. Johnny_On_The_Spot

    2016 KX450 OPINION

    I'm surprised you're saying that about the engine braking, I just made the switch from 2-strokes and think it is really mild on this bike. The shock could use some work for sure. I have my high-speed comp turned nearly all the way out which helped a lot. Also found that this bike likes a lot of weight on the front wheel to work right. Anything more than ~100mm sag seems like it makes the shock really harsh. Noticed the same thing with the TAC balance chamber. More pressure makes it turn great, but you trade off fork comfort.
  12. Johnny_On_The_Spot

    Best 4CS re-valve at home

  13. Johnny_On_The_Spot

    How to handle a track cutter who almost landed on me?

    William, I have to STRONGLY disagree with you about slower riders getting out of the way. My worst crashes have been while passing slower riders who get spooked, and try to pull off to the side and let me past. Unfortunately, as Faded said, situational awareness isn't always as good as you would like and often the slower rider crosses over your line and you collide. I'm a big fan of endurance racing (however do not drive), but the implications of slower racers on road courses, vs dirt courses with jumps are very different. IMO the best rules that all riders need to follow are: 1) If you are not going to clear a jump, put one hand up high in the air to signal to other riders behind you. The faster guys who are coming up on you will be looking far enough ahead to see your signal. When you roll the jump do your best to not "wobble" left and right as you gain/lose speed over the take-off an landing. Obviously, if you know with enough time in advance, try to naturally get out of the racing line without crossing across the track (ie take the deep inside of the corner, and keep close to that edge of the track. Don't cross to the outside). 2) HOLD YOUR LINE. If a fast guy is coming up on you, he'll figure out how to get around you. If you try to get out of his way, your unpredictable line choice greatly increases the chances of a bad crash.
  14. Johnny_On_The_Spot

    2016 KX450 OPINION

    Dammit. They told me it was a big machining job to get the extended tip to fit the OEM lever...
  15. Johnny_On_The_Spot

    2016 KX450 OPINION

    FYI, for you guys looking for a longer shifter: I called hammerhead about a release date for the CNC shifters and they'll be in stock sometime in July. However, for now they are going to take one of their standard-length forged shift lever and do some modifications to get the +10mm tip on there for me. I should have it by the end of the week to see how it feels.