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  1. JohnnyB-943

    Non-stock carbs, who uses what?

    Here's another place that you can get the carb only .. >> http://www.hondatrai...products_id=993 <<
  2. JohnnyB-943

    Non-stock carbs, who uses what?

    What I can tell you ..., the carb I'm use'n was bought here .. >> http://www.hondamini....com/KLXDRZ.htm << P436-K Other places sell what appears to be the same carb with other brands of manifolds .. I've found what looks to be the same same carb in the Parts Unlimited catalogue .. As for where the needle and air screw is set ..., it seems to change from summer to winter .. I usually find that a properly jetted carb will have the needle either one groove above or one below the middle groove .. The air screw I never count .. I'm always mess'n with it , but I think it's around 2 turns out ?? I run the stock air box with either the stock or UNI filter installed ..
  3. JohnnyB-943

    Non-stock carbs, who uses what?

    I'm run'n one of those VM 26's that you can get for the KLX 110's ... I had to shorten up the intake manifold side of the carb by a few mm so it would fit correctly in the manifold .. The stock KLX 125L throttle cable works with it too !
  4. JohnnyB-943

    Non-stock carbs, who uses what?

    I've been run'n a VM26 for a while now . 130 main - 15 pilot - stock cam - stock bore and Pro Circuit T4 pipe .. Never go'n back to the stock again !! It does need a re-gear ... I plan to go with a big bore and cam in the future .., so hopefully I won't need to ?
  5. JohnnyB-943

    Pit king exhaust tip

    I'd guess it might help a little ?? I never liked the sound those thing gave the bike .. But that's just me .. ...... Imo ..., your probably better off gett'n a BBR pipe with the quiet core installed .
  6. JohnnyB-943

    KLX 26MM carb ?

    I run Outerware pre-filters on all my bikes .., but I don't ride thru that much mud and water .. You should think about try'n BBR's U-Flow set up with an Outerware ..
  7. JohnnyB-943

    pipe guard mounts. . .

    Thanks for share'n !! I didn't know about these ..
  8. I already have the BBR HD ones .., and they are way too stiff for me when it comes to ride'n in the dirt ... I tried MINIBIKESPRINGS.COM . . They didn't have anything as of this time last winter .. Thanx for your help !!
  9. JohnnyB-943

    What to look for

    Ya .., no problem bro !! As for the cradle thingy ? .., I don't run one .. A lot of people put em on their bikes and never complain on the web sites again .. I don't see how this product works so well on the 110's ? IMO -- If you have alook at where the cradle mounts to the lower part of the frame ..., to me it doesn't look strong enough to support much of anything if it were to be put to the test ?? But ..., it seems to work for others I guess ?... I like run'n the full length BBR skid plates ..., and I don't think it would be too easy to run one if the cradle was mounted up too ?? But I could be wrong here too ?? Just my take on things ..
  10. JohnnyB-943

    What to look for

    I believe 2002 + 2003's are the weaker motors internally , crank shafts etc ... ? And they also have different parts so upgrades are very hard to do if at all ? .. Chassis parts , I believe will cross over all the way up to 2010's ? Any bike that runs the older style plastic ..... 2004 and up have weak counter shafts -or- "output shafts" .. 2008 is when the finally upgraded the counter shafts .. Although you can get aftermarket heavy-duty ones for 2010 and down . That is if the updated OEM ones still break ?? .. Not cheap and not too easy to replace ... Well ... , unless you are handy mechanically .. What to look out for ?? Hmmm .., where to start .. I've seen all kinds of stuff since I started repairing / build'n and race'n these things 2006 !!! :0 .... From broken off mounting tabs for the foot peg mounting bolts on the under side of the motor .. To worn out clutches .. To bad front and rear wheel bearing and sprocket hub bearings ... To seized wrist pins on the connecting rod .. But this one was make'n a huge racket when run'n .. .... Don't get me wrong !! .. There are good ones are there too !!! Just gotta be careful and in the know .. With out being there too see and ride it .. I can only suggest that when you go to look at them .. Make sure they have no oil leaks and aren't covered in mud etc .. As they may be try'n to cover up a problem .. .... It happened to me .. My next door neighbor and I both went to look at this 110 for his kid .. It rode fine .., it was snowy muddy conditions out when we rode it ... We brought it home .., and discovered an oil leak coming from under the engine a few days later ..... Come to fond out .., the engine foot peg mounting bolts had been striped out and had in my eyes , had an unsafe repair done to it ... :0 ... So ..., needless to say ... I offered to replace the engine cases for him . He only paid for the parts .. It's like new now !!! GOOD LUCK !!!
  11. JohnnyB-943

    2008 Kawasaki KLX110 MARBLE sound when Kicked

    Does it even run ?
  12. JohnnyB-943

    110 Air Filter

    The front fender does shield the filter somewhat .. But if your gonna be bomb'n thru deep puddles .., I wouldn't run it .. You can get an Outerware pre filter to slow down the water from gett'n into the filter . But it won't stop all the water from getting thru ..
  13. JohnnyB-943

    110 Air Filter

    Here ya go .. http://www.bbrmotors...1105&Print=true Oh ... and if your bike is puke'n oil out the breather .. you may want ta do a compression check .. It may need need an over haul ??
  14. JohnnyB-943

    KLX 110 hard to kick

    These work on stock motors ?
  15. JohnnyB-943

    rear rim and spokes

    Cheapest ?? Sorry ..., Idk ...