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  1. unabiker

    Lets see how Unabikers customer service is...

    We do what we can. There's only 2 of us in this here operation, after all.
  2. unabiker

    Lets see how Unabikers customer service is...

    Let’s see if we can get you headed down the right track. To start, let me give you just a little bit of background so you know where we are coming from in a design sort of way. I do all of our design work on stock bikes as they sit on the showroom floor. I try to be as accommodating as possible when it comes to aftermarket accessories. For the DRZ, aftermarket tank compatibility gets first priority since those are historically the most popular mod for these bikes. As much as I would like to be more accommodating for aftermarket exhausts, we don’t have the time or resources to check fit with every pipe out there. That said, I think we do a pretty good job with compatibility with all available tanks and only the Yoshimura pipe being the known trouble spot. Now on to your specifics….regarding that rib on the side of the rad. You will notice that the front part of the rad guard is .200” wider than the support rods. Our rad guards are designed to gently squeeze the rads so that there is minimal opportunity for the rads to rattle against the guard. If we were to make it so that the guards did not touch the rad, the tab where the shroud bolts up would get pulled and stretched out when you tighten that bolt down. This squeeze is more than accommodated by the rubber bushings on the radiator mounting lugs. The guard is also designed to flex a bit on the inside to further ensure that this squeeze is gentle. Regarding the clearance with the exhaust….with the fan removed like in your pic, it does look like there is room to move that rod up. However, as you can see in this pic, http://i.imgur.com/A68AfuV.jpg the available space in there is very limited. As stated in the beginning, we design around stock motorcycles in stock condition. Now there are a few options to accommodate your larger header. If you plan on running without the fan, you could just drill new holes and move the rod upward. If you are keeping the fan, you could try the rod relocation, but I don’t think you will be able to pull it off with out fighting the fan for space. Another option would be to replace the rod with ¼” all –thread which would give you a bit more room to work with. Hope this helps.
  3. unabiker

    Unabiker Radiator Guard for WR250F 2012

    our 07-11 WR250F rad guards also fit 2012 and 2013 WR250F bikes.
  4. unabiker

    Tonneau covers....talk to me!

    I've had one of these: http://extang.com/docs/tufftonno.html on my pickum up truck for the past 13 years now and could not be happier. Instead of snaps, it's got a flexible plastic hook extrusion thing that grabs onto an aluminum rail that runs around the perimeter of the bed. In the summer time, it's a piece of cake to put on and take off. It's a bit tougher in the winter when the cover shrinks and is less flexible. I have been impressed with how well it has held up over the years. My only gripe involves some douche who flicked his cig on it and burned a hole in it. To the X-tang's credit, the hole has remained the same size for the better part of a decade. My next truck will have another Xtang cover on it.
  5. You will need to use the WR450F rad guards. The radiator on the 03-04 WR450F is 10mm wider than the 03-05 YZ450F.
  6. unabiker

    Ready for the Indianapolis round of the Endurocross?

    Come out and watch me flail through the Vet class. Free rad guards to whoever catches my spleen!
  7. unabiker

    New Beta owner looking for recommendations

    I've got a buddy on an 08 or 09 Beta 450 sporting a set lightly modified Unabiker KTM rad guards. Since his Beta uses KTM rads from the RFS bikes, there wasn't much that needed changed. If I can get some pics from him, I'll get these production-ized and kick out a few sets.
  8. I'm one of the guys who was very happy that they routed around that hog waller for the afternoon race. The morning guys looked like they were having no fun getting through that. After watching the carnage, I had planned to just pin it and jump as far as I could over the bottom part and let the crash happen on the uphill side. Lucky for me, it never came to that.
  9. I'll be racin' on the B-Vet line in the afternoon. Hope I don't run over myself again.
  10. unabiker

    Indiana Hare Scrambles

    I respect your opinion, but I disagree about it not being a good place for first year riders. It's normally a tough race, no doubt. Some races, you race the guys on your line. Other races, you have to race the course. Stoney frequently falls into the second category. It's easy to get all jacked up on the line with the excitement of the first race and get suckered into riding over your head. This is when you get into trouble and get hurt. The more rugged the terrain and conditions, the more important it is to ride your own race and worry about the course. This is especially important at Stoney, but applies to any race. The sooner new racers learn this, the better. If you want to talk about dangerous races, I could tell you some stories about near head on collisions with drunken rednecks on quads and dune buggies on the race course. Those were all at non-sanctioned races, though. Our first event this year is the Stoney GP on March 28th. This would be a great race for any first time woods racer. It's sort of a much less brutal than normal hare scramble. The course is pretty wide and flowing. The length is about half or less of a normal h/s lap. It's kinda like a hare scramble-lite.
  11. unabiker

    Indiana Hare Scrambles

    Don't believe everything you read about Stoney on here. They do have the toughest terrain in the district and put on more races than any other club. For the big bikes, it's certainly not the place to go if you can't handle rough terrain and hills, or expect a race course to be quad wide and smooth. Some riders get sore because it's usually a tough race. I know I've had more DNF's there than anywhere else, but all those had nothing to due with the course....just my own ability or lack thereof. As far as safety goes, it's no different than any other track in the district and maybe even better than most. I've been hurt much worse at Crawfordsville and Matthews than I have at Stoney (both high speed incidents) and have seen much worse accidents at Lynnville (broken legs, ribs and dislocated shoulders on the 2 guys in front of me.) Speeds are generally slower at Stoney than other tracks because things are for the most part tighter with steeper hills. A new course is laid out for every race and course adjustments are made as the weather dictates. Results are posted faster than any other club in the state. The peewee and mini races there are among the best in the state. For testament to that fact, all you have to look as is the rider turn out. They wouldn't be coming back all season long if it wasn't fun and safe. To call it ghetto and to suggest that we want to see people get hurt is pretty ignorant and insulting to those of us who bust our butts to put on the best series in the district. If have a problem with anything we do with our races, feel free to contact me directly and I would be happy to make sure it gets addressed.
  12. unabiker

    What's it going to take to get trails in Indiana?

    Yup. Gonna be a hot one.
  13. unabiker

    What's it going to take to get trails in Indiana?

    The north sure could use a private area. I wonder what ever happend to the place near Peru that had the shoot-a-deer ranch. That would make some sweet riding if it were turned into an orv park. 624MX, do you have any links or stuff to the Interlake porject?
  14. unabiker

    Lifan SuperBike Question

    On the street, smaller engines do not equal safer bikes. Taking a bike like that on the interstate is asking for trouble. To go 70 miles at 70ish mph, you'd have that thing pinned for an hour. How many trips would it hold up? You need to be able to accelerate out of bad situations as much as you need to be able to slow down out of them. If you have the bike pinned just trying to keep up with traffic, you're asking to be a hood ornament. Save your money for something enough poop and reliablity to get you there safely. EX500, GS500 or 550, older Nighthawk 450's or something like that.
  15. unabiker

    indiana kentucky trails

    For public areas, do a web search for: Haspin Acres in Laurel, In Lawerence County Rec. Park, a little south of Bloomington, IN Casey, Il....though I can't remember the name of the facility Redbird outside of Dugger, IN...the state run place Redbird in Kentucky...about an hour or so south of Lexington. Turkey Foot and S-Tree.....south of Lexington Big Rock Atv Park Personaly, I like to go ride with 150 or so of my friends every Sunday, www.amadistrict15.org