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    Berthoud Moto Park

    I drove by today (10/2). The place is almost unrecognizable.

    Berthoud Moto Park

    News article on the track, http://www.reporterherald.com/business-top-stories/ci_30402603/new-berthoud-track-beckons-riders-play-dirt It looks like this will be opening day? https://www.facebook.com/events/302093170155284/

    Colorado Berthoud Moto Park

    Thought I would start a new thread for the new moto park. The website is up and if you are on facebook they have a page. http://www.berthoudmotopark.com/ I can't wait and will be there on opening day!!!
  4. Dave is a former motocross state champion and if you know him you know what a great guy he is. I encourage you all to come out and help Dave. Now if we could just get him to slow down a little bit! Copied from Jewell Motocross's facebook page . Hi Everyone. On Sunday, November 15th, Jewell Motocross is hosting a fund raising event for, an awesome rider and all round great guy, Dave Newell. He found out the hard way, going off a cliff while trail riding was not a good idea. Please be nice and don't give him too hard of a time. He has a lot of medical bills and we are asking everyone that can to help out. The gate fee is $20.00. Raffle tickets will be sold for $5.00 for some awesome prizes. Tickets will go on sale on Friday, November 13th and run through Sunday November 15th. If you are not able to attend there is a Go Fund Me account. The link is posted below. Thanks in advance from the Owners and Staff of Jewell Motocross.

    Updating an 09 to hang with FI 450F

    I think the big difference between a carb and FI is the instantaneous throttle response and crispness. One drawback to FI is running out of gas. My 09 gives me a few little warning pops if I run out. With FI it just quits. Not a good thing mid jump!

    Updating an 09 to hang with FI 450F

    I recently put an 06 cdi on my 09. It gave the bike a lot more low and mid range power. A pipe and 06 cdi really transforms the 09 motor.

    Valley Dirt Riders (VDR-MX) Closing!

    I'm going to miss the place. I started riding and racing there back when Felix owned the place. That track has cost me thousands of dollars and a couple broken bones, but it was worth every second! Thanks to Pete, Sue, Amy, Terry and Glade for providing a fun place to ride and race for all these years! Here's a pic from either 83 or 84 taken from the SE corner of the property looking towards the NW.

    09 450 shock weirdness

    Never mind. I found this by grayracer (who else) I should search before I ask. Here's the thread, http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/929708-can-anyone-tell-me-what-we-did-wrong/?hl=%2Brebound+%2Bclicker The compression adjuster on either the fork or the shock (and either compression adjuster on the shock) has no effect on the rebound directly because it controls the bleed circuit on a valve assembly that doesn't have any influence on rebound. That is not the case with rebound adjusters, since the fork mid valve and the shock compression stack (at least in the case of contemporary KYB and Showa units) bleed through the rebound adjuster. But as I said, the rebound adjuster has a much greater influence on rebound than compression for the reasons I went over. With any of the adjusters, what they actually do is to control the size of an oil circuit that allows oil to bypass the valve they are connected with. The effect is that as this circuit is opened up by backing out the adjuster needles, the valve assembly can move at a faster speed before there is enough pressure to lift the shim stack and open the ports in the piston. Once that point has been reached, the bypass controlled by the adjuster very quickly becomes almost or completely ineffective. In fact, as the speed of the shaft is increased, the oil velocity through the bypass will eventually reach a maximum, and if the oil pressure is significantly increased beyond that point, the circuit will "lock up" hydraulically, somewhat like a traffic jam, and the flow will be reduced dramatically, handing off the excess to the valving. In the KYB fork, there is one rebound and one compression adjuster. To the extent that they control any particular valve, these influence both the high and low speed elements of the stack. It's probably true that the clickers on the fork have more effect on the low speed operation than on the high speed because of the locking phenomena just mentioned, and because the major effect of the clickers is to delay the operation of the valve stack. The higher speed elements of the stack will be less affected. The rebound in the KYB shock will effect both low and high speed elements of the rebound and main compression stack. The shock low speed compression adjuster has a very minor influence on high speed compression, while the high speed adjuster has virtually no influence on low speed. Also remember that "speed" in reference to damping units refers to the speed at which the unit is being compressed or extended.

    09 450 shock weirdness

    I have the shock off the bike with the spring removed. I was playing around with the rebound clicker, compressing the shock then watching it extend and discovered that when I increase the rebound it makes the shock much harder to compress. I have to go to 7 clicks out before I can easily compress the shock. Why is the rebound clicker making it harder to compress? It doesn't seem right.

    What bike is this head for?

    On my 09 the coolant fitting is different. It also doesn't have that wire loop thing. I don't think its an 09.

    Cylinder Head Tightening

    I just performed the 14 ft lbs and 180 degrees tightening procedure and thought I would share the final torque numbers I ended up with Front left 50.75 ft lbs front right 50.25 ft lbs rear left 52.75 ft lbs rear right 54.0 ft lbs

    VDR Hare Scramble Race #2

    My helmet cam video from the September race is on youtube. Enjoy....or be bored lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jARFf85clM&list=UUtToslMsgRsVsluYpp7LT8Q
  13. I'm done. I had my foot on the peg and caught my toe in the fluff. It sucked my foot under the peg and fractured my fibula. Really glad I had good boots on (SIDI) otherwise I think it would have been much worse. 4 months off the bike so maybe I'll be back by Aprils race. Have fun and stay healthy everyone! KC

    VDR night riding? Is it possible?

    There is no gate.
  15. Go here http://marcotography.photoshelter.com/gallery/Motocross/G0000DTePlvzJBQU/ Buying instructions are in the second picture.