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  1. bnyfe

    Chain adjustment

    I'm on my 3rd Husky and the marks are always off. I always measure the threads with a caliper.
  2. The clutch has been exceptionally loud since day 1 unless it's pulled in. This seems normal but mine was always quite a bit louder then the other KTM's at the track. Right now, I have a significant vibration through the midrange. It doesn't seem to have any unusual noise at any particular location on the motor but it does sound "loose". It's not there down low and it significantly lessens as the bike climbs past the midrange. There's 61 HOURS on the meter. Any insight would be helpful. I intend to check for frame cracks and make sure there are no loose motor mounts etc. Thank you.
  3. Hello... What's the fix for the leaking Kick Start Seal? Seems to be a problem on numerous KX450's. Even a few of our nearly new bikes have developed a nearly instant leak here. Anyone else?
  4. bnyfe

    2017 AER Forks

    Bought the 2017 AER Fork, Rear Shock and Triple clamps. Can't wait to compare to my FC. I threw a ton of money at those 4CS Forks and they ended up pretty good after the second go around with FC, but I just can't stand all this talk about these air forks. Should be up and running by next weekend.
  5. bnyfe

    2015 FC 450 or 2017?

    Good decision in choosing the 2017. Way more bike than the 15.
  6. bnyfe

    2017 FC 450 - Oil Black?!

    Hi .. this is my dream bike too! I have 41 hours on mine right now and I've never encountered this? Did you resolve it?
  7. bnyfe

    2017 AER Forks - Question

    Do you think the 250f fork would work on my 450? 190# Vet Expert = likes to jump
  8. bnyfe

    2017 AER Forks - Question

    really?...I've heard mixed reviews on that. Who do you recommend?
  9. I want to buy the AER Forks for my 2016. Are the 2017 250 SX-F and 450 the exact same fork valving and all?
  10. bnyfe

    2017 AER Forks

    Does anyone know if the valving on the 250 is different from the 450? Or what other differences there may be. I am looking to buy the air forks but I have a 450 and I want the stock fork. Thanks
  11. bnyfe

    2017 AER Forks

    Does anyone know if the valving on the 250 is different from the 450? Or what other differences there may be. I am looking to buy the air forks but I have a 450.
  12. I agree. It also fails mention that particulates need to be cleaned, and can become entrapped, in a stainless filter. Therefore, a stainless filter is only as good as your wash job. With a paper filter, you are starting fresh each and every time. Personally, I prefer to do that.
  13. bnyfe

    Off-Road & Dual Sport Wheel Balancing

    Better than nothing but the tire (unless you run what the pros get) is going to throw it out of balance. Better to balance with the tire on. Sometimes, I've had to relocate the tire because it would throw the balance so far off.
  14. bnyfe

    4CS Fork Solution

    No one is a lot of fast people...
  15. bnyfe

    4CS Fork Solution

    I have the chance to ride pro bikes all the time. There's one or two sitting in our dealership right now and regularly when they come back from our sponsorship. One finished in the top ten 2016 Supercross season 250 Class. I could hardly even get his forks to move. Those guys (and many many more riders) are far above me in talent and speed. So, yes and no, I do say that about pro bikes. But it is for a different reason than the mediocre WP 4CS. PM me and I'll give you my contact info. You can come out and visit.