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  1. This goes along with all the stock stuff we pull off our bikes like the Lights, Odometer/computer, wiring, stock exhaust, kickstand, seat etc. It all goes in a box until it's time to sell the bike. At that time I'll put all the stock things back on often making the bikes look new (since we usually change plastic and graphics). If the bike is still looking good when it's time to sell I'll just give the new owner the box. Whoever buys your bike will want the stock tank. Buyers always want all the stock parts.
  2. ccullins

    2019 XTrainer - USA models

    Dealers got a message saying excpect little to no changes on the Cross Trainer and it will be released later in the year.
  3. ccullins

    Beta air filter choices

    We've been using Pro Filters this year. Quality has been good, even at a less expensive price. We've had no dirt pass through even in dusty SoCal. http://shop.americanbeta.com/p/pro-filter-air-filter-1/offroad-dual-sport_rr-rs-rr-s_2018-250-300-rr_engine?pp=12 As with most things proper use is more important than brand. Good oiling, greasing and installation is key. I know, I improperly installed one back in 2014 costing a top end! Now we double and triple check every time. I used to use air filters for long periods of time. Even glueing them back together. Not any more, they are a consumable item and are very cheap considering they're job. If they even look a little old or used they go in the trash. Living in a dry area and having bikes that get ridden several times a week we go through a lot of filters. On average the bike gets its filter changed 2-3 times a week.
  4. ccullins

    Any 2018 125 RR owners out there?

  5. ccullins

    Any 2018 125 RR owners out there?

    No it's not really smaller. Same seat height and peg to bar/peg to seat. I haven't seen specs or know this for sure, but it feels to me like the front end is raked in more. Maybe that has to do with the lighter weight, I don't know. Fact is this is a race bike. Betas are already on the small side. Making the chassis any smaller would would take away from the good handling for racing. In my opinion they hit the nail on the head with the chassis.
  6. Yes, but no longer on the Factory Team. Also going back to a 300 2t instead of the 350 4t
  7. ccullins

    David Knight on Beta????

    Those are very different forms of racing. Kalib has been racing the Big6 series out west this year. They are high speed races that are usually based at MX tracks then go out into the desert. He's got one podium on the year I believe, racing against much less well known riders. Don't get me wrong I have more respect for him winning technical GNCC's, but going to H&H would be even more out of his comfort zone. I also know he's raced at least one Endurocross and wasn't close to making the main. To me Taylor Robert is the best all around rider there is. He has won WORCS, Big6, Endurocross, Hare & Hound, Extreme Enduros, World Enduro, not to mention overall the ISDE. The only thing he hasn't won in GNCC.
  8. Just so everyone knows where I'm coming from, my son races pro Endurocross. My normal smart ass answer to that is, out west we don't get any National Enduro's which used to frequently come west. So it evens out. Truthfully though every time we have gone east they are not well attended at all. I think Endurocross has lost enough money trying that. Plus Endurocross and most of the top riders are all west coast based. Costs us all a lot more to head east. Vegas also was losing money. Seems they are going more for rodeo/horse style arenas, AZ, Reno, Denver, Idaho all are and Costa Mesa Ca. is at a fairgrounds speedway track. Plus those areas are usually a little bigger and have a dirt base so the tracks tend to have better dirt and are all around better tracks. Everett Wa. is the only hockey arena left and that place is always packed! No the riders don't get any discount from FMF. It all goes to promoter, which is fine. All series need sponsors to pay the bills. However virtually all teams and pro riders are already sponsored by FMF anyways. This year my son is getting support from Scalvini and I imagine he'll be the only one in the main event not using FMF.
  9. ccullins

    Any 2018 125 RR owners out there?

    A 125 & 300 are exactly the same. I just measured both using the same method/ reference points and both came out to the same number. The way things slope with the seat or where you put it on the pegs two people could get drasticly different numbers.
  10. ccullins

    2018 480rr purchase?

    Maybe world wide sales (which I still don't think so) but for sure not US sales. Here in the US the 500 RR-S is the most popular bike. The 350 & 250 I'm sure are the least sold here. Other than Trials bikes of course.
  11. ccullins

    2013 or 2017 Beta RR

    Which model are we talking? Assume 300?
  12. ccullins

    2019 GasGas Models Rumours Thread

    Yeah that's when we thought World Trials was going to be forced to go to 4T's only. The manufacturers where scrambleing (except Honda/Montesa). Everyone was all excited about this, but I kept thinking, there's a reason even my lawn mower is over-head valve these days. When the 4t mandate went away so did this project.
  13. ccullins

    2019 GasGas Models Rumours Thread

    From what I remember they bought the rights/tooling to the Husky 250/300 4t motor that they used before KTM bought them. Its a good compact motor that should work good as a basis for GG. Hopefully they can just get a little more power out of it as it didn't have that much.
  14. On the Ohlins that's a matter of opinion. We have a set of the TTX forks on my son's Endurocross race bike and they are awesome! Best forks he has used, and yes he's used a lot of other forks. However unless your a pro rider or money isn't an issue there are other less expensive ways to have good forks.
  15. Ok here's mine. Nothing too crazy. If I ever had enough $ to buy my own bike it would look something like this. I would also add a Seat Concepts seat, but that's not an option. If I had more cash and money wasn't an issue I'd go with Dubya wheels and Ohlins Suspension. At the very minimum I would do tires, chain guide and hose kit before I ever took it riding. If I where get a bike I wouldn't do BYOB though, I could steel a lot of these parts from my kid. 2018 430 RR-Race Edition $9,701.00 Kenda K775 Washougal II 80/100 x 21 $38.00 Kenda K786 Washougal II 110/100 x 18$45.00 Michelin BIB Mousse foam insert 18"$156.99 Michelin BIB Mousse foam insert 21"$156.99 Support Package RR Race Editions (Twin Chamber)$760.00 Acerbis Vented Front Disc Guard Black$89.991 Sharkfin Rear Brake Disc Protection, Red/Black$143.99 BRP Chain Block-Blue$71.99 IMS Core Enduro Footpegs$113.99 Beta Logo'ed Airbox Screw Kit$36.99 Beta Steering Lock Plug$24.491$24.49 Race Wire Loom for 4 Stroke Models$139.99 FMF Q4 Slip On Spark Arrestor$319.99 Samco Radiator Hoses- BLUE$187.99 Subtotal:$11,987.39 Shipping:$379.00 *Total:$12,366.39 Less Deposit:($500.00) Due at Delivery:$11,866.39 Due Now:$500.00 Total Savings:$437.47