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  1. Not to mention the best Mullet in the business ­čśÄ
  2. Your left side number plate isn't pushed on correct (lower picture) the lip in the side panel/number plate goes over the air box portion. Sometimes it a pain in the ass to get on there. On some bikes I've even put in little self tapping sheet metal screws to hold it in place and stop vibration. Once that's in the proper place things should line up better.
  3. None in the US. Maybe I'm missing a lower top rider, but I can't think of any I would say none world wide, but obviously Jarvis and a few others ran them at that last round.
  4. To the Auto clutch debate. Almost no top riders in Endurocross use it. There where only 2 in the top 14 in pro points that used it in 2017. Same holds true for extreme Enduro, top guys just don't like the feel of an auto clutch. Doesn't matter if they are on a 2t or 4t
  5. Are you talking two stroke or four? Didn't notice any difference with the 2018 two stroke compared to 2017.
  6. Does it have to be racing or any kinda Beta in competition? The kid I had to beat for that top step at the trial was my youngest son. 6 monthes later I have no hope of beating him!
  7. What dirtbird said as far as guards go. As for us. We often use one, but sponsors don't want their pipes covered up at major events.
  8. If by side panels you mean air box covers, no those are the same. Using Beta plastics. So these being white are technically a 13/14 rear fender.
  9. Yes. We did it because we don't like the 2018 rear fender and the lack of real number plates. Bolts right on, just need to trim the tab off the bottom of the left number plates.
  10. Finally got the 2018 bike home Friday night at 5pm. Then we where up till 11:30pm so Ty could race it in a two day Sprint Enduro starting Saturday. Besides just going through prepping a new bike to race the basic things where, Samco hose kit, race wire loom, bars, IMS pegs, Seat Concepts seat, BRP chain guide, rear disc guard, quick turn throttle, Kenda tires, Mousse bibbs, jettting, plastic off last years bike and of course the Scalvini exhaust. Beta had already done the suspension. We are really happy the way the older rear fender/side plates fit on the bike. Just cut the lip on the left side plate and it's a perfect fit! Ty rode it around for about 10 minutes before the race, then he was off WFO. He was extremely happy with the bike. Said it definitely pulls harder than last years. Also really happy with how it tracked through the rocky sections. Being it was a race and he was happy with it didn't try the longer silencer or anything. We checked things over after every loop since it was a brand new bike and only found one skid plate bolt loose. Maybe we didn't tighten it down late on Friday night. With the shorty muffler it sure doesn't have the usual Beta sound. Sounds like a true MX bike. Ended up winning his class (Open A) against 450's and can't wait for the next one. Excited to try a few more things on the bike, but for now really pleased with the 2018 300
  11. We have the same demographic debate in the trials world. Average age at a trials event is probably about 45-50. I'm guessing it's around the same range for the average Beta buyer. I've never seen anyone under 40 buy one. While we always want to attract young riders and work towards that goal, it's not everything. When we get new riders in trials they aren't 20-30 year olds. New riders are at least 40 looking for something new. I believe that is also the case with most Beta Enduro riders. Everytime I look around at our aging riders and some dropping out I start to get worried about our sport a new crop of 40-50 year olds come in.
  12. Yeah I really like how high they made the pipe for the cross trainer!
  13. I never said they weren't durable or anything like that. I just said he had issues which is fact. I kinda think if he where his own mechanic at the time there might not have been so many problems.
  14. Seem about the same as a Factory Fatty. We (my kid) have no problem denting pipes
  15. Endurocross hasn't been part of x-games since 2015.