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  1. 9mm master cylinder off a new KTM makes the clutch pull much lighter. 9mm is the bore size, 10mm is what Beta has. There's a 9 or 10 on the bottom so you can tell the difference. Plus all the 9mm we have got tend to be plain silver. When we first tried it I was concerned it wouldn't full disengage, but it works great! The lever might need to be slightly further out. Not at all an issue with the easy pull unless you have really small hands. We have used it with both the old and new style clutches on Ty's EX bikes the last two seasons. This is something that we bought and put on his Factory race bikes ourselves and didn't come from Beta. Already installed one on the 2018 race bike.
  2. Because of the way tires flex your bike won't be 1/2 lower. No chassis adjustments would be needed. Personally I like a bigger tire patch and the traction it offers. My son who rides much faster and more aggressive hates the bigger tire because he can feel it Flex in corners making him feel not a stable so he always goes with the 110. For trails you describe I would think a 120 would be better as it offers more sidewall Flex and absorption through the rocks.
  3. That's the same stock jets for a 250 & 300.
  4. Always hard to tell without actually seeing/hearing it. However a couple things. These bikes will run lean when cold. Mine acts lean until it's warmed up and I rev it out and get it cleaned out. That being said chances are it probably is jetted lean. Might be able to get it pretty close with the air screw if it's turned way out. I've never tuned a 200 myself so I don't know the exact jets it needs. For other size bikes 300-250 EVO, 50 pilot-120 main 125 EVO 55 pilot-112 main If I where to guess on a starting point for a 200 knowing how they run I would go with 50 pilot & 118 main. Like I said though I would try turning in the air screw first.
  5. Hard to tell much of a difference in the pic, big difference in person. Thin one isn't very comfortable. Need to pickup another front brake lever for the EX race bike and was just checking that your link was the thicker one. That's why no hand guard- EX race bike being built.
  6. The one that you got is it thicker like the lower one on the bike or thinner like the upper one?
  7. Stock is definitely not a Gnarly. You can see a difference in the two pipes. I still say stock and Fatty are the same. IMO on modern 2 strokes aftermarket pipes just don't make a huge difference anyways. All of them including stock are so good you have to think about it while riding to really tell.
  8. Interesting, looking at the piston it's definitely different than the Athena kit.
  9. They where just Mikuni jets that where in my jet bin.
  10. We've gone through a lot of stock and Fatty pipes. IMO they are basically the same pipe other than the finish. Looking at them and riding with them can't see or feel any difference. That link you shared with the Scalvini is actually the first dyno chart I've seen of it and it's exactly how the bike feels. Slightly more on the bottom smoother through the mid and revs out a little further. Biggest difference is how smooth it makes the bike feel, as if the Beta wasn't already pretty smooth. Unfortunately none of ours look that pretty now, keeping them sanded and free of rust you loose all the heat coloring around the welds. Now they just look more like bare metal
  11. Yeah. RR Scalvini vs X-Trainer Scalvini
  12. X-Trainer Scalvini hits the radiator on a RR
  13. It's the lower compression head on the "practice bike" The high compression head is now on the dedicated EX Race bike that we haven't finished building. It's been really nice taking our time building it. Seems usually it's a rush! For example the bike he's riding now we got home from new on a Friday evening at 5pm and worked on it late into the night so he could race it Saturday morning! Short edit of the first moto from his Instagram. The dude that sweeps around the outside on the start was the winner. He is very fast and took off pretty quick. They where 1st and 2nd coming out of the Talledega first turn. The pink bike that kinda squeezes him out is a new TM. It's a ridden by a vet Expert that started on another gate. The crash dropped him to 3rd in this moto
  14. Already had it setup by Beta Factory Suspension before this. It's good
  15. With the 2-stroke MX national happening this weekend we decided to try out a few things to see how it would work to make a 300 RR a little quicker. Already really happy with how Ty's 2018 300 is running with the RK Tek head, Scalvini pipe and shorty muffler and G2 quick turn throttle. Most 300 riders would probably like the way it runs. For the 2 stroke mx national we went a little further and this is not the type of setup most Beta riders would want for off-road riding, but figured I'd share. First we replaced the flywheel with a lighter one off a earlier non-fuel injected four stroke. It's basically the same flywheel without the ring gear. This meant adding a kickstart and no E-start. No big deal for MX. Next we pulled off a 38mm Keihin from a YZ 250. With these mods the bike barks super hard right off the bottom pulling into a really strong mid and revs out further than stock. Definitely the fastest 300 Ty or myself have ridden! Perfect for MX and Ty said he would also prefer it for higher speed GP's or any other non-technical riding. It of course lost a lot of that Beta feel and ride ability. For Endurocross we'll keep the heavier flywheel as he doesn't feel it would hook up as well in the slick turns with the lighter one. Plus doesn't want to lose e-start for EX. As for the race Ty rode Open Intermediate which here in SoCal means it's full of riders who race B-class at Loretta's. He pulled a 2nd place start in moto one and holeshot in moto 2 on a almost full gate. Would have finished 2nd if not for a crash late in moto 2. Winner was a kid who rides for KTM on the orange brigade. Pics from riding are just a couple of quick ones from my phones video. Plus the two flywheels side by side.