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    want to ride!!!

    I have been here for 2 years and have never riden at aztec, I am an intermediate 40 yr. old rider and need someone in my same class to follow. want to go bad so any takers let me know and i am there. THANKS IN ADVANCE. Owen:ride:

    Joined the family

    best bikes on the planet. RIDE HARD

    The Webe Race in Co Springs, PIR may 3

    Where can I get more info on this race and the series for that matter? Is there a website? Thanks for the help. Obie:ride:

    Need To Ride!!!

    I have lived in Colorado for 1.5 years now and have ridden a whole 2 times since i have been here. I do not have the internet full time but when I do i try to post something, so here it is...... LETS RIDE..... I would love a good Moto-X track to get back in the groove but some great trails would be nice too. please call me if you are anywhere near Florence Colorado and want to ride @ 719-242-667 Obie 1:ride:

    Nationals July 21st and 22nd

    Watch out for Millsaps! Without Stewart he could be up there too!!! OWENLO:ride:

    Been Missing!!!

    lert yall PM's to call me. Got a good loop working on the property. need help on some more. Come on out. Obie

    Been Missing!!!

    I have been gone a while. We have no internet where we moved in Florence Co. So I am currently at the local library checking in. We found us a beautiful 35 acre lot and are having a blast on it. Any one who I PM'd before with my Ph. No. don't hesitate to drop me a line and come out and help me cut some new trails. I will check back is soon. OWENLO:thumbsup:
  8. The spark plug is under the coil that is right in the center of the cam cover (between the 2 bolts you have to take off to get the cover off) You may have to put a little effort into getting it off but that is where it is. DO NOT pull on the wire to try to get it out. OWENLO

    where to buy oem parts

    http://www.yamahaaccy.com/parts.aspx http://www.powerpartsplus.com/ http://www.xtremepowersports.com/OEM_Parts/oem_parts.html http://shop.yamaha-motorcycleparts.com/pages/parts/home.aspx http://yamaha.motogrid.com/pages/parts/home.aspx http://motorcyclecity.com/Engine_Parts/yamaha_oem_parts.htm That took me less time to search these sites up than it did for you to make your post. A simple internet search will do wonders for many many questions. This is a small portion of what came up. Good Luck, OWENLO
  10. OWENLO

    Well I finally got it......

    Well I had to do it! I went to the oldest post I could find on the 250F forums and this was it. Makes you wonder what happened to these folks? Sounds as if they were sure proud of their new 2001 250f's. I guess the feeling never changes as you can tell they had the same feelings then as you get today. Weeeeeee. OWENLO:thumbsup:
  11. OWENLO

    valve lapping

    I understand the reasoning behind not lapping the valves, But why does the factory manual suggest doing it? Just a little thought I had. OWENLO
  12. OWENLO

    Welding on a 03 YZ250F Frame

    cujet, So true as to the machines. I ONLY use Miller and have tried them all. There are some very poor quality machines out there and some better ones. The only other choice of Mig welder I would consider is a Lincoln. You could weld circles around me with a Tig I am certain of that. It is all what you are fluent with. The resistance welders are great for spot welds. I use one quite frequently also, very limited but great for their purpose. OWENLO
  13. OWENLO

    Welding on a 03 YZ250F Frame

    Penetration should be GREAT with a MIG as long as your heat setting is correct (especially on a thin steel as the frame) and as far as dirt in the crack goes, You should first v out the crack to begin with, thereby cleaning it to fresh clean steel ready to be welded. I use Mig everyday and can put a weld down as good as any weld I have seen and it all has to do with clean steel and proper welder settings and techniques. By the way, dont go gasless with flux core wire either, Go with solid core wire and gas shielding (Argon 75%-O2 25%) Just my .02 cents OWENLO
  14. OWENLO

    Best Air Cleaner to buy

    Twin-Air here. Great product. OWENLO
  15. OWENLO

    Tip On Washing You're Bike

    2 things, Either use a plastic garbage bag over your air filter or use the TwinAir wash cover(fits in place of the air cleaner and seals the air intake)This is what I use. Plus, use a golf tee for the weep hole in the side of the head so you dont get water in there and corrode your plug to the head, then after washing be sure to squirt some WD-40 into the hole as preventative maintainance. Duct tape over the air vents will not stop all the water from getting into the airbox as there are still several places it draws air from(like under the furthest rear part of the seat). Pressure washers are fine as long as you use your head and don't BLAST the vital areas. Just some suggestions, OWENLO