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    Hunting,fishing,Guitar,and of course motocross and enduro riding.
  1. dogfish

    "Easy" trail in Michigan for new rider

    Leota loop in Clare county. They have a neat scramble area to teach new riders.
  2. dogfish

    OK I give, who the hell is Tye?

    The faster rider at the milestone vet track on $4k suspension.
  3. dogfish

    OK I give, who the hell is Tye?

    Who is Tye1138?? The reason I wont visit the "mx technique" board because he knows more than Gary Semics.......
  4. dogfish

    where to ride in Michigan?

    The most southern trail system you can find would be the Leotta loop in lower mid-Michigan. the trails are scenic and a favorite among ATV riders.
  5. My brother has a 2012 KTM 450 he hates the suspension (re-worked many times..) he gets on my 125 and I think he is just as fast. He definitely has more fun on the 125. I dis-agree with statements from those who refer to them as kids bikes. Not true! IMO.
  6. The biggest difference between the bikes are traction, engine breaking, and rigidity of the chassis. Having said that and having ridden both for many many years I believe the 2 strokes counterparts do make for good practice bikes. I bring both my bikes to the track and my riding buddies fight over who gets to ride my hopped up 125 we call "Bodacious". You cant beat the fun factor and there are conditions where 2-strokes shine. But.....but....they suck in muddy conditions. We ride a lot of sand tracks and the traction you get on a 4 stroke cant be beat but even still it's fun to rip around like a maniac making a shitload of noise and be 1 or 2 seconds off your thumper lap time. : )
  7. dogfish

    "Come on guy, can you work on a bike!?!?"

    My response was to another thread about a guy with a truck that screaches every time he turns. How my response ended up on this thread I'll never know... http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1059717-can-anyone-tell-me-if-this-is-serious/
  8. I would inspect the brakes first opportunity.
  9. dogfish

    Garage Floors

    I own a company that does industrial coatings including epoxy/urethane coatings. Keep in mind prep is more important than the coating itself. Floors should be ground or media-blasted (metal shot) to profile concrete for maximum adhesion. Acid etching is a cheap alternative with lack-lustre (pardon the pun) results. The best systems for the money for garage/shop floors are either a hi-solids or 100% solids epoxy with a urethane clear or color-coat. That is the industry standard.
  10. dogfish

    Is there a secret to mud jumping?

    FYI. The first time I heard of soaking up jumps was in a book on the "new sport of motocross" back in 1978. I think the book was printed in about 1971. lol
  11. dogfish

    Jumps - how to stay on

    You should work your way up starting with the smallest of jumps and learning how to keep those feet glued to the pegs. Body position and throttle control are everything. There is a difference between hitting a big jump and getting a little style and having your feet float over the pegs. The other could possibly be symptom of bad technique and you could be setting yourself up for a bad get off. Find an experienced rider to observe your technique and go from there. Jumping takes hours and hours of learning and cant be taught over the internet. Although you can be pointed in the right direction. Bottom line....If your feet come off the pegs a lot then your technique needs work.
  12. dogfish

    Motocross Bowl Corners (how to)

    Thanks for the Share Gary. Good stuff.
  13. dogfish

    When do you call it quits?

    I'm 48 and have a son (21 yrs. old) that rides too. Got back into riding almost 10 years ago and the quad thing worked for about a year and had to get back on a bike. Soon after my son did too. I have broken many bones in the past and try to ride smart. Still have get-offs and such but mx is just too much fun for me to give up all together. It truly makes me feel young. I'm in pretty good shape and I am probably faster than I Have ever been. So much more information from bike mechanics to the mechanics of riding. I have followed this sport for nearly 40 years and the advancements never fail to amaze me. This sport rocks! Wished I never stopped from 25 to almost 40 years old but the responsibilitiesI once had have backed off a bit and my "give-a-shit level" has lowered and just not afraid of stuff like I used to be. I just try to use wisdom rather than my testicles to conquer jumps and tough sections. I just try to raise the bar slowly and not do to many "all out" laps.
  14. dogfish

    2013 yz250 oil level

    It's not a bad idea to drain into a measureable container to make sure you have as much drained as possible and to also see how much you really need to top off the oil level. Having said that, you should probably start up the bike and get it warmed up, shut it down, wait 5 min. and then see where you are at I'm betting the oil has not had a chance to migrate around the transmission and you are getting an ill-reading.
  15. M404 front and rear. Terrible tires just like the M77's . I keep them in my barn on a shelve in the event of a nuclear attack in case my current Michelins fail to survive the initial blast I have a backup set of tires so I can make it to the beer store.