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  1. Dirtbug26

    Taking suggestions for beautifying my bike

    Toss the black plastic. Ew!🤮
  2. Dirtbug26

    Rode a CRF250L the other day. It SUCKED!

    Don’t ride a 2017 or newer KTM500 EXC, because you will hate your DRZ
  3. Dirtbug26

    Titanium bolts vs oem factory bolts.....how much of a difference?

    Probably make as much diference as racing stickers
  4. Dirtbug26

    Riding a dirt bike after knee replacement

    Had my left one done and rode trails after 3 moths. However, even after 2 years I have a bit on a mental block, and ride more cautiously when putting my leg out, going on deep ruts, or worried of a big crash, because efing up a replaced knee would be a major disaster.
  5. Stickers and numbers are a bad sign, and I run away if I see polished or painted frames or cases.
  6. Dirtbug26

    1984 Cr 250 resto/ rebuild

    I tried JB weld and it did not work, even after cleaning the pump with bead shot. KTM did not offer an aluminum case, and just told me that they would offer a replacement case "at a discount". I told them to ef themselves got rid of the POS KTM, and got a KX500, best decision ever.
  7. Dirtbug26

    1984 Cr 250 resto/ rebuild

    I wish that stuff was available in 1986, it would have saved me a lot of heartache with a KTM 500, as water ate through the case. Sounds like motorcycle engineers must have slept during chemistry class in the mid 80’s, as water steam reacts and disolves magnesium.
  8. Dirtbug26

    White creamy stuff on oil dipstick???

    Never heard nor experienced that, but Oookay...
  9. Dirtbug26

    White creamy stuff on oil dipstick???

    Either one of seals #3 and/or #4 are bad.
  10. Dirtbug26

    White creamy stuff on oil dipstick???

    That much water in the oil has to be coming from the water pump. Change the waterpump seals.
  11. Dirtbug26

    07 CRF450r Popping

    Get the air filter right before you attempt to diagnose anything. Besides, do not EVER-EVER run a bike without the filter on.
  12. Dirtbug26

    TV schedule

    When it comes to politics, I agree, but they are good for the coverage of mx and sx Meh, but not tonight
  13. Dirtbug26

    TV schedule

    NBC are an bunch of mother efers, fake news, communists, pieces of sheet
  14. Dirtbug26

    NBC sports SUCKS!!

    NBC = Fake News