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  1. Best one yet imo!
  2. nealy578

    Front break pads?

    If your going oversize get the crf stuff kit they do! If your going to splurge get this: http://www.crfstuff.com/crfstblworep.html
  3. nealy578

    Pretty Cool Vid

    British masters, Didn't realise it was (or who it was) at first just thought thats some fair racing! Pretty cool looking track too!, Just thought i share as it's a honda and one of the best racing vids i seen for a while! Shame its a 250F though.
  4. Bobryshev's bike had a similar set up last season, i wouldn't think to much of it. Actually i tell a lie, same cylinder, different exhaust once again!
  5. nealy578

    Picking up new to me 450

    Nice looking bike! I would fit the Cycra guard if it were my money being spent!
  6. nealy578

    MXA 2013 crf injector mod

    No noticeable difference that i can tell.
  7. I've always had good results with RK chains.
  8. nealy578

    best replacement plastic?

  9. Doe's anybody know if a hydraulic clutch conversion for a 2010 450X will fit my 11 450R?, Theres one come up on an auction site and I'm thinking if that will fit it may be a better option than the Works Connection Elite Perch i was/am considering. If not what's your opinions on the WC perch? Will it help with the heavy clutch pull? (coming from a 2 stroke) They certainly look a nice bit of kit thats for sure!
  10. Mine's been extended (welded) by the previous owner, im going back to stock as i feel the clutch pull is too long. And i don't personally feel its that much of an issue.
  11. nealy578

    Rekluse EXP on 11 CRF

    Hey guys, Having recently moved from a smoker (Couple of months) However im having a few issues with stalling in the tight stuff, I must admit its probably due to rider issues and not the bike! Im looking at doing a season of mx but come from an enduro background and theres a possibility i may have a go at a few on the 450 (good idea?) With these issues i've been having im looking into the Rekluse exp ring. Have any of you guys had any experience with these? The advantages on the enduro circuit should be quite beneficial but does it make much on a difference on a mx track? Would just like your thoughts/views on the product really! I did post a thread a little while back about one but that deal didn't come off and im looking at a new part now, just looking for a little assurance that im doing the right thing! Cheers
  12. nealy578

    HRC triple clamps smokin deal only 3 left

    Were the bar mounts included or did you already have those?
  13. nealy578

    Anybody know? Rekluse

    So i wrote to them through email and on fb and they came through to me on fb pretty quickly! Here's what the had to say: Hi Andrew, you actually need the RMS-6014 which covers 09-12. The 6 spring vs 4 spring makes a very big difference when dealing with our standard EXP. It will be supplied with stiffer pressure plate springs from us which MUST be used in order for proper auto-clutch function. If they are not used, you will have clutch slip issues. So from what i read surely i could use the 6013 unit if i order 4 of the 6014 clutch springs for my crappy 4 spring clutch? Can you even buy these separately? i would assume so.
  14. nealy578

    Anybody know? Rekluse

    I can get a Rekluse exp 2nd hand fairly locally, The chap say's it its CRF 450R's up to 08 or CRF450X up to 12, or CR250 2 stroke up to 07. Im looking to fit this to my 11 450R, A friend of mine has told me all the plates are the same? Im not sure if this is true as the two contradict each other! Please note this is just the EXP ring that replaces some of the plates/steels, not the whole basket hub etc. If anybody can help it would be greatly appreciated!! Cheers
  15. nealy578

    crf 450 kicking some 2 stroke ass in an extreme event

    Tis an x as the front pipe does not wrap round the engine!