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  1. Season opener! Didn't rode for 4 months (summer break combined with some injured riding partners and a methodical marathon preparation ) was really missing this...
  2. Car12

    AER Forks FAQ

    Yes, that's beeing in the safe side. Thank you for your time!
  3. Car12

    AER Forks FAQ

    Cool. I've seen some post's from you regarding the AER fork. I intend to use the new bike to racing, world enduro format, 3 or 4 loops of 7 or 8h of racing (time check transfer and 3 special tests per lap) and even on my normal rides i get around 4h of riding. Do you think there are a good choice to this type or enduro? Maybe needs some bleeding in this longer events? Don't want bad surprises, that's my main goal.
  4. Car12

    AER Forks FAQ

    Hello, Buying a bike with ther AER forks have some doubts about it and need some help.. Like i use mousses always have the bike in a static standat home witch for i understand it's perfect for them. In transportation even using a fork saver if i get some bypass on the backside of the 18's and 19's cupped seal in average how much time do i need to put a bike in a static stand (full extension) to recover? In that case i should pump it to the desired pressure with bike on ground i supose? 140psi for example or there is another procedure with the bike with forks still fully extended? I guess before every ride i should check the pressure and after riding open the air screws and have them full extended?
  5. Solo ride for putting hours on the bike before the next round of the Portuguese National Enduro championship. It's a 2 day event. so quality seat time is needed! 44m of non stop footage, after that i put some laps in a secret special i made that are not on tape and at the end i add some parts on the way back. Solid day. Enjoy!
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Gk62IWR4JE&t=3965s Entire loop (well about 20m are missing). Good course, excelente special tests!!
  7. Take a ride with me at the cross test of this weekend Portuguese National Enduro Series. It had a good course and the special test were prettyamazing, will upload the full lap shortly. Too bad the heat we had to overcome, from 60F average with rain to dusty 95F...it is what it is.
  8. Car12

    Wet ride

    Another great ride and were i finally found out the time my Hero 5 Black as good sound..... On the top of my Airoh helmet is terrible as the visor as huge ducts and the air goes crazy into the cameras mics, it’s my favourite view but not going to connect a mic into it...(wires and extra weight) surely it would do go under the visor too. So this was a ride to prepare the national enduro championship series of next week, some transfer sections and 3 special tests in between. Was only allowed to put one because they are secret.. Enjoy!
  9. Hi, After some years not entering the national championship this weekend i decided to go to an event nearby. Here is the first part of the loop with special tests included. The scoring was rather good (8th in class at 5seconds of 4th place and 40s off the first) because igot injured in a hand at the begining of the second loop and assuming that i don't do motos or train special tests since November. I'm doing specific half marathon training 9 week blocks since January and it's a bit hard...my riding lately is been just for fun. The format it's like the EWC one, time control and 3 special tests (extreme, motocross and enduro test) within the 45km course. Part 2 of the loop is also in my youtube channel. Enjoy!
  10. Such a cool creek!
  11. Dirtbikes!
  12. Car12

    Today´s ride!

    Here it is..
  13. Went to a non competitive event and the course was simply awesome. Here is the trailer, tomorow will upload the full video. Enjoy!