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  1. Kingdog20

    Desert 100 GoPro Video

    Nice job Minorthreat! where did you finish?
  2. Kingdog20

    Desert 100 results

    Then charge $10 for the gate fee, that is still cheap for a weekend of fun and camping!! Then no $1 bills and more in your guys pocket. Also with a $10 gate fee it would be cool if there was a pro purse with a pro class, might get some more big boys to race it.
  3. Kingdog20

    Desert 100 results

    Wiz, Cant you guys add $2.00 to the gate fee to cover the new system? It can be used at all the SJMC races.
  4. Kingdog20

    Turkey scramble.......?

    is it a lot of Stumpies???
  5. Kingdog20

    24 Hour race reports, pics and everything else

    Did AA Pay back any money??
  6. Kingdog20

    24hrs of Starvation Ridge

    weather was great Sat and Sunday in the am, great racing all the way to the end with the 1aa team & 18x team, great job everyone:thumbsup:
  7. Kingdog20

    4th Annual Hareport Scramble October 16th

    How were the conditions? And how did everyone do??
  8. Kingdog20

    Frostbite and WhiteKnuckle pics are loaded

    Thanks a Ton!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Kingdog20

    Desert 100 2011 stories, pictures, video footage

    look like you got a good start, How did you finish???
  10. Kingdog20

    Desert 100 2011 stories, pictures, video footage

    I seen a crop duster fling around, he could go down the line and when a green cloud comes out that means GO! Then you still could have the burn barrells going, I seen the 2 guys miss the flags on the first wave. Anyone know who they were? Just my 2 cents, Thanks for all the great races Stumpies
  11. Kingdog20

    Desert 100 2011 stories, pictures, video footage

    Went out Saturday and did the poker run.....Dusty.........best $25.00 dollars I spent all weekend.......saved $55.00 and didnt race. Just to dusty and chewed up for me. Saved my bike and the wear and tear. Running for points in the NMA so I think I made a smart move. So I helped in the pits. Next to us in the pits was a pit stall of a lone ranger, So we helped him when he came in and loaded up his tent and goodies into the back of his truck so he didnt have to do it after the race. Had a fun weekend and was good to see everyone again!
  12. Kingdog20

    Desert 100 2011 stories, pictures, video footage

    How did you do! I thought I seen you come in on the first lap around 80th or so?
  13. Kingdog20

    Desert 100 2011 stories, pictures, video footage

    Did anyone know or see the 2 guys that cut the flags on the start??
  14. Marlon, Im planning on going to the White Knuckle and Frost Bite, then leaving the RV there till the 100. Is there a RV dump site anywhere in town? Thanks Dustin
  15. Kingdog20

    Last Chance Poker Run, Nov 6th

    Here is the info flyer....there is a email at the bottom. http://nmaoffroad.org/downloads/2010dirtyPokerRun.pdf