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  1. Dealer called me today, - ”your bike is here” Me to my boss - ”see you on monday” [emoji16]
  2. Have no clue about the code but one year old fuel could definitely cause starting issues. I would drain and try with new gas.
  3. I would say you’re one teeth of. Is crank shaft really spot on dc?
  4. Have owned both and yamahas KYB suspension is way better compared to the unpredictable WP’s. KTM are great bikes but will never buy another unless they ditch the WP-crap
  5. My oil screen does the same, seems ok without any leaks
  6. Something is wrong with your brake and need repair. My experience is yammis nissin are way better compared to ktms brembo.
  7. Are there any replacements available? The tip is riveted and not easy replaced. Bike is a 2016 wr-f
  8. Hi GYTR clutch in my bike (all parts replaced) and clutch pull is rather heavy. The springs are marked yellow. Do anyone know if softer springs are available? Don’t know if springs are same as standard or special for the GYTR stuff.
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