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  1. YoTRacer158

    Spoiler alert Glen Helen!

    Don't leave out Cooper Webb going 2-2 as well! Too bad Grant got a bad start in the 2nd moto after winning the first.
  2. YoTRacer158

    YZ250F / YZ450F Street legal maintenance

    Why buy a dirt bike just to convert it for street use? Pick up a WR250R or X and call it a day.
  3. YoTRacer158

    2014 YZ250f pics

    Few pics of mine. DRD exhaust, Works Connection skid plate, engine plugs and pro launch, and DeCal Works graphics for now.
  4. YoTRacer158

    Looking for others to ride tracks with/practice

    I'm planning on heading down to BD tomorrow as long as we don't get too much rain tonight.
  5. YoTRacer158

    2010-14 plastics on 03 yz250f

    I think someone sells a new style front fender that will fit older bikes, but aside from that none of the plastics are going to fit. Completely different bikes.
  6. YoTRacer158

    Looking for others to ride tracks with/practice

    I recently moved out here from California and don't have anyone to ride with either, mainly ride Blue Diamond. Let me know next time you're heading out.
  7. While it doesn't happen often and isn't a huge deal...I've noticed it has kinda broken my confidence a little as you never know when it might want to get loose on you. It rails ruts and berms like a dream but I find myself a little hesitant coming into flat and off camber corners. Getting way up on the seat does seem to help a lot though
  8. I've had my front end wash out on me a few times in slick flat corners, but aside from that haven't had any issues with cornering at all. Seems like MXA was searching hard to find things to dislike. The exhaust wasn't hard at all to remove when installing my DRD system, and while I haven't ridden anything to compare the front brake to, it doesn't seem bad to me...although I do plan on getting a braided line and oversize rotor.
  9. YoTRacer158

    2010 top end on 2004?

    Ah that's right I forgot the head mounted to the frame as well. Thanks.
  10. YoTRacer158

    2010 top end on 2004?

    But if the cylinder will fit, then that won't be an issue. My biggest concern was that the wrist pin diameter would be different. I guess I'll just have to tear everything down to compare.
  11. YoTRacer158

    2010 top end on 2004?

  12. YoTRacer158

    2014 yz 250f accessories?

    I have the works connection extended coverage skid plate on mine. Great fit and much more peace of mind. Holes just make for less weight and much easier cleaning!
  13. YoTRacer158

    2010 top end on 2004?

    A buddy of mine blew the piston on my '04 YZ250F and I have a brand new spare complete top end for my '10 (cylinder, piston, head and cams)...will all of that transplant onto the 2004?
  14. YoTRacer158

    2014 yz250f

    Works Connection has MX glide plates and off road skid plates with a little more protection.
  15. I know someone here posted pics of one in their '14 but I don't remember which thread it was in. I've been trying to order one myself but still waiting for the website to be updated with the new parts for the 14's.