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  1. Itsamre

    California plates

    I went back to ohvplate and they have lowered the price for the plating.
  2. What is the going price for a dual sport kit, installation, and all the paperwork to get a plate in California?
  3. What is the going price for a dual sport kit, installation, and all the paperwork to get a plate in California?
  4. Itsamre

    California plates

    Why do you think it's a scam?
  5. I was at LR's Moto Zone and they told me about a new company in Hesperia doing plates for late model green sticker bikes. www.ohvplate.com
  6. Itsamre

    3rd Gear Starts?

    Always used "3rd Gear Starts" on my 426, even on concrete.
  7. I'm looking for a WR subframe extention/rear fender support made out of aluminum. It holds the L/P and a light for same. I talked to a guy that had one and said it was from down under and he got it on the net. Anybody have a clue?
  8. Montclair Yamaha Does the whole tranny for about $440.00. I'm putting one in now during my 10,000 overhaul. From what Ive been told and led to beleive that the whole tranny must be replaced! The toll free phone number for Montclair Yamaha is 1-877-TY DAVIS. Good luck. [ February 14, 2002: Message edited by: Itsamre ]
  9. Itsamre


    Who's riding the Soboba ride on 2/10???
  10. I put a $300.00 set of Ti-Aloy, SS chain, tool front and it lasted less than 4 months. Was getting approx 1 year with PBI aluninum rears and good o-ring chain. I sent them back my oem sunstar that lasted 8 months, the PBI that lasted ! year and their "wonder" stuff that lasted 4 months. They called back and said I could have a replacement set for $50.00. I told them If it wasn't free than don't bother. That they got money from me for two years worth of use and that didn't happen so they owed me that extra time for free. Nothing happened, and I now use PBI and ERV2 O-ring chain that cost me $130.00 and I know it will last over 1 year. For this TTer NO SIDEWINDER until they get me another set for free that lasts longer than 4 months. My vote is don't!!!!
  11. Itsamre

    Soboba ride. Who's going?

  12. Itsamre

    stupid award - I win

    A partner of mine is a CLEAN FREAK and "ragged" his air box, put the filter back on and took it to a shop (a Yamaha shop) for some work. When they could not start it to test the work they drug it around the block with a jeep and still couldn't get it lit. I don't know who or how the rag was found but.....
  13. Itsamre


    "that being the fastest wasn't a priority for him anymore." I used to race and have the plates and scars that go along with that "gotta be the fastest" way of thinking! That's why now I just ride 100 + miles a day at my safe speed. My wife asked me what I get out of riding, just what is the big deal anyway? My answer to her was this. "To come home in one piece after every ride." She didn't under stand. I told her that at any time you are involved in a VERY DANGEROUS HOBBY you might get busted up or not come home at all. And that a LARGE part of the thrill is going out AND coming back in ONE piece, to beat the elements, the rocks, the cliffs, the people going the other way, and any other SURPRIZES that you come across during a day riding. It's getting hurt and coming back that makes you have the additude that what it's all about is FUN and ENJOYMENT!!! Good luck and God speed!!! [ January 02, 2002: Message edited by: Itsamre ]
  14. Itsamre

    Radiator Repair info???

    Fontana gets my biz as well!
  15. Itsamre

    2002 AMA moto #'s

    I have that from many places. What I NEED is a break down of classes to be ridding, i.e. 250 sx 125 wc, 125 ec ect.