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  1. Outside of this Communist State of NJ(mainly when I'm in Florida), I carry a Glock 23 everywhere(including while riding). In a Comptac CTAC holster. I'm buying a S&W M&P Shield .40 to carry in the next month or so. I want something smaller than the Glock.
  2. 06wrx

    New Mods,34HP but at 70-80MPH I need help!

    It should go faster than 80... my bike is at 14/47 and I was clocked on one of those police radar boxes at 91mph and it only has 3x3, rejet, and a Yoshimura exhaust.
  3. 06wrx

    Fuse access - can it be easier?

    I'd say move them into the airbox. Much less of a chance of them getting taken out by a rock or other debris, and they'll stay dry.
  4. 8000K should have a lot of blue in it. I run 5000K's in my car.
  5. 06wrx

    "marine grade" 14 gauge wire?

    Any marina should have it. West Marine. FWIW, I used 12 gauge stranded wire from Home Depot that I had laying around. It says on it that it is oil and gas resistant. Soldered the connections, then put heat shrink over that. And yes, that wire is corroded. Looks like water got into it somehow. I see it a lot with coax for ham radio antennas.
  6. 06wrx

    Good bye to my DRZ Pic heavy

    Most are like this:
  7. 06wrx

    Good bye to my DRZ Pic heavy

    Is that what this blue thing is? Odd mailbox
  8. 06wrx

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Today I finished re-installing my Scotts steering stabilizer(bolt hole got stripped out, I had to tap it out for a 1/4-20 allen key screw.) Then went to go change my oil, and noticed some coolant on the clutch cover case directly below the water pump ...guess it's time for the water pump "fix". So I started looking for the gasket online...hoping I can get it before Thursday(leaving to go to Hatfield-McCoy trails for Trailfest). Decided I would call the local stealership, and much to my surprise they actually had it for a reasonable price. Went and picked that up. Performed the "fix". I hope it holds. I guess I'll find out in 24 hours. If it doesn't...I hope I can get a water pump assembly before Thursday. Installed a new oil filter. Also cleaned my air filters so they'll be nice and fresh for the weekend. They are outside drying right now. Going to pull off the wheels here in a little bit. Putting on new rubber out at my friends house- Pirelli XCMH's front and back.
  9. 06wrx

    Good bye to my DRZ Pic heavy

    What is that blue thing in your yard?
  10. 06wrx

    Need to drain my bike for transport.

    Pack your Jeep full of household stuff so you have more "weight" available for the DRZ.
  11. 06wrx

    Need to drain my bike for transport.

    Before you drain it, put some stabil in it, and run it for a little bit to ensure you have the stabil in the carb. Pull off the fuel line, and move the petcock to prime(PRI), the gas will drain out of the petcock. When it stops, tilt the bike over to the left side to get any remaining fuel on the right side of the tank. I really wouldn't worry about gas in the carb as long as its stabilized it should be OK for the duration of the shipment. Not sure what else they require you to drain for shipment...coolant? oil? My brother shipped a Land Rover from the US to Costa Rica, they didn't require him to drain anything.
  12. 06wrx

    2013 DRZ400?

    You forgot, it's going to have "Bold new graphics".
  13. 06wrx

    Vapor with speed sensor off rear wheel

    My rear wheel spins too much to get an accurate reading off of it
  14. 06wrx

    My nipple fell off!

    I pulled mine out back in March when I was pulling the tank off. I just pushed it back in, and it's been leak free since.