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  1. redtail

    Tomac Meltdown after race

    TL;DR Damn, a whole lotta butthurt on this when I imagine the riders involved have moved on and aren't giving it a second thought. Maybe some people watched a different race than I did; I don't blame Marvin for taking a shot when Eli left the door open, however his execution of a block pass sucks since Marvin should've gone to school on the maneuver when Anderson performed it correctly on him. I don't Blame Eli for being upset on whatever you call what Marvin eventually executed on his way to a pass, but Eli must be kicking himself in the ass for leaving such an open invitation on that corner. Works for me, can we move on now?
  2. redtail


    From 2013 Supercross rule book: "This Rulebook contains rules and technical requirements governing all events that make up the AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship."
  3. redtail


    Brilliant retort, strengthens your argument... NOT! I'm not arguing that point, so why exactly are you???
  4. redtail


    Yes, I read the 2013 AMA Supercross rules, the rules state "Passing is allowed. Proceed with caution." I know its been a long time since I raced, but passing under a yellow flag would typically get you penalized. The FIM still enforces a penalty for this infraction. I think the outcome was inevitable, Villapoto was on top of his game, so I think he would've won either way. But for the AMA to have "Passing is allowed." and then to say "Proceed with caution."? If I'm in front of somebody, and I see a yellow flag, if I "proceed with caution" I'm going to get passed. Makes for a dangerous situation if there's still a body on the track, IMHO.
  5. redtail

    Reed's take on his night in Atlanta

    I was rerunning that pass and it looks to me that if Stewart would've backed off and dove for the inside, Reed would not have had any momentum or drive to get out of that turn based on the angle that he went in. So I don't see it as a perfect block pass since he had to make a 90 degree turn in front of the tough block to get pointed down the straight. Good race none the less...
  6. redtail

    Houston Lites - lol

    This comment is spot on in my opinion too. Barcia is a fast kid, no doubt but that was just a tad over the top. Those boyz aren't going to let that behavior last without Barcia getting a taste of his own medicine. No whining, just payback, just sayin'...
  7. redtail

    #7 is going to land on someone.

    It's been a long time since I raced, but starts were my specialty. Most of the time I'd be way over my head because I managed a hole shot and I was out in front with the fast guys right behind me. I don't want to necessarily take sides here because you raise an excellent point, but the start is all about pinning the throttle and pointing to the first turn. Of course your mileage may vary, but backing off gets you trouble quicker. Dirt and traction is unpredictable and most riders aren't going to shutoff just because the bike gets a little sideways. Just my $0.02...
  8. redtail

    honda wins!?

    I would definitely agree with you for the Houston track, seemed as though it was slowed by a lot of start/stop corners. The track didn't seem to flow as well as other tracks. I attended the Oakland race and even though that track was somewhat short, it seemed to flow better and the riders liked the traction until it started to rain of course! Not taking anything from TC though, I think he ran a great race and deserved the win on a very tough track! I was disappointed that K-Dub crashed though!
  9. redtail

    A2 Lites Race

    I agree, that kid is a hot shoe! I met him at the Oakland coliseum when I was in line to have Windham sign my hat. He was sitting at a table and K-Dub was busy and I think he knew most fans were there to see #14. Eli signed a picture, smiled, handed it to me and said thanks for coming by. I was impressed. Have the picture in my garage along side K-Dub's, another guy for me to root for!
  10. redtail

    My thoughts on Dungey

    I really like the field this year, talent goes real deep! And Dungey is a good kid and I have to keep reminding myself that last year was his rookie season on the 450. It was a honeymoon season for him with some of the fast guys sidelined but that doesn't take away the fact he didn't get hurt and was able to beat everybody else who showed up. Not a bad showing for a rookie. This year is going to be a season of lessons for Dungey and I think he has some good years left in him to maybe win another championship down the road. Consistency does win championships and he has that down. I agree with what most people have said here though, he does need to be more aggressive. All great stuff for us race fans!
  11. redtail

    Erin Bates...Old and Bitter?

    Tell me you missed an "r" in there and I'm with you 100% !!!
  12. redtail

    JS7 Can't Handling Being Run Down and Pressured

    I have to agree with this, in my opinion these guys thrive on pressure. They get tire marks on their bike, on their boots, close contact is all part of the game. It's a pressure sport and at this level, they're pressure junkies!
  13. redtail

    Observations: Oakland Supercross

    I agree with everything you said, except that Chad received quite a few boo's from where I was sitting. I'm a racing fan and find it sad when people boo a racer just because you don't like them.
  14. redtail

    Dungey ???

    I don't mean to pick on you here, but in order to get to a heat race, you have be in the top 40 of the fastest riders out of the field. By the time the main event rolls around, they've weeded out the top 20. Lappers qualified to be there and are now and always have been, a part of racing. For the most part, I think the lappers keep an eye out for fast guys and try to stay out of the racing line. So personally, I don't think it's fair to blame lappers for not being able to disappear when a fast guy wants the line. Just my opinion...
  15. redtail

    Dungey ???

    I attended the race yesterday and it was great! The field this year is so deep, a lot of talent going real fast! Dungey looked fast and smooth during qualifying and had a good main event. He worked his way up to second but lost second place to Chad on the last turn to the checkered. Yes, Chad Reed was going fast last night. Ryan Villopoto had a great pace and looked to be up to challenge James after #7 got the hole shot. But the rain was off and on all day and just before the main event it rained for about 10 minutes and slicked up the track a bit. He didn't crash because of pressure in my opinion, he looks like he can handle pressure just fine. It was just a small racing mistake. If everybody stays healthy this year, this is an awesome year to be a supercross fan!!!!