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    Single track, double track, dosen't matter as long as I am having fun. Camping, hunting, and shooting.

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  1. Some of those videos look like you would have to be drinking to think "oh well that looks like a good idea"...I don't honestly think I would want to walk up some of that with just a camera in my hand. But if even one says "Hey Y'all, Watch This!" Well someone has got to get the footage somehow I guess...­čśé
  2. Hey do you want me to ride it up for you? Lol! That is some crazy stuff you ride on!
  3. I know how your brother feels...I got my MRI results. I have a Hill-Sachs fracture, fancy term for the top ball part of the humerus (upper arm) that is the joint into the shoulder. Lots of tears of tendons, muscles, and ligaments. They have lots of fancy terms, but until I talk to the doctor on Friday, i won't really know what all this really means. Sounds like rotator cuff surgery at a minimum...
  4. trailrydr9

    Does your wife/GF ride motorsports or nah?

    Both my wife and daughter ride. It isn't the same kind of riding when out with the guys, but it is great family fun. My wife got interested after going camping, and being left behind. If your wife isn't a very outdoors kind of person, it might not ever be something they will get into. For anyone thinking about getting a wife or kid involved into our hobby, remember patients is going to be tested every 1-15 feet at first, then when you graduate to only being frustrated every hundred yards or so, it means you are on the bubble of good times. If you go into it understanding that its family time, and not me time, its a lot easier.
  5. In case some of you might be interested, there is a great article about getting older, and riding in a newspaper from Kansas. It's a good read... http://theactiveage.com/rider-77-still-blazing-trails-on-two-wheels/
  6. I can remember being towed behind a very fast Husqvarna around a flat circle track. Man that was fun!
  7. trailrydr9

    Cloudcroft riding area anyone familiar with it ?

    Another interesting looking ride.
  8. trailrydr9

    Cloudcroft riding area anyone familiar with it ?

    Here is a pretty good video sample of the rim trail. That looks like the main attraction to Lincoln National Forest.
  9. Yes I have had a nasty fall down a hill, where a branch stabbed into my back pack, and pierced my water bladder. It got stopped by my chest protector, and I just ended up bruised and scared. Then again this year in Moab, but you knew about that one. Not trying to scare you off. There is even a guy that I rode with out in Moab a couple of years ago, that just got gored thru the neck this last year while out in Montana, ( @Charles De Mar ) AKA Groot... This is a dangerous hobby that we enjoy, for sure, but I would also think there are probably freak accidents even at bowling ally's, maybe even golf courses. And for sure out on the Ski hills, mountain bike paths, and any of the other hobby type activities that are of any interest to myself any way.
  10. How is everything going with your neck and rehab?
  11. Mill creek in Arkansas as well as a couple others. Chadwick in Missouri. About 2 hours apart from each other at most. All of them are spring time accessible? Looking at the mountain riding mostly.
  12. What was the name of that place again? Mill Creek?
  13. Well... Crap... I didn't have any plans. But those pictures have me thinking about it now... ­čĄ»
  14. The scenery was fantastic! No one is hurt. We did meet Marc. He came up to us and said you must be Stan... I was very cautious at that point, cause I had no idea who he was or how he knew me. Then he explained how he knew us. Lol! I will let Weezer tell the rest of the story, but I am going to put just a few pictures up, just in case someone might be on the fence about getting out this weekend. I will be back there again for sure! The sooner the better in fact...