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    woods racing, tinkering with my bikes
  1. husky300racer

    2017 ktm 150 sx

    You'll love it, we bought our in in September. have 28hrs on it now. needs a Jd jetting kit with some fiddling,but the bike is great otherwise. My son just raced it at the Gncc and and it performed great. some vid from it,pro hill is @13:00 enjoy that new bike!
  2. husky300racer

    opinions on no kickstart, '17 450fx

    I personally wouldn't buy a bike without a kick starter,but yamaha gives you that option unlike KTM. That was the main selling point besides suspension when I bought my 450fx
  3. husky300racer

    2015 yz450f major issue

    Thanks for posting this thread. helped me fix my 16yz450fx with only 22hrs on it. It was the pressure sensor on the throttle body on mine also. part # 2C0-82380-00-00.
  4. husky300racer

    What did you do to your YZ450FX today?

    It's funny how everyone's opinion is so different. I have the same feeling,just exact opposite bikes. But It was the 16 and 17's that I rode. only a short amount of time on them. they felt top heavy and clunky to me. Only time my 450fx feels heavy is when It on it's side. It was a little heavy steering until I had the suspension revalved and sprung for me. I have 20hrs on bike and so far I love it.
  5. husky300racer

    Yz400f starting issues please help

    clean carb and spark plug and try again, those things will not start if flooded.Used to have one,miss it quite abit
  6. husky300racer

    Metal piece, maybe a thin washer in gear oil?

    what was the problem?
  7. husky300racer

    Tips, to force me to use the rear break!

    Take the front brake lever off! You'll learn real quick. Honestly I am a faster B rider and I still only use the rear brake for maybe %30 of braking,I use it more for changing derection
  8. husky300racer

    Do you always use the clutch to build up momentum?

    In that type of situation I usually pull the clutch in and pin it and everything but dump the clutch if know what I'm sayin.takes practice I run a rekluse,And it doesn't really help with what he's talking about.
  9. husky300racer

    Shifting while standing

    x2 unless you have your lever is some awkward position. you want to have it slightly higher than level with the peg.
  10. husky300racer

    Do you always use the clutch to build up momentum?

    Obviously the more speed you caring into the turn the less you will have to use the clutch,so focus on caring momentum through the turn so you can get out faster.
  11. husky300racer

    Do you always use the clutch to build up momentum?

    What kind of bike are we talking about? how fresh is the motor? Comparing jonny walker to your or I riding is apple and oranges. Speed is his middle name. Using the clutch is just the "sweet spot" where the clutch is slipping enough to make power,but is also engaging enough to pull out of the corner.
  12. husky300racer

    2014 rmz vs 2013 crf450r

    10k for a leftover rmz!?!?!?! that's insane. someone is laughing all the way to the bank.
  13. husky300racer

    Craziest thing you've ever found on a used bike?

    I would of oiled it just so there was no way I could forget. Generally if you are using a good quality oil you shouldn't have to re-oil.
  14. husky300racer


    I have several bikes with rekluse,You will Never EVER get my 2stroke to stall by locking the rear brake,I can stall them on our 4stroke sometimes,But it is a slight jetting issue usually.