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  1. you are going to fit right in with 97.5% of the T.T. riders......the 2006+yz250 is the best bike from 8 to 80 no matter your size,weight or skill level or what kind of riding you do.....there are thousands of threads on T.T. to back this statement up.....im just really suprised that you dont see more yz250's than we do at local riding spots {hmmm}maybe they didnt make eough YZ250'S to go around or maybe everybody didnt get the memo fom T.T.......a yz250 is a great bike but it is certainly not the best bike for everybody and it may not be the best bike for you either so don't overlook another good bike just to be in the yz250 club.....just a thought!
  2. Had a good friend put a 1966 Chevy S.S. Nova up For Sale and a really nice guy called and made an appointment to come look at it.He said he really liked it and would just like to go around the block before handing over the cash and here is my keys to my car which was a nice late model Nissan Maxima.Long story short is the guy never came back,the car he left was stolen and his phone he called on was stolen.My friend lost a 20k car that dayand it has not been found yet!
  3. bluedawg

    2008 CRF450 is it worth it

    one of the best 450 dirt bikes ever made and still to this day you will not be giving up anything to any other bike
  4. "trust me there are a couple of old ass fat belly bashtards that hang out in the pro forum that post and reply like they are 12 year olds"
  5. i learned that if you are older than 12 that you will not like the pro racing forum
  6. bluedawg

    honda sucks - signed #22

    your answer is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. bluedawg

    honda sucks - signed #22

    if you cant answer my question then why would i answer your question....i was part of the conversation before you were so maybe you need to get some shoes like i wear so you can be as fast as me....does that answer your question or is my question to you to complex?
  8. bluedawg

    honda sucks - signed #22

    so tell me again what percent is it the bike and what percent is it the rider....i would really like to know the correct answer........
  9. bluedawg

    honda sucks - signed #22

    nothing wrong with being a HONDA hater if thats what you want to be...but something is wrong if you think he won because of the brand bike he is riding.....smh
  10. bluedawg

    Getting a career started

    Dungey won over 15 amateur championships by 16 years old but he won only 2 amatuer national races........he was hired by Team Suzuki and Roger Decoster when he was 16 years old......he started racing when he was 5 years old......not many riders can compare theirselves to this kind of a young career....Dungey still falls in the same catergory as im saying you have to be in to make a top ranked Pro! Bottom line is anything is possible but as in most cases its not very likely going to happen!
  11. bluedawg

    Getting a career started

    John Dowd was what 18 years ago in the 2 stroke days and the days before big teams took over is why he was able to make it at an older age.......again im just being blunt and realistic about your chances of making pro level racing on tv......the pros of todays sport started out young and were home schooled and have trained 5-7 days a week,race 2-5 classes a race every weekend,have won more races than the average racer will ever race in....they have raced at L.L.and mini os and have won and placed in the top 5 every year they go....you can be local fast and go to mini os or L.L. and look like you are in the wrong class.....check all this out for yourselves and quit sugar coating everything about how a 16 year old just starting out can still make pro.......imho there is nothing worse than false hope in life when you could be doing something else in life to make a living and riding and racing for fun on the weekends! good luck with your choice in life because its all yours to pursue and nobody elses!
  12. bluedawg

    Getting a career started

    I know this much right here..... if you are already 16 and have not qualified for lorretas and raced at lorretas and finished in the top 10 that you have about a 2% chance of ever making a top level pro! Not trying to bust on you or bust your bubble but you need to focus on something else in life that will make you money if you are not already in the catergory of top 10 racer in your class at lorretas at 16 years of age.Do some research for yourself and you will see what im talking about.
  13. bluedawg

    Getting a career started

    best advice yet!!! that is a funny post from the guy that says this advice is whats wrong with the sport...there is way more to the game than what he will ever know or accept....but thats how dreamers roll..... lol
  14. bluedawg

    Cold Weather Start

    i know for a fact that a 05-08 crf450 will foul a plug in cold weather starting....i thought the whole time it was bad gas.....maybe worth replacing spark plug