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    My kids, riding dirt and street, kayaking...anything outdoors!
  1. OrangeTJ

    Access Denied

    Excellent video. A must watch.
  2. Suzuki took a street type bike and made it into a dirt bike. The DRZ 400 is a very comfortable bike. What "street type" bike did Suzuki make into a dirt bike to creat the DRZ 400S? Just curious... Honestly, I can't think of any truly off-road capable DS that's going to be much fun for riding two up. Then again, I can't imagine two up on an R6 being all that comfortable for the passenger either, so maybe your passenger won't mind!
  3. OrangeTJ

    Foresthill advice please

    Unless something's changed this year, FH is almost certainly closed for the next 4 or 5 months.
  4. OrangeTJ

    Blowdown clearing at Elkins. Wide or skinny cuts?

    Not to sound overly cynical, but I think if you make the cuts narrow, some of the guys on quads will just boonie-crash around the downed trees to make an alternate route anyway. Eventually, enough will do it that it will start to look like a burned in path, the rangers or the econazis will find it and declare that OHVs are abusing the forest.
  5. OrangeTJ

    Sacramento Area Trails?

    Lots of people have already mentioned the areas east of Sac and generally along 80. Auburn, Penryn, Loomis, Granite Bay Grass Valley, etc. are all nice places to live. Don't overlook the 50 corridor, either - Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Shingle Springs, Placerville. The issues surrounding "Naturally Occuring Asbestos" are overblown, IMO, or at least disproportionately represented as an El Dorado Hills isolated problem. Surface level NOA is found in 48 of CA's 50 counties. Maps from the US Geological Survey will show where it exists or is likely to be found. When we moved to EDH, my mother was very worried about all she had seen about asbestos. Then I showed her the map which showed virtually none in the part of EDH we were moving to and large swaths right in her town of Auburn. From El Dorado Hills, I'm about an hour from good riding in Foresthill, Georgetown, Elkins Flat and about 2 hours from riding in the high Sierra along the 88 corridor and 2.5 - 3 hours from the vast desert riding of Nevada.
  6. Something like the Ultimate MX Hauler would probably work with no modifications, since it carries the bike by the frame rails rather than the tires.
  7. OrangeTJ

    Toy haulers worth it?

    How do you define "worth it"? How many toys and what type? If you have a pickup and can fit all of your bikes in the bed of the truck, you can typically get a non toy-hauler travel trailer for less than a similar sized toy hauler. Hauler's have their advantages, though, as they typically carry more water, often have built in generators and are generally more stoutly built than a lot of regular tt's (which is good if your going off the beaten path but no big deal if not). I certainly wouldn't get one just to tow the bikes down to the local riding spot for the day, but having a toy hauler or travel trailer is a VERY nice thing when going for a longer trip. At the end of the day, nothing beats a nice warm bed, a hot shower, some good food from the refrigerator and a place to get away from the mosquitos, etc..
  8. OrangeTJ

    Best super moto for around town

    I'm just saying maybe buy a bike because you want to ride, not to save money. You can buy a lot of gas for the $3K you're talking about spending on the bike, particularly considering that you're still going to need to put gas in the bike and keep tires under it. That said...bikes are a great way to get around and the fun is worth the cost, IMO.
  9. Having owned an XJ similar to yours and having used it to tow a 2,000 pound boat, I would really encourage you to look at trailers with loaded weights (NOT dry weight) WELL under 5K pounds, even if the XJ is rated to tow that much. One of the 12 or 16 footers on the market might be doable but if there are any hills or significant crosswinds to deal with in your area, you are definitely going to feel the strain on your vehicle, IMO.
  10. OrangeTJ

    Best super moto for around town

    Hard to justify buying a motorcycle (unless you get it very cheaply) to save gas in a truck. You'll eat up any savings very quickly with the purchase price, maintenance and insurance on the bike I'd think. OTOH, if you just want to ride because that's what you want to do...well, then - have at it! There are lots of choices other than pure supersport bikes or SM's but I'd guess that very few bikes with "balls" are going to average 60 mpg or more. Have you looked at street bikes like the FZ6, Ducati Monster, Triumph Thruxton, Triumph Street Triple, etc.?
  11. Am I the only person who's never had to have any of my vehicles "inspected" by either the DMV or the CHP in order to register? A smog check could turn up an issue, but bikes aren't subject to smog checks anyway (at least for now).
  12. OrangeTJ

    Riding On Trails

    Map and compass will do the job. Riding alone, if you crash and get disoriented, you can find yourself in very serious trouble if you don't know how to get out in the quickest way (heck...even if you DO know how to get out).
  13. OrangeTJ

    Turn Signals? Yes or No

    If you're going to be riding on the street, I would seriously reconsider removing your signals. I've been riding regularly on the street for a while now and while I believe it's true that some car drivers seem to have a hard time seeing us, eliminating your turn signals is going to make it just that much harder for car drivers to know what you're doing. Would you remove your brake light and rely just on hand signals? That would be a baaaaad idea. Removing the turn indicators seems like a similarly bad idea. If drivers can't clearly see what your intended action is, they'll make assumptions that will probably be wrong a lot of the time.
  14. I don't know the real answer to your question, but if you don't sell it and don't tell the DMV, how would they ever know? Since there is no annual inspection or smog check on bikes here in CA, it seems highly unlikely that this would be noticed.
  15. OrangeTJ

    survey of broken bones

    First time - right wrist second time - left wrist, right collarbone (fracture, not break) and 2 right ribs I hope there's not a third time because the last time was almost enough for me to decide I wasn't interested anymore. Almost.