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  1. bigairx400

    Suzuki clutch push rod question

    The shaft that connects to the clutch cable, left side of machine. Lets say you manage to spin it in a complete 180 and now it has free play and spins about half way around. What do you think has happened? And yes I did it and I am looking for some info on what I may have to do when I tear it down.
  2. bigairx400

    New Parts Washer Question, Clarke

    I got a hold of someone at the supplier. He said it had a plastic impeller in the pump and that is why they suggest the water based cleaner. I asked if the mineral spirits would hurt, all he would say is he cant guarantee the product after mineral spirits were in the pump.
  3. bigairx400

    New Parts Washer Question, Clarke

    I think I will wait for a reply from dragon. And calling Clarke sounds like a good idea too. I am hoping I didn't waste money on a waterborne only wash tub.
  4. I buy a new parts washer, put it togother. Instructions state to use water based cleaner, they suggest Simple Green. I don't have heat in my garage, I live in Michigan. Diluted Simple Green will freeze and destroy my pump among other things in washer. Guys at auto parts store say they would fill it with mineral spirits and that Clarke just says that to cover their azz for warranty and law suite purposes. I just don't want to fill it with mineral spirits and blow myself up. Any parts washer I have EVER used had mineral spirits. What do you guys think?
  5. bigairx400

    Which puller is the correct one?

    I got the first one it worked great, thanks fellas.
  6. bigairx400

    to many choices

    I would not sell it to be totally honest. You are not gonna get too much for it. I had contemplated selling my z400 a while back. Instead I just renamed it..."Money Pit". I just started modding like crazy and it hasn't stopped. I want to keep the z for ever and be an old dude with a classic quad. Just go for the bigbore kit if you want more power, thats what I will be doing when my top end is kaput.
  7. bigairx400

    Pros and Cons of Hi comp piston

    I don't think I am gonna put in the hi comp piston. The more I think about it the more is sounds not worth the trouble. The gasket wouldn't be a bad addition during the down season.
  8. bigairx400

    Suzuki Which puller is the correct one?

    2004 ltz400 I have the second puller I purchased from the local quad shop (they are famous for selling the wrong part), I don't see how it will work. Are either of these pullers the one you have used? I don't see how either one will pull a flywheel off. Flywheel 1 Flywhee 2
  9. bigairx400

    Pros and Cons of Hi comp piston

    Ok, your making me second guess. I realize that one day my bottom end will blow out. I don't want it to be every year though. I know the more aftermarket mods you do the more you are sacrificing reliability. I have thoought about the concept of puting in bigbore and hi comp togather. You are probably right.
  10. bigairx400

    Suzuki Pros and Cons of Hi comp piston

    I bought a hi comp Hammer hed piston on ebay, got it for $50.00. It was a deal I couldn't pass up. 14:1 ratio. I have read a lot of ups an downs on installing a hi comp. Can you guys add some inteligent input so I can have some expectations. Is there a such thing as too Hi of a compresion ratio? Will this piston put more wear and tear on lower end berrings? Any input is appreciated, thanks ps, its going in a 2004 z400 stock bore and stroke. velocity intake fcr 39 carb port polished head trinity IV full system
  11. bigairx400

    help me wanta get a carb need some info

    The key to the eddie is to have it tuned by some one who know *** they are doing. I messed with mine and messed with it for days trying to get it right. Took it to the local dyno guy and at first he was a bit beside himself, he never seen anything like it. I gave him the manual. After he knew what was up, the eddie was the best mod I put on the ride and showed the most improvement dollar for dollar.
  12. bigairx400

    Fuel Petcock Problem

    LTZ petcock has issues for sure. They lock up and will only work in the PRI position. The cure I went for was putting in a Yamaha Raptor petcock. I have had no probs since. You should only have to do this if you don't want to run on PRI full time. If you don't mind that, don't bother. Or you can spend $60 plus $$$$ for a Pingal.
  13. bigairx400

    Need Help...Edelbrock Carb

    I had one of these on my z400, pure junk. And the worst thing of all was the customer service I recieved from Edelbrock. No help what so ever. Sitting on hold, no response to email...nothing. I went with the FCR from Sparks...bolted right up and I was on the fly.
  14. bigairx400

    Can't keep battery charged

    I think I would go with the hi output Ricky Strator. Like exaresix is saying, it sounds like you are using more wattage than your stocker is puting out. I have read of guys riding z400's putting too much lightage on the quad then having to go with the Strator hi output and that fixed the prob.
  15. bigairx400

    New to the forum

    Hello, this is my first post on thumper talk. I have been a member of suzukicentral for a few years, its a great site. I am expanding the knowledge base by reading thumpertalk. I have learned tons of info from central, knowledge is power, and I am sure you guys have much more info and input for my one and only hobby and you never know, maybe I have some good input for you fellas as well. Modding the quad and trail riding. I live in the thumb of Michigan and trail ride from spring to early winter. Anyway, hello and here is a pic of my ride. Originally it was a DVX400 but as you can see I put more $$$$ into it than I would like to admit.