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  1. Steve91T

    There is something about the DRZ 400...

    Sometimes it's fun to look back on a post that you made nearly 4 years ago. I will say, that even years later, there's something about the DRZ 400. I've since sold the bike, and currently am putting my efforts into my road race Camaro, but I will always miss that bike. I rode on the street for 4 years and never even had a scare. I figured since I needed the money, I might as well stop while I'm ahead. My wife always hated that I rode on the street anyway. The sad ending to this story is when I finally broke down and sold my baby, the new owner blew up the engine just 2 weeks later. I have no idea what he did, maybe over heated it? Maybe ran it out of oil? Maybe he just romped on it when it was cold. All I know is that engine never smoked, didn't use any oil, and never missed a beat. I have a hard time believing that it just let go, but you never know. This forum is really great. By far the best, most active forum that I visit. Some forums are full of people who like to act like they know it all and just end up passing along wrong information. Not this one. Everyone loves to help and there are some very knowledgeable people. It shows what kind of people enjoy these bikes. The bike was a 2000E that never once let me down. It truly was an awesome bike. Putting SM wheels on it made it something that I was able to ride nearly every day. I've never had so much fun running errands! If anyone wants a nice set of SM wheels/tires/front brake rotor, let me know. I've got them listed somewhere in the classifieds, but if you're interested, PM me. I miss my baby!
  2. I never thought I would EVER consider selling my bike, but I just have too many hobbies and not enough time or money for everything. I need to cut back. I have a 97 SS Camaro that I performance driving schools with (road racing), and it's expensive. I really need some money to continue doing it. So, I wanted to give you guys a chance to talk me out of it. I know for a fact that I'll miss it, but my true passion is racing my car. It's a 2000 E that's plated. It's sitting on 06 SM wheels with brand new tires. The dirt wheels have brand new tires. D606 rear and MT21 front. They've seen the dirt only one time. Zero pavement miles. It uses no oil, and the valves are in spec, and haven't moved since I've had it over the past few years. Any idea what you guys think I could get for it? I'm thinking of putting the dirt wheels on and selling it. Maybe $2500 for the bike? $1000 for the SM wheels with new tires? Because of time, I haven't been able to hit the trails except for only one time. So, for the past 2 1/2 years, I've been doing nothing but street riding. Obviously it's a plated E. That's got to be worth just a little more, right? I know here in VA it's a real PITA to get it street legal. Fortunately the previous owner did it for me. What do you think? Steve
  3. Steve91T

    my pooper gets sore!

    I do that too, but someone just told me I could be pulled over, reckless or something. Nothing surprises me anymore. Steve
  4. Steve91T

    The riding game.

    If it wasn't 800 degrees outside, I'd go get a picture. No way am I getting all my gear on today.
  5. Steve91T

    The riding game.

    I know of someone with a hot pink harley, with a pink pig strapped to the rear fender, and she's a chick! Too bad she's about 9 hrs away from me
  6. Steve91T

    The riding game.

    Damn, I know one that's close, but not directly...
  7. Steve91T

    Planning mods for my DRZ400SM. Which pipe?

    I think E cams are going to give you a noticeable difference in power. Someone with experience will chime in, I'm sure. I've asked about the lightweight flywheel and I got mixed feelings on this. The people who said they did it, love it. But most say it's not worth the money. I've always liked lighter flywheels on cars. Doesn't make more power, but lets the car accelerate faster. I feel like this would be the same with the DRZ. It's something I want to do in the future.
  8. Steve91T

    Planning mods for my DRZ400SM. Which pipe?

    Do what I did, start with a plated, street legal E, then put SM wheels on it. You're already ahead of the game with more power for less money than a stock SM. Steve
  9. Steve91T

    The Mad Max Mod (with pics)

    I was initially thinking black, but now that you mention white, I think you are right. My yellow E is yellow and white as it is. I can't wait to see the pictures. Steve
  10. Steve91T

    The Mad Max Mod (with pics)

    I think black on anything would look good. I have yellow, and I think black would look pretty good. Steve
  11. Steve91T

    Planning mods for my DRZ400SM. Which pipe?

    I'll admit, my opened up Muzzy is loud. I wear earplugs on the street. Steve
  12. Steve91T

    Planning mods for my DRZ400SM. Which pipe?

    Eddie, where is that graph you did comparing something like 5 different exhausts? I believe you posted it when the MRD/SSW came out. I could have sworn the Muzzy was at least the top of the off the shelf exhausts. I've been looking but couldn't find it.
  13. Steve91T

    cams sound..."rough"

    Seriously, have you been on the FAQ'S???? Get a 6 pack, sit down, and read!
  14. Steve91T

    Planning mods for my DRZ400SM. Which pipe?

    I'm only speaking for Muzzy because it's what I have. But, from Eddie's graphs, it also was 3rd to the SSW/MRD. The stock exhaust doesn't have the option to open it up. The Muzzy will allow you to keep it quiet, and yes, loose performance, but then open it up for the street. This is a simple concept, and I don't understand why everyone says either go all out and have a bike you can't ride on the trails, or stay stock. The stock system is quiet, but it's also heavy, ugly, and doesn't allow you to uncork it. Again, I'm using the Muzzy because I have one and it did well on the dyno. Steve
  15. Steve91T

    Planning mods for my DRZ400SM. Which pipe?

    Absolutely, but Muzzy is a decent pipe. It will produce a gain, and sound great. Then, you can plug it up and it will be quieter than a lot of pipes, understanding that the stock one is the quietest. The Muzzy will be fine until a point. If you start stroking and going for big power, then yeah, it's worthless. At more or less stock bike will benefit from the Muzzy. Not as much power as the SSW/MRD, but still more than stock! The E header is a great idea because it's cheap, doesn't change the sound, and gives you more power. But the Muzzy is a larger diameter and if I felt a noticeable increase in power over my E system, someone with a S or SM will absolutely feel a difference.