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    i enjoy hunting,fishing,riding,mudding etc etc
  1. Happy Birthday F3RR3T!

  2. F3RR3T

    The ThumperTalk store?

    only thing that keeps me from ordering from TT store is the layout
  3. maintance is only bonkers if you follow there schedule which is blown out of proportion imo. i always gone by my scedule and never had a problem. im only 5'11 so im hoping the 525 isnt to big got it for 3500 bucks well see how it lools when i go up there if its a goober ill pick a wr250
  4. well i got neither. im going in up to georgia in a few weeks to pick up a 525exc
  5. F3RR3T

    TTR YZ Conversion Fork oil level question

    be patiant many of us have full-time jobs. i am 130 pounds and i run 11 ounces stock yz springs
  6. F3RR3T

    Looking for a private track in central FL

    thanks for the info i made a cruddy table today with my neighbors tractor only a 20 footer. about 3 foot high. i over jumped it like crazy
  7. ive seen many plated 125' when i was in VA and georgia well one in georgia it can be done
  8. im a fairly new rider but am looking for a private track to practice one. mainly something with a good whoop section and a table top. im willing to sign what waivers you need me to. If you have something and are willing to let a newish rider get his bearings on a mx style track let me know
  9. no i mean 40,000 miles welcome to the world of amsoil and there external filters
  10. F3RR3T

    Mounting tires on colored wheels?

    yaya i contributed something useful lol
  11. miles to work are 20 each way maintance isnt really a issue seeing that the manufacturers maintenance schedules are a bit anal retentive "interval may very" i check valves every 400 miles change oil every 300 (well filter it through my truck) amsoil 4 filter setup keeps the oil clean im on the same oil in my truck for 40k speed on road is around 60 on the 2 lanes about 30-45 in town also will make the occasional 70 mile trip to Orlando on the interstate around 65-70 mph
  12. F3RR3T

    Poor mans torque wrench

    i wouldnt call anything from harbor freight "accurate"
  13. how do i go about getting a MSO? i dont have a title for my bike 2001 ttr125 be cool to register it as a dual sport
  14. yamaha WR250R ktm 450exc my riding will be about 40% on road 60% off just looking for first hand reviews for both bikes. off road conditions are mostly tight sandy trails, being able to take it to the mx track would be a plus also. also what is the best the Dual sport tire?