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  1. 87' CR 5003

    Nice pair! (of '83 CRs)

    Yeah, I'm at 1k feet, 168 main with the stock needle R 1370 N.
  2. 87' CR 5003

    Nice pair! (of '83 CRs)

    Running 48 pilots on all 3 Sophie, But that's on PWK A/S. 1-3/4 turns, They idle for about 3-4 min. before loading up.
  3. 87' CR 5003

    Possessed by the devil CR250, jetting woes

    Float height on the A/S is 19 mm.
  4. We ALL know, If it weren't for smokers this sight would be boring. That's all I have to say 'bout thayat.
  5. 87' CR 5003

    Intake/carb mods

    Doing an install of fresh jug/ PWK AS/ Vforce2, on a 01' 500 af conversion, Some may know there is a clearance issue between the air boot/carb/shock spring, There are 2 intake boots available for the cyl./carb mount. approx. 1/4 in.shorter than the other. I have both, The V force cage is 1/8" thicker than stock and has taken up the space I need for clearance. Q-Has anyone shortened the cyl. side of the carb throat ? Looks like I'd need 1/8" to get my clearance, Wondering about the effect on carb performance and so on, May be possible to do a combo of removing some reed block/carb throat material also, still investigating. Appreciate any feed back Gentlemen.
  6. 87' CR 5003

    2T pipe guard vs no guard?

    Not a single track guy but 2-300 bucks to protect a 225.00 pipe and adding wt. makes no sense to me.
  7. 87' CR 5003

    88 cr250r rebuild

    No 500 motors, frame is different, Your components should fit a 500 frame but with motors running 3 k, may as well just buy the whole bike.
  8. 87' CR 5003

    Yz125 throwing white smoke

    Oh, I see it now. [emoji849]
  9. 87' CR 5003

    Yz125 throwing white smoke

    How many times does 4 oz. go into a gal. ?
  10. 87' CR 5003

    Yz125 throwing white smoke

    4:1 ? [emoji54]
  11. That's a clean 87'. Best stock motor Imo. [emoji106]
  12. 87' CR 5003

    Refurbishing gouge in aluminum frame

    Tig it, 2 sec. work it smooth.
  13. Might make it 2-3 times a year, more so to accompany my nephew who is just starting out and curious, Still fun at a nice track but no need to get whipped up, Run more practice days than anything, Good crowd, casual approach, Good weather etc. Why hang around all day to get 2, 3 or 4 lap motos in ? Just run practice all day for fun.
  14. Re-drill the center hole, looks centered now, left hand drill bit & some moderate heat, Then xtractor as last resort.