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  1. freestyle111

    does anyone have a stock muffler

    I have 05 kxf silencer I only used it to ride up and down street a couple times on the first day I had bike.If your interested I just posted ad with silencer a few other parts in classified forum.
  2. freestyle111

    Kxf250 Pic contest

  3. freestyle111

    05 lighting ?

    Click here for more info and answers to your questions 05 lighting coil details
  4. freestyle111

    05 lighting ?

    I tested output of my lighting coil:motor idling output 47watts ;half throttle output 87 watts,3/4 to full throttle the peak output is 101 watts.Test was done with electrex ESL740 lighting coil and trailtech +5oz flywheel.
  5. freestyle111

    05 lighting ?

    Heres a pic of my 05 kx250f with working lights.
  6. freestyle111

    Best Quiet Pipe for the kxf250

    Im not sure if Muzzys makes exhaust that will fit 2006 but you should check.I've had Muzzys exhaust on my 2005 for almost a year now and at 93db its the quietest kx250f i've seen. http://www.muzzys.com/offroad/index.html
  7. freestyle111

    Head Light

    First things first, what year is your kx250f?Only 2004 kxf is capable of running headlight using stock stator.The 2005 kxf requires aftermarket lighting/stator and aftermarket flywheel.
  8. freestyle111

    headlight ?

    Yes,it is possible to power headlight with stock 04 kx250f.one of the two light green stator wires can be used to power headlight.It only puts out about 25watts.
  9. freestyle111

    RMZ 250 Head light

    I have recently installed lights on my 05 kx250f you can get info here http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=239281
  10. freestyle111

    Good story about the '05 motors

    I bet the motor is fine.I lost my radiator cap on my Wr during a dual sport ride and had to ride 70 miles to autoparts stores to buy a replacement[98 nissan pathfinder cap fits most motorcycles].I thought for sure motor was going to be toast the way it was pinging,knocking and clattering but as soon as I added coolant and put on new cap noises stopped.Then I road another 140 miles to finish ride that day.
  11. freestyle111

    My 05 kx250f is ready for sheetiron 300

    Where do you carry bottles of Gas? you either have to strap them to fenders or carry them on your back.which means either fender bag or camelback has to go. The only other alternative would be to velcro bottles of gas to top of helmet.
  12. freestyle111

    My 05 kx250f is ready for sheetiron 300

    I would tell you how to get CA. plate for your Husky if I could.All I can tell you is that anythings possible.I have Ca. license plate on my 04 cr50f,98 wr400,02 wr426 and 05 kx250f.I plated all these bikes without dualsport kits [cr50f has no lights whatsoever]I've never even had to get DMV or CHP Lighting inspections.My best advice for getting Ca. plates is "Attitude and Determination"When you walk up to DMV teller you have to believe and you have to make them believe that theres no reason they cant issue license plate for your bike.As a CA resident your State Taxes pay for Streets and highways you should be able to travel on then with whatever vehicle you choose.We dont get to decide how the State spends our tax dollars why should the State be allowed to tell us what we can drive."Don't take no for an answer." It also helps if you have CHP and DMV employee for relatives.
  13. freestyle111

    My 05 kx250f is ready for sheetiron 300

    the problem with carrying packing extra gas In bottles means I either have to carry less tools or less fluids to hydrate myself.A full tank of gas doesnt do you any good when you get a flat tire or break clutch lever/perch, etc. and dont have the tools or parts to make repair.
  14. Just got my Calif. plate for my 05 kx250f.I just need to figure out how im going to carry enough gas to make it 110 miles[gas stop on fisrt day].Anyone else going to be riding Sheetiron 300 on kx250f?Aftermarket tanks are only 2.5 gl. Im not sure but I dont think thats enough fuel to make first gas stop.I have 3.2gl. tank on my wr426 and ran out of gas about 1/4mile short of gas stop last year.
  15. I definetly need to get larger Gas Tank.Ive been for someone to come out with a 3 gallon or more tank for kxf.Im not willing to pay $200 for aftermarket tank that only holds 1/2gl. more than the stock tank.