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  1. Yes the tabs that hold the cable broke off. Im just affraid to go bigger on the bit because the hole that I started is not centered. Im affraid off hittiing the inside wall of the carb body. Maybe I should try drilling deeper to see if it spins out. I just cant believe it seized up in there so bad. Im also affraid I damaged that small brass tab on the carb body right above the plunger. I tried to push it in with a puch thinking that was holding the plunger in. The punch did some damage to the soft brass.
  2. Hot start plunger stuck. I have done some searches on this issue. Seems to be a common problem. I never used my hot start and it froze solid. I soaked it in penetrating oil over night to no avail. Tried to pull it out with pliers didn't work so tried to drill it and still nothing. I'm affraid if I use a bigger bit its going to damage the carb. Please help. How the hell do I get the damn plunger out of there? There seems to be a push tap of some sort on top of the carb where the plunger is. Do I need to push that in?
  3. 104dad

    will 09' plastics bolt on to 08'

    Time to replace plastics on 08' 450. Like the look of the 09' plastics better. I know they are different but anyone know if they will fit the 08' ? Maybe just the 09' number plate and front fender.
  4. Looking for some feedback or experiences with Pro Valve Suspension in Costa Mesa CA. Anyone?
  5. 104dad

    Reviews On 2008 Kx450f

    I agree. The power is really smooth. A little deceiving.
  6. 104dad

    Reviews On 2008 Kx450f

    I bought an 08' KX450 about 3 weeks ago. IMO all the 08's are great. Here are some things I have run across with mine. First off the stock exhaust is terrible sounding. Its quiet at idle but once you crack the throttle it's LOUD. Second the gearing and shifting is not up to par compared to the Hondas. I feel the shifting is not smooth and it needs about 2 teeth more on the rear sprocket for my likes. Third, the stock chain guide/block is junk. Wears to fast and makes lots of noise from chain slap. Needs replaced with something like the T.M Designworks guide. Another complaint is the tire size. I forget what size the bike comes with stock but they dont work. And last I feel the stock air cleaner doesnt form a tight seal with the air box. I'm thinking of going with the Loud Mouth set up. I'm sure all the other 08' brands have their little problems too. Hope this helps.
  7. 104dad

    Recommended Boots

    The best boots are the ones on sale! Buy previous year models. You can still find 07' or 08' Fox boots for $199.00. Thats what i'm wearing and they are great.
  8. 104dad

    Mini 50 adventure jetting

    looking for some help jeting a KTM Mini 50 adventure. Is this the right forum?
  9. 104dad

    Got burnt at local dealer

    Well, Temecula Motorsports just called back and said they are willing to take care of the bill. Good for them. But still I should have been told that the suspention had been swapped out before I bought the bike.
  10. Well...I bought what I was told was a 2008 kx450 demo bike from a local so cal dealer. Long story short, suspension felt terrible right from the start. Spent about a week tweaking the clickers. Ended up taking it to my local suspension guy and come to find out the suspension is all screwy. The fork springs had been shortened and the rear valving was really odd. Made a couple calls and found out it's the suspension off one of Kyle Lozas bikes. Kyle is 5'6 and 130 lbs. Dont know how or why it ended up on the bike I bought. Going to cost me 750.00 to get straightened out. Dont want to mention any names yet but want some input as to wether the dealer should be responsible for this since it was suposed to be a stock bike. I purchased it about 3 weeks ago as a "Demo" bike. I left a message for the dealer owner and have not heard back or recieved any answers.
  11. 104dad

    Where to buy leak jet

    1 more question. Where does the leak jet come into play in all of this? I understand it affects 0-1/4 throttle but thats about it.
  12. 104dad

    Where to buy leak jet

    Great information. Thanks for the help. Going to print out and head to the track this afternoon.
  13. 104dad

    Where to buy leak jet

    Its a brand new bike and I have done nothing to the carb. Throttle response is slower than I like and the idle goes up sometimes when I let off the throttle then lowers to normal. I'm thinking its because its getting hot. Other than those issues it runs fine. I just noticed that Team Green and in the MXA test on the 08 Kawi they reccomended a #55 leak jet.
  14. MXA and Team Green reccomend a #55 Leak jet for the 08" KX450 but cant seem to find a shop that stocks them here in So Cal which is pretty amazing since there are countless suppliers within 20 miles of me.
  15. 104dad

    Flame Arrestor question

    Just looking on some input regarding the flame arrestor in the air box of the 08 kx450. Any reason to leave it in? I know the one on my 05' Honda was quite heavy. Cant recall any performance gains when I removed it though. Leave it or remove it?