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  1. maddogyz250f

    need 09.recall kit HELP

    My dealer would not sell me the kit. Good luck.
  2. maddogyz250f

    09 Plastic

    I ordered plastic from motosport in early December and it has been in the "shipping in 7-10 days" status since. I am not sure what the deal is but I have not found it any place else either.
  3. maddogyz250f

    Info Needed 09 Crf450

    There are no special tools needed but you might have a hard time getting the parts from your dealer. Mine would not let me do the work myself even after I offered to buy the kit.
  4. maddogyz250f

    review of my new 2009

    I think he was supporting your point. Smelling gas in your oil is what Honda considers "normal". If your crankcase is filling with gas, this is a real problem that Honda needs to address.
  5. maddogyz250f

    Dunlop 952

    I run one on the rear of my son's 06 CRF450 and it is a very good tire on hard and intermediate terrian. It lasts forever too.
  6. maddogyz250f

    Tough Clutch

    Pull you clutch cover off and inspect the basket. It may be grooved making clutch pull difficult.
  7. maddogyz250f

    2009 CRF450 owner's poll

    I would do it all over again because it is a great bike overall. With the decomp pin resolved, the 09 CRF450F is no different than any other bike I have owned as far as getting the suspension revalved, getting fuel delivery correct (remap vs jetting), etc. I have never had a 450 that feels so light and the throttle response is better than any carburated bike I have ridden. It may be improved next year for some riders but a lot of us will still need to tweak it.
  8. The update procedure is not very detailed as it just references the service manual. http://www.crfsonly.com/forum/images/crf450R-09-decom-recall.pdf
  9. maddogyz250f

    question about storing my 09

    My 09 sat in my unheated Ohio garage since the beginning of November until yesterday. I tore it apart to send out the suspension, install Ron's insert, Eddies' map, and I greased all the bearings. I put it back together and it fired up no problem on the 5th kick. I did add Stabil to the last tank of gas but never touched the fuel lines.
  10. maddogyz250f

    be honest!!

    I sold my 06 YZ450F to buy my 09 CRF450R. I love my new Honda but if both were brand new, I would not pay $3,000-$4,000 more for the Honda. Straight up, the Honda wins hands down. So, I would go with the Yamaha in this case. It is actually a very vet friendly bike.
  11. Dave, are these something we can just install ourselves by swapping the lower tubes and replacing the fork seals? I am not too sure what casting hardware means. If I do not need to send my forks out, I am in for a set. I have always wanted to try DLC treated forks.
  12. maddogyz250f

    2009 CRF 450 Suspension Best Practices

    Most of the suspension gurus hang out in the suspension forum. You might want to post something there.
  13. maddogyz250f

    Service bulletin

    Any authorized Honda dealer will take care of it for you. My guess is, Honda makes them.
  14. maddogyz250f

    Service bulletin

    I think Eddie is correct, it is not a recall because it is not a safety issue. Honda recalled the 07 CRF150R twice. Once for the cam and once for a bad weld on the swing arm. The cam issue was related to high RPM so a failure at speed would be dangerous. The pin and weight issue on the 09 CRF450R occurs at stall speed so the risk of injury is quite low. I think Honda is stepping up and doing what is right by the customer. I am going to have Honda replace my pin and weight and then I will replace the pin with the MDK unit I already have just to be safe.
  15. maddogyz250f

    Need help with New slip on exhaust

    The cherry red header pipe is quite common and may not be an issue. For the rough idle, try turning the fuel screw out to richen it at idle.