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  1. adrian

    When is it comming?

    In BC here they will be on the floor Aug15th
  2. adrian


    I am thinking about picking up a RM450,but just want to get you owners take on the reliability of the bike...Anything to look out for??? I am pretty much sold on the bike,I sat on one the other day and it is the first bike since my 96 kx250 that fit me so well.. Thanks in advance
  3. adrian

    My friends messed up YZ250

    that chains a lil tight,you might wanna tell him to loosen it a lil....
  4. adrian

    what can i do to my 98 yz400f?

    If your gonna get an 06 why pump money into the 98?? Fix it up so its rideable and enjoy it till the 06s come out....The 400s/426s can keep up with the 450s without heavily modding the bike...Its all about twisting the throttle....
  5. adrian

    header wrap

    Here I'll be a nice guy and send you 4 feet for free if you pay for shipping..... if your interested PM me your address
  6. adrian

    Sadly must sell my 426....

    its an optical illusion,there are 2 fork tubes there I took it off for cleaning.... I'll post up some pics of the bike all together so I dont get called a liar(not by you NAFLASH) by RIDE FOR RED
  7. adrian

    Sadly must sell my 426....

    Yah moneis tight right now but a famous guy once said "I'll be back!!" with one of those shiney new aluminum framed YZfs hehe
  8. adrian

    Sadly must sell my 426....

    what does this mean??are you inferring I am lying??
  9. adrian

    cutting wire out of air box??

    I cut mine out without any problems,just take a file afterwards and file the wire flush to the cage....Or get a YZ250 cage....Or I'll sell my cut out cage.$10.00 plus shipping??
  10. adrian

    YZ air filter mod question

    I've been running a YZ250 cage for over a year without problems.Bike runs cleaner but not sure if that the BK mod or cage replacement OR both....You can also cut out your screen if you feel inclined to do so...
  11. Things are very tight right now so the Blue beast must go!! 2002 YZ426 PC exhaust,new renthal sprocket,new RK chain,BK mod,YZ250 airflter cage,Ceet gripper cover,blue anodized front rim,auto decomp cam,Honda style front brake routing.This bike is crisp and fast,low low hours...$4700.00cdn Check pics below
  12. My dad used to hand build cone pipes for those machines...Woke the bike up quite a bit...They handle quite well, not as nice as a Montesa VR but better than the Elsinores. But I dont need to tell you that I am sure bad Brad has given you the scoop....Enjoy it..Cheers