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  1. IntenseRider

    2010 KTM info??

    Wow...no 85 for either SX or XC and all of the 65-200 XC 2T bikes are gone (aside from the new 150XC). I'm amazed that KTM is bowing out of the 85 class altogether.
  2. IntenseRider

    Mountain Ridge GNCC...???

    That's funny...I was wondering the same thing and was about to post a thread asking the same question.
  3. IntenseRider

    Shane Watts YZ 250 in Dirt Bike...

    I don't think it's just the orange boys. It's my understanding that if you check under the hood of the 2T Am/Pro team bikes, most have a modified head to reduce power. I posted on this a while back that it's funny how so many people spend big bucks to make a bike faster yet the best in the world are trying to make the same bike more manageable.
  4. IntenseRider


    I think so. For quite some time, I have been a hopeful proponent that Yamaha would keep updating the YZ line and even expand into a YZ-X (off-road) line. There is some great 2T technology in the outboard market which could be utilized for the bike market. Unfortunately for Yamaha, I got tired of waiting and switched to an '08 KTM this year (previously had a YZ250F and was thinking about the YZ) becuase I really wanted a 2T. Interestingly enough, if you look on Pitracer.com, there are some guys in NE Ohio who are running some 2T races this year. Trying to keep the dream alive!
  5. IntenseRider

    09 Ktm Model Lineup And Msrp

    If I recall correctly, I paid $1648 OTD for my 83 KX125. Now, the Mini Adv 50 is over $3k!!! Dang...I hope my kids like BMX. Or golf. Or buying gold. They'll all be cheaper than MX in a few years! Although...I guess we can't complain too much. My other passion is cycling. Have you been to a bike store lately? You don't have to look too hard to find $7-8K+ bikes, both road and mountain. Good wheelsets are $1k-4K+, Shoes $200-500. Top level shorts are $200+. We complain, but the manufacturers could probably charge even more than they do. Then the only people left in MX would be the yuckin' fuppies.
  6. IntenseRider

    How long will Yamaha continue to make 2 strokes??

    On the contrary, MXA has actually been one of the few magazines to be a proponent of the 2T. I believe it was in their review of the top ten bikes of last year they lauded the merits of the 2T versus the 4T. Someone mentioned the article in Cycle News the other week where Keith McCarty stated that Yamaha has commited to keeping the 2T models through at least 2010, so there should be at least 2 more years if we can go by Keith's word. Personally, and I have stated this before in various threads on this board, I am prediciting another run by 2T in a few years. There is a lot of potential technology out there to make the 2T run cleaner and alleviate the environmental (EPA) concerns. Take a look at Evinrude's website to see what they have done in the outboard motor market. KTM is supposedly testing direct injection in the big bikes and may be market ready in '09 or '10. Myself, I just switched back to a 2T ('08 KTM 200XC) after 4 years on YZ250F's. I was very tempted to go the YZ250 route, but the KTM just seemed better suited to the type of riding I am mostly doing now (GNCC, etc.). I really enjoyed the 4T, but I have more fun on the 2T and I don't have to go through the "Chorus Line" (i.e., kick-kick-kick) routine at least once every ride. I also think that Yamaha is missing the boat by not producing an off-road ready version of the YZ250 (FWW, 18" rear, etc.) Go to any GNCC and besides the sea of orange, there is a lot of blue out there). I am not surprised that some of the manufacturers have reduced 2T model production to streamline their lines and realize better margins on the models they are producing. However, I do hope that they continue to realize that there is a market for 2T bikes in the US and those models merit the R&D budget for continued improvements. The best way to ensure that is to keep buying every 2T made and voicing your opinion to the manufacturer. Production cycles make take a few years to churn, but the manufacturers do have the ability to respond to consumer reaction and produce what people will buy.
  7. IntenseRider

    Another 2 stroke or 4 stroke post

    I'm another recent convert back to the 2T. I went from a YZ250F to a KTM 200XC and couldn't be happier. These days I am riding more woods (GNCC)than tracks and I was concerned that I would be giving up some torque by going back to the 2T, but that has been a non-issue. I agree with everything else on this post and I find it an interesting trend that there appears to be a number of riders switching back to the 2T. I have posted some threads on here before about my personal belief that 2T's will make a comeback. There is a lot of great development that is happening in the 2T outboard motor market (Evinrude, which is owned by Bombardier, for example) and on a global scale, 2T's are still very common in other parts of the world and many are street legal. I keep hearing rumors that KTM has direct injection around the corner and some other changes (I almost said "innovations', but that's not really true since I can buy a bike like a PW50 that has a basic direct injection system) that will benefit the 2T. Hopefully, other manufacturers aside from KTM and to a degree, Yamaha, realize this trend and start putting R&D back into the racing 2T's. Riding the 2T is a blast, I love the sound and the overall maintenance costs are lower (exhaust replacement, grenade a head, etc.) when comparing a 2T to 4T. One thing I would love to know if it is true or not, is that I was told by a dealer a few years ago that the cost for 4T production was higher than a comparable 2T model and that the increased costs were subsidized over the entire line. Makes sense as you do have additional parts in a 4T motor compared to a 2T, but if that's true, then I think it would be to the manufacturer's advantage to have more 2T and less 4T models to realize a higher margin. The aftermarket exhaust and mod companies may not like it as much, but they will survive. Afterall, nothing beats the smell of pre-mix in the morning.
  8. IntenseRider

    KTM 300 or 200, Need help fast

    I have to cast a vote for the 200. I went from an '06 YZ250F to an '08 200XC and I have no regrets. I'm about 210 lbs, Vet C rider and do a mix of Woods and MX here in Western PA. I raced the YZF at Mountain Ridge GNCC and the 200XC at Powerline this year and found that there is nothing that I can ride on the 4T that I can't ride on the 2T. The torque on the 200 really surprised me and the bike is definitely more "flickable" to me than the YZF. Plus, I don't have to go through the kick, kick, kick routine at least once every ride with the KTM. You'll find that a lot of riders are very loyal to their displacement, but, bottom line, I don't think you can go wrong with any of these bikes. I was torn between the 200 and 250 and ultimately decided on the 200 after talking to a shop owner that has ridden them all and says that him and his buddies always come home less tired after a day on the 200. The other thing that made me lean toward the 200 were the posts that called it the "mountain bike with a motor." That's what I was looking for and feel like that's what I have now.
  9. IntenseRider

    Considering switching to a 2T

    I went from a YZ250F to an '08 200XC and was pleasantly suprised at the amount of torque. I have zero regrets switching back to the 2T. I really liked my YZF's, but the 2T is so much easier to start (unless you have the magic button).
  10. IntenseRider

    KTM's PHDS dampening bar mounts very nice

    albertaguy: Any more updates on the PHDS system? I am hoping to get a set from Santa Claus this year for my 200XC, but want to make sure they are worth the cash. BTW...I talked to the KTM mechanics at the Powerline GNCC and none of the off-road team are running them, but the entire factory MX team is using them. Interesting.
  11. IntenseRider

    MXA 2008 Two Stroke Shootout

    I agree wholeheartedly with this statement. My understanding is that the Am-Pro Yamaha team runs a "Red Head" on the team bikes which slightly "detunes" the stock power. To me, I interpret that as, if some of the best off-road riders in the world (i.e., Barry Hawk, Charelie Mullins) don't need all of the stock power to compete, then I should be fine running stock without HP mods. After years of bleeding Blue, I recently switched from Blue to Orange. I was running an '06YZ250F and was seriously considering getting a YZ 250. However, after some thought, research and reality checks by witnessing what I see at GNCC's, I went with an '08 KTM 200XC. Besides, with regard to cost, it is basically a wash between setting up a YZ250 for off-road (FWW, Suspension, etc.) and buying an off-road ready KTM. What convinced me to go the 200 route was a review I read where the owner compared it to a "mountain bike with a motor." That's exactly what I was looking for in a bike and I can honestly say, I am GLAD to be back on a 2T and that the 200 is plenty bike for me! I ride/race for fun in that I know I'm not going to be the first guy across the line. I did the Powerline GNCC last weekend and appreciated the lighter bike during the dust fest so much more than I would have on my 4T. For me, it's the right amount of power and the torque allows me to climb anything I could do on my 4T. I did the Mountain Ridge GNCC on my YZF and by comparison (as much as possible on two different courses), the 2T is easier to maneuver and always lit the first kick. Besides that, I just love the feel of wicking that throttle and having the bike react instantly. I really missed the 2T hit (and smell) At any rate, I had commented on this board before that Yamaha would be smart to continue to develop their 2T technology and that there is a lot of 2T technology in the outboard motor market that could be leveraged in motorcycles. I agree with the other poster who stated that Yamaha would benefit from developing the YZ250 into an off-road ready model. I have always loved MX, but since starting to ride the GNCC's a few years ago, I think there is a tremendous growth opportunity in the off-road market. Go to a local MX race on a Sunday, and you see 100-200 riders on a good day. Go to a GNCC, and you get to do a trail ride with 500 of your closest friends, and that is just in the morning class. At some of the races, they get close to 2,000 quads/bikes racing over a 2-day period. Where else in this sport do we see those numbers? I still love (and bleed) blue, but props to KTM for chasing the market and giving the consumer more product choice.
  12. IntenseRider

    Welcome to myself! New KTM owner. 2008 Parts help!

    drz...I too recently jumped from a YZ250F to an '08 XC200. Only got one quick ride on it so far, but plan to get out tomorrow for a while. Great bike and so far I'm glad I made the switch back to a 2T. As for some of the items you are looking for, I am looking at a company called P3 (Pirie Performance Products) for both a pipe guard and skid plate. Read some good reviews of their stuff on here and KTM Talk. Let us know what you think of the new bike.
  13. IntenseRider

    my next bike KTM 505SX or XC, help

    Albertaguy...what do you think of the PHDS that you put on or didn't you get them yet? I am debating between those of the Faastco Flex bars since they are about the same price, but would like to hear about your experience.
  14. From what I have heard, one of the cons may definitely be price (at least for me). My dealer told me that they are expecting the price to be $US8998. I hope that's incorrect, because that would mean we are about 3-4 years away from a MX bike cracking the $10K barrier. We all had heard the rumors that EFI would increase the cost, but I hope that if this is true, the performance gain outweighs the cost.
  15. IntenseRider

    Coming from a 250x, Going to a 2 stroke!!

    The way I see it, I should be about 5 minutes a lap faster on the 200. Sure, I may be 1 minute slower than on my 250F, but I'll save 6 minutes of having to kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick....collapse from exhaustion...kick, kick, kick, kick....