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  1. mxaniac

    Octane for 13.5:1

    That's very generous of you, I'll take you up on that offer! Thanks, Rich
  2. mxaniac

    Octane for 13.5:1

    This time of year all the bikes are crammed in to a little shed and the fair weather fun car fills up any open space in the garage. I really need to build a shop! Anyway I appreciate everyone's help but I won't see much of my bike for several months.
  3. mxaniac

    Octane for 13.5:1

    So if I understand correctly you're suggesting that due to a combination of compression AND timing and to some degree A/F ratio I need a high octane fuel. It isn't JUST because I'm running 13.5:1 compression, it's a number of factors. If I wanted to run a lower octane fuel I'd need to de-tune my bike, most likely by changing the timing. I should also stop riding in 125ºF weather and shed some of my 350 pounds while avoiding the uphill sand drags?
  4. mxaniac

    $10 PGM-FI HRC Tuner Tool

    According to CRF's only 38772-NX7-040 is good for 2013 to 2017. https://www.crfsonly.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/6615
  5. mxaniac

    Octane for 13.5:1

    Ron Hamp also did the mapping. I'm very happy with his work so I want to be clear I'm not trying to blame him for anything. He's a busy guy and it's been several years so I decided to ask the question here, I never told him I've had issues so he hasn't ever had an opportunity to address them. We're at about 2100 ft altitude, ambient pressure runs around 13.7-13.9 psia. Temperatures in the 60s and lower will lead to pinging on the bottom end at around 1/4 throttle. At perhaps 95+ degrees it pings too, I don't recall exactly where but I think it's above half throttle. RH humidity is always very low here, below 60% throughout riding season.
  6. mxaniac

    Octane for 13.5:1

    I'm certainly no expert on this topic, I find it somewhat confusing. I'm under the understanding that under ideal conditions the stoichiometric ratio is the hottest combustion temperature. If that's so, then I would think that making an engine run richer to cool off combustion is more of a band aid. That said, I do know you can run an engine so lean it will ping so why is that? Timing clearly can have a big effect on pinging as well. So how do you optimize between timing, octane, and A/F ratio? I suppose that would take a lot of equipment to run the engine under load and look at the A/F, optimize it and then alter timing to get the most power while adding octane as necessary. A bit over the top for a fat old man like myself that would get better lap times by trading the 12 oz curls for the elliptical.
  7. mxaniac

    Octane for 13.5:1

    I have a 2013 with a ported head and cam from Ron Hamp along with a remap and 13.5:1 piston. I love the motor, he did an incredible job but I do have pinging problems when the weather is cool or when it's very hot. I'm running VP110 / 92 octane ethanol free at 50/50. I would have thought that would be enough octane. Should I be looking at timing or mapping or just dump more octane in it?
  8. mxaniac

    $10 PGM-FI HRC Tuner Tool

    Is 38772-NX7-040 the latest CD? I have a 2013 but if I get a newer bike it would be nice if I could use the same CD.
  9. mxaniac

    Notched clutch basket... Anything I can do?

    Right angle grinder will take care of that in no time, but it will start wearing quicker each time. An OEM replacement isn't much of an option unless it's dirt cheap since it will continue to happen.
  10. mxaniac

    Top Tier Gear

    This has been a useful discussion, I've been on bikes for 40 years and I didn't know Klim made off road gear. I also need to check out Leatt. One of the things I absolutely hate is the stupid names the marketing geniuses come up with that give you no indication what the distinction is on their product. MSR: NXT Legend AXXIS Summit Oneil: Hardwear Mayhem Element Apocalypse Thor: Fuse Prime Pulse Sector They all do it, and they think the obfuscation is to their benefit. All it does is make me avoid them and stick with something I know - aka Fox 360.
  11. mxaniac

    Top Tier Gear

    Some gear manufacturers make high end gear like Fox 360, and make lower end gear like the 180. Other brands like Shift don't make anything comparable to the 360 gear. I can't keep track of all the brands that still build quality gear, nor is it easy to tell what each brands top of the line gear is. It also changes, what was good 20 years ago isn't always now. As another example I suspect MSR, O'Neal, Thor, and Answer don't make top of the line gear. On the other hand Alpine Stars probably does. So, what are the premium products in pants, jerseys, and gloves?
  12. mxaniac

    Way to go Ping!

    Around these parts the pw50 is in a different class than the KTM Polini Cobra so you can certainly begin on the PW50 then either transition to a faster 50 or a 65. Is that not the case where you're at?
  13. mxaniac

    Way to go Ping!

    Actually I think Hannah won some races on his OW250 after he returned.
  14. mxaniac

    The dyno chart that they won't show!

    So if I understand correctly, intake tract length, valve size, port size, cam specs, and exhaust are now obsolete tuning parameters because some dude figured out how to do something with his phone no-one else had? Damn that's fricken awesome I love technology.
  15. I don't have tapatalk, notifications should be turned off but not so much.