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  1. ScootMcGoot

    Will Direct Injection...

    I don't know a ton about DI however I do know that DI engines like my pickup truck use extremely high pressure fuel lines (~2200 psi) which requires a special and probably very expensive pump. I believe the extreme high pressure is needed to overcome the pressure from combustion since the tip of the injector is inside the cylinder. As others mentioned if the TPI bikes meet smog rules there is no reason for the manufacturers to dump the money into R&D to come up with a direct injection version.
  2. ScootMcGoot

    Measuring 2t bore

    To measure the bore accurately you will need a dial bore gauge or telescoping gauges with an outside micrometer. Telescoping gauges are plenty accurate but they require a certain level of skill to get repeatable measurements. It took me several hours of using them before I was able to get consistent measurements. Now that I have the technique down it’s no problem. You need to be able to measure out to .0001” to be able to figure out what’s needed to get the correct piston to cylinder wall clearance. Most dial bore gauges capable of this level of accuracy are way too expensive for a home shop whereas you can get telescoping gauges for next to nothing and then spend a little bit on a nice outside mic that will read out to .0001” with a vernier scale. I rebuilt my 150 hour KTM 350 last winter. It has an A cylinder on it but I had to use a C piston to get the recommended piston to cylinder wall clearance.
  3. ScootMcGoot

    Thoughts on bar position?

    Certainly one of the cheapest mods you can do. Now that I have been riding with the bars rolled back for a few weeks now I am going to put them back to where I normally run them and see if I hate it now. We shall see.
  4. ScootMcGoot

    Thoughts on bar position?

    I used to run my bars rolled forward for the longest time but recently I rolled them back when I went riding with a local pro rider. He said it would help with my cornering. I was skeptical but I tried it and was surprised how it improved my corners. I can't explain why but the pro tells me I had too much weight over the front end and rolling them back shifted some of it to the back of the bike. Along with rolling the bars back he also had me soften up my forks by a couple clicks which got rid of a front end pushing affect that I started to experience after rolling the bars back.
  5. ScootMcGoot

    Normal piston/cylinder gap?

    This is not the correct way to do things. Stick with a dial bore indicator or telescoping gauges with a micrometer if you want accurate measurements.
  6. ScootMcGoot

    Cool Tie Down System

    For me as I mentioned it has nothing to do with trying to save fork seals. I find it more stable, SS109 does not. To each is own but I think we can all agree that it doesn't do anything for fork seals.
  7. ScootMcGoot

    Cool Tie Down System

    Negative I use ratchet straps and get a bunch of crap about it from all my buddies who use the friction straps. I would never trust my bike to a friction strap. I also always put 4 straps on my bike instead of the 2 that most people do. Your buddies bike might still be unstable because of the angle of the straps to the truck. If the angle is very steep fork brace or not it won't have the best stability.
  8. ScootMcGoot

    Cool Tie Down System

    I use a fork brace not because it protects the fork seals but so the bike is more secure in the bed. Without the fork brace the forks are able to slightly compress when cornering in my truck or under braking which causes the straps to momentarily loosen. This does not happen when I load the bike and strap it down with the fork brace installed. Who makes this one?
  9. ScootMcGoot

    OEM or Pro-X Timing Chain?

    Thanks guys. I will stop being a cheap ass and get the OEM one.
  10. Normally I would just go OEM for everything however KTM wants $100+ for an OEM timing chain for my 350sx-f and I can get a Pro-X one for $55. I have used Pro-X rods before when rebuilding cranks with no issues. Curious if anybody here has tried a Pro-X timing chain in their KTM and wondering if it came back to bite them.
  11. ScootMcGoot

    Oh this is going to hurt .....

    He doesn't bother me one bit. I've been around this forum long enough to know how it goes. I am in the south near Great Woods/Comcast Center/Xfinity Center. Is there any good riding on the North Shore? The only time I have ever gone up that way is to hit up Hopkinton-Everett Reservoir in NH. Other than than I do all my riding West of South of me. The Franklin state forest is one of my favorite spots and it's actually legal.
  12. ScootMcGoot

    Oh this is going to hurt .....

    Nailed it!
  13. ScootMcGoot

    Oh this is going to hurt .....

    I don't go to parties unless dirt bikes are somehow involved.
  14. ScootMcGoot

    Oh this is going to hurt .....

    It should also be noted that Husqvarna power equipment is separately owned subsidiary and has nothing to do with Husqvarna motorcycles which is owned by KTM. The toaster though....that's legit.
  15. ScootMcGoot

    Oh this is going to hurt .....

    The difference is the Jap brands are in many other lines of business outside of dirt bikes. I would venture to guess that dirt bikes don't have a significant enough impact on their bottom line to justify the engineering and tooling costs that come with brining a new model to market. On the other hand KTM/Huskys business is solely about selling dirt bikes which is why it makes sense for them to give the market what they want.