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  1. 4 oz per gallon is 32-1 3.2 oz per gallon is 40-1 I recommend 32-1.
  2. rt20ps

    Help! I can't get 4th or 5th!

    Not true!!
  3. rt20ps

    Timming chain

    We use the 02-08 CRF chain with no problems. I don't think the TRX will fit.
  4. rt20ps

    Need transmission help!!!!

    Why would you come here for help if the majority are lacking mechanical knowledge??/ Are you pulling in the clutch or shifting under power?? If you are properly using the clutch than I would suspect an internal transmission problem. Split the cases and inspect the trans.
  5. rt20ps

    frame swap

    Tried and true way to get help, ask a question, wait a couple of days, call everyone names..... Guess you're the only bonehead that needs help with a simple frame swap....
  6. rt20ps

    Always shop around for parts

    You're comparing apples to oranges. A good quality battery is far superior to the Chinese/Taiwan junk batteries that are out there.
  7. rt20ps

    YFZ450 Oil Reservoir is Full!

    Sounds like the strainer in your oil tank is plugged. Pull the bottom oil line off and pull and clean the strainer.
  8. rt20ps

    Installed SS valves and now they need adj

    If they moved a small amount I would call it normal. If you had to drop more than one shim size I would suspect the new valves are already wearing. Did you have the seats cut when you installed the new valves?? Are you properly maintaining your airfilter(claning and oiling)? These are all factors that can lead to premature valve wear/failure.
  9. rt20ps

    Damper Revalve/Rebuild

    I see Racetech has a gold valve for the damper. http://www.racetech.com/SubMenu.asp?cMenu=16&c=Yes&showPage=dirt
  10. I would guess 03-05 YZ250F. I have an 02 here and the ends of the throttle cables are the same size. From looking at your pictures the upper (push) cable has a larger diameter than the pull cable. (Look at the holes where the cable threads into the carb.) The WR carb has an ACV. (air cut valve) I think that's what you were talking about.
  11. I have had success using the boot from the 04-05 TRX450R.
  12. rt20ps

    2010 Crf450r

    I would love to see you get an 09 Charlie... I have ridden one, but not got to take one apart yet.
  13. rt20ps

    hot cam jetting

    I suspect the heat, not the cams is what is effecting your jetting. You were going in the wrong direction, the heat made it rich and then you richened it even more. Honda may spec a 50 or 52 pilot but I have never needed one, never more than a 45 in my experience. Playing around with the needle only screwed things up even more.
  14. rt20ps

    hot cam jetting

    I would go back to the original needle in the middle position. You may need to go down to a 42 pilot.
  15. rt20ps

    2002 YZ250F Piston Tight?

    Have you tried turning it over with the spark plug out?? You mentioned a problem with the decompression mechanism. Are you shure it is working properly??