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  1. polarbear

    JS7 picture (hand)

    I messed up my left hand the same way the JS7 did. Hurt like hell for a year, and was really sore for another year after that. But, I did not have the luxury of good doctors and expert rehab. So, who knows, but I can totally understand the frustration he must have.
  2. polarbear

    06 foreman 350es shifting issue

    I know this happened 4 yrs ago... but, its happening to my rancher now too. Just was wondering what the final problem was and how you fixed it???
  3. polarbear

    GP Regulars Boycot Mex Race

    I live in Mexico. Been living here for 10 yrs. I am a US Citizen though, just have and run my chili pepper farm. All the dead bodies, etc etc is all drug related. If you all want to rag about Mexico and its problems then take a look first at the EFFIN drug addicts in the good ol' USA that are the reason we have these problems. Its a sad case all the way around, but as long as there is a demand for drugs in the USA there will be problems in Mexico. PERIOD.
  4. polarbear

    My private track Go Pro Video...

    BDub, what part of Ohio you from? My wife is from Dayton. Been riding up there before.
  5. polarbear

    Your Advice for Stewart!

    Start your own team. You determine by your riding if you will make money. Then you will have to completely rely on yourself. And ride a two stroke during SUPERCROSS!
  6. polarbear

    My private track Go Pro Video...

    Thanks guys. Wish you all lived close by so that we could have some more riders!
  7. This is my private track. Me and my buddies ride. We call it Helltrack... ha ha ha... anyways, it gives us somewhere to ride on the weekends.
  8. polarbear

    GoPro Enduro practice track

    I would hate to get thrown from the bike and smack into one of those trees! OUCH!!!
  9. polarbear

    Gearing 12-48?

    Thanks for the Info guys. I didn't know that! I guess 13-52 aint so bad after all! Even though its 118 links. I have it at 118 because I find my riding more comfortable with my tire as far back as possible. I put the 12 on and put on my stock chain with a 48 rear for fun and noticed it went down to a 114. And if i moved my tire closer in I could even go to a 112.
  10. polarbear

    Gearing 12-48?

    Hey guys, I have 13-52 sprockets on my 11' YZ 450. I love this gearing. But, I was wondering, to have a shorter chain (less drag/weight) if any of you have ran a 12-48? I did the calculations and its roughly the same as the 13-52. So if there's not any extra swing arm slap or other things that I don't know about it, i think I'd like to try it. I would appreciate ANY INFO. Thnx
  11. polarbear

    Worst. Track. Ever.

    Not blaming the track on the race outcome. But, if you like to watch "follow the leader" type racing then I guess that track is for you. SX is hard enough to pass as it is, much less with all those windy "S" turns and shit. Bring back the 180 and 90 degree turns and long whoop sections that create, speed, flo, and risk/reward back to the table!
  12. polarbear

    2009 CRF450 Bog at Open Throttle

    What is the Vortex Ignition? My riding buddy has been having these same problems with his 09 CRF. His bogged at throttle. He cleaned the injector and fuel pump and it works better but now it won't idle. It just dies. It will only work if you keep the throttle twisted.
  13. polarbear

    My MX track! In MEXICO

    From what I hear, Monterrey is going through what we went through in Chihuahua last year. Stay safe my friend!
  14. polarbear

    My MX track! In MEXICO

    Some of you guys make some pretty funny comments. Anyone who dares to cross the border is welcome to ride. PM me.
  15. I just finished my GOPRO HD video of my track here in Nuevo Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, MEXICO. I built this track on my farm. Nice stress relief from farming peaches and cayenne chili. Would love to have some riders come and ride with us. It is about 2 1/2 hrs SW from El Paso, TX.