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  1. lastchild

    Marzocchi setup/break in on '15 300RR

    An hour? I rode it for 60 miles. I've owned almost 15 different KTM's, Hondas and Yamahas so I have a fairly decent idea of how to set stuff up...but I'm new to the Marzocchis. Of course there needs to some experimentation with the clickers but there's typically a 'baseline' setting for any suspension. Really just trying to get an idea of what others have done in getting theirs dialed. Basic 'best practices', etc.
  2. Took the 300 out yesterday for a 60 mile break in ride...awesome machine in so many ways. Forks are pretty stiff out of the box though. I've heard varying opinions on setup and break in, so I thought I's ask you guys before I just send 'em off to be revalved. 1) how long does it typically take the 'Zokes to settle down? 2) basic settings? I've heard the PFP should be backed out all the way (CCW)..true? any other tips? I'd like to get a nice baseline for how they work in stock form, so if I do indeed send em out I have a good idea of the improvements.
  3. lastchild

    My '15 300RR Racing arrived today

    Here ya go!
  4. lastchild

    My '15 300RR Racing arrived today

    weird, they loaded for me?
  5. Man what a gorgeous looking machine! One of the nicest production dirt bikes I've ever seen...these guys really have their stuff together. Couple questions...is there a switch available to swap out that clunky starter/horn/light switch? It's bulky... And is the jetting spot on from the factory or do I need to tweak it?
  6. lastchild

    Reno Riding

    you might want to post this on the NorCal section too. lots of NorCal guys ride MoonRocks, etc.
  7. where's the area known as 'white-tanks"? is that the same as mile markers..?
  8. A few of us from NorCal are also planning to head down there the first week of January and looking to ride. What's up with the area around Wickenberg where they host the National Enduro? I've ridden there a few times and it was a blast.
  9. lastchild

    $6125 OTD ... help me do better!

    simmer down there brother...we all need to eat and a salesman is no different than you or me. most guys got into the game cuz they love motorcycles...not because they're born liars. i don't know what you do for a living but how would you feel if you had to negotiate your salary 5 times a day with your boss. no need to make it confrontational...just offer the man what you think is a fair price for the bike in your market and if he can do it he will. and remember if you don't support your local dealer he might not be there when you really need him.
  10. lastchild

    Suspension shop near Sacramento, CA?

    I can't say enough good things about Dick's Racing. He's done most of my KTM's and both of my YZ's...I wouldn't take my bike to anyone else. It's by far the plushest stuff I've ever ridden. dicksracing.com As for AMA D36 guys, Dick has done more D36 Champions than ALL of the other tuners combined.
  11. lastchild

    Can't get kickstarter back on...help!

    thanks, i finally got it. whew... today was not a good day...stripped out a linkage bolt too. damn torque wrench never clicked. now i know why guys spend $300 on the digi Snap-On wrenches.
  12. I took the kickstart lever off to throw some grease in there and I can't seem to get the damn thing back on. After an hour of chasing that little bearing around the garage floor I'm pretty frustrated. It's the screw that won't go back in...when I put the lever on that 'knuckle' the screw won't go in. If I put the screw in first, the knuckle won't go in to the lever fully. What am I doing wrong?
  13. lastchild

    desert trail ride

    I was just there a few days ago with my YZ250. Did that same crazy sidehack trail with the rock obstacle. If you want to ride again and not alone we go up there quite often. I know the area very well ;-)
  14. lastchild

    Squish Clearance

    who do you guys send your head to for this mod? any recommendations?
  15. lastchild

    New 07 YZ 250 Left over

    unfortunately they won't be worth much more in a few years. how much is a used CR500 worth now...not much. the same will hold true for our beloved YZ 250's. thankfully i don't buy bikes based on what i can sell them for, i buy them based on how much fun i have riding them now!