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  1. Hi everyone, I have recently purchased an old `84 Suzuki DR500 scrambler as a project bike. Unfortunatly the cylinder head had been removed when I aquired the bike. I am going to be fitting a new piston, rings and valve stem seals. However I need some advice concerning torquing specs for the tightening of the head as well as how to set the timing of the valves and the correct valve clearances when cold. The engine is a single cylinder with an overhead cam and rockers. I have noticed 2 scribed lines 180 degrees apart on the face of the cam. I am assuming that these lines must be parallel with the faces of the camshaft cover housing when piston is at TDC. This seems to make sense as cam lobes will allow valves to be totally closed at this postion. However is this assumption correct? I would also like to know how many turns to turn back idle mixture control screw after it has seated. Any ideas? Any advice would be greatly appreciated