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  1. yzhooligan

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    Where’s that?
  2. yzhooligan

    WANTED People to Ride With, East Bay Area

    I’m in WC and work in oaktown. Will be hitting Carnegie maybe tomorrow since all rain is making other places little to wet apparently. Some guys are telling me like 80% of Hollister was shut down today. Carnegie soaks up the rain well.
  3. yzhooligan

    Winter closures: The end of EF/GT/Fh as we know it

    What was the background on this requirement? Senate bill/law being passed?
  4. This! I don't get it. So the full seasonal close Jan-March will occur even if there is no rain for example? Like you said, we had dust trails up until 2 weeks ago, now its closed till mid December? I don't get it. Those trails can dry up within a couple days of rain can't they? So what are our other options now? I saw the note about GT being under older rules so won't have as bad of a shut down period. What about pipi? Those are all the trail systems on this side of the foothills I usually go to. Now that Mendocino got hammered due to the fires this year, our riding options has really gone to shit.
  5. yzhooligan

    Trail Tech Endurance II

    Yeah what a PITA! I ended up JB welding the damn thing in! Even with special circlip pliers, the clip sucks. It doesn't have two holes to use the circlip pliers like I have before. I also used a lot of curse words trying to get the clip on and it went flying across the garage. Called the manufacturer and they kindly sent me a new one in the mail.
  6. yzhooligan

    Trail Tech Endurance II

    Not to ask a dumb question but how the hell did you install the retaining clip on the backside of the rotor when installing the magnet in thge pre drilled slot?
  7. After riding my new (to me) bike for a month or so, I have made the decision - I am dropping my front sprocket on a '16 350 XCF to a 13T. Will I need a new chain? If so, how do I go about picking the right one? THANKS!
  8. yzhooligan

    D36 cut off times for last lap?

    Norcal Peeps- Noob question, looking to try some D36 events next year. Did the HHORA a couple times and had a lot of fun. In the grand prix style races for example, if the race time on the flyer shows 90 minutes, what is the cut off for example to be allowed the last lap?
  9. I am waiting on my manual to be delivered but can anyone confirm oil capacity for the 16 350 xcf? I would like to change tonight. 10W-50?
  10. yzhooligan

    District 36 Prairie City Grand Prix

    Same here. I will be on a yz250f. From what I have read in previous posts and in my searches, yes, a stock tank should be fine. So that I understand correctly - we are simply racing 3 laps till the checkered flag and thats it? I thought it was a timed 1 1/2hr race. If so, then how does that work... what if I pass the line at 1 hr 25 minutes going on my 4th lap, then at 1 hr 30 the checkered flag goes up..and the next guy stops and doesn't have to do another lap?? And so they just use the transponders to see how many laps we did in that time period or something?
  11. yzhooligan

    Metcalf Hare Scramble footage 10/9/11

    cool thank you for this information!
  12. yzhooligan

    Metcalf Hare Scramble footage 10/9/11

    man I wish I entered that! looks like the perfect 1st timer hare scramble! When will the next one be? Can someone explain the class structure? is vet > intermediate? Is each 'level of skill' split by bike size?
  13. yzhooligan

    lets see your bike in anger!!

    Where in wales in this? Im always looking for areas to ride
  14. I siffted through the manual but couldnt find anywhere what the optimal combustion test results are for an 02 YZ125. After testing, mine came out to 120 - 125 Is this ok? what level should I replace the top end?