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  1. triplejumper

    Crf150r Expert or the Cr85

    no decision, the 150 smokes the 85's on all fronts.
  2. triplejumper


    not even the same material as the bigger crf's, research first before making an insinuation.
  3. triplejumper


    is this a joke, research first.
  4. triplejumper

    Any one know where to get jets at?

    They all use FCR's. Main is diffrent from pilot.
  5. triplejumper

    Any one know where to get jets at?

    Any dealer has them. Same jets as all 250f's and 450f's.
  6. triplejumper

    ``` 2007 Kxf Or Crf450????

    Ive seen the opposite going on.
  7. triplejumper

    clutch problems

    I rode my daughters 150 for a moto, and even at 180 pounds, didnt need the clutch. My daughter needed to learn not to use her clutch like a two stroke, now she doesnt use it hardly at all.
  8. triplejumper

    clutch problems

    As I stated, set up is done by rider not the shop, therefore it is not a bike problem but rider/mechanic problem. If you need an adjustable clutch mid moto on any thumper, you are riding it incorrectly. This clutch issue with thumpers dates back to 1998, with a lot of two stroke riders switching to four strokes, and is almost completely rider caused.
  9. triplejumper

    clutch problems

    There are no clutch problems, only improper set up and mis-use/abuse related problems.
  10. triplejumper

    new reviews on 150r

    No comperison to an 85 at all, a 105 is closer though.
  11. triplejumper

    CRF150R problems

    Piston did not break before valves hit it. Over revved.
  12. triplejumper

    150 Clutch replacement

    A tech update telling people how to set the clutch is correcting improper set up. Once your son starts riding without using the clutch as much, (since thumpers require very little clutch when ridden properly) you will need just one clutch kit a year.
  13. triplejumper

    Cool center stand lift that I got the wife

    Negative hearsay is bad mouthing with no proof.
  14. triplejumper

    150 Clutch replacement

    This has nothing to do with the bike. Remember all the two stroke converts that were frying clutches on the YZ400? Improper set up or rider is using way to much clutch is the cause of this.
  15. triplejumper

    Cool center stand lift that I got the wife

    I bought one about three years ago on Ebay. Nice stand!