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  1. ttweedle

    Bike security, what do u use??

    I use a Springfield Arms XD40, and a 12 gauge shotgun, if they make it into my garage.
  2. ttweedle

    Couple Questions...

    Whats the bonus when you own your own team like J-law?
  3. ttweedle

    Jlaw Missed Op

    He thanked his sponsors when he put them on the podium at the biggest supercross race of the year in the 450 class. He had his problems in the past but for him to get the fastest lap in practice and then finish in 2nd speaks volumes for his sponsors especially since he isn't on a factory team.
  4. ttweedle

    J-Law Truth / Rumors

    The AMA saw it as a legit reason to cut the track, and I would have done the same thing. Its a race and I'm not waiting till everyone who was in the crash to get out of the way till I keep going. He as well as everyone else is out there to win the race. so he cut 10 to 20 feet of track while everyone else is on the ground big deal, they shouldn't have wrecked.
  5. ttweedle

    Where to ride in N.C.

    http://www2.d29mx.com/ http://www.district29mx.com/ If you go to the above links you should be able to find some MX tracks. Not sure how far you are willing to go to ride but with inlaws in tow farther may be better.
  6. ttweedle

    A Good Replacement!!!

    I have bought from them too. They really do an awesome job.
  7. ttweedle

    08 YZ450F - How much did you pay?

    I got mine here in North Carolina for 5500.00 before tax. 5900.00 otd.
  8. I agree, that sprocket should have been changed A LONG TIME AGO, along with the rear sprocket and chain. For less than 200 bucks you could have saved your case... and been riding as usual.
  9. ttweedle


    I just wanted to say, I am in the Army currently deployed to Afghanistan and I can understand your lack of being impressed with the Marines you came in contact with. And yes the one quadtard probably was out of line. We always have one of "those guys" that just doesn't know when enough is enough. But at the same time stop and think about what he may have just gone through while deployed. Here is my personal account... in the last 14.5 months we have sent home 34 brothers early that we will never see again. Over 500 Purple Hearts given out due to wounds received in combat. We are getting ready to come home in April after 15 months. Alot of the younger guys will come home with the superman complex and will no doubt do stupid things with out thinking because of this. I know its not right but its one way we let off the stress of getting shot at, blown up, mortared etc. So next time stop by start a conversation with the Marines. Learn who they are, they will undoubtedly tell you a story or two that you will think is the coolest you have ever heard. Then in the conversation you can tell them a story about how somebody left the dunes trashed and how that affected you and your friends. Lastly, don't ask us if we have ever killed anyone. Those of us that do don't talk about it (cause its not cool), unless you were there with us, or you are one of our closest friends which if you are you were probably there. Those of us in the military want to be just like you when were not in uniform. Its just sometimes we don't know how because of what we have seen and or done.
  10. ttweedle

    How do you pay for your parts?

    I'm in the Army currently stationed in Afghanistan until April 10th. Can't wait to get home and spend the money you all paid in taxes for my 08' YZ450. 15 months since my last ride...
  11. ttweedle

    To Stand or Not to Stand?

    (insert sarcasm here) Hmmm, maybe since the stand puts undue pressure on the seals in the extended position and the triangle puts too much pressure on the tires that I must have the best of both worlds! I have my bike on a 5 gallon bucket but my tires still touch the ground so my suspension isn't fully extended ruining my seals and there isn't alot of pressure on my tires creating flat spots! Too think my $3.50 bucket from home depot is the best of both worlds!
  12. ttweedle

    Looking at 01 426 how much is it worth?

    I paid 2K for my 01 426 2 years ago, came with Tag tripleclamp/bars, had suspension work done, big bore kit, as well as original jug and piston which were brand new never used.
  13. ttweedle

    yz450f wont start

    I would go the electrical route and make sure you get all wiring as dry as possible. I dropped a cell phone in the water, after a week of drying out it works fine. Use a hair dryer to speed up drying time.
  14. ttweedle

    yz450f wont start

    You dropped it in deep water. Was it completely submerged? Did water get in the airbox? How much water do you think your bike ingested?
  15. ttweedle

    MX tattoos

    Remember that the tat just has to symbolize MX to you, it doesn't necessarily have to be a Tire, Fox head, or front number plate. If it means alot to you, you could go as simple as a number. i.e. I got my bike on may 11th which began my great motocross saga, so I got a tat of celtic knotting around my wrist with 511 in it, which also happens to be the number on my bike. Just think outside the box and you will have a meaningful tat that you will still like 10 yrs from now.