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  1. 696

    transworld mx fmf pipe test...

    Already have one . But the 250F is for AX, and HS. I'm 99.9% sure the pipe I'm looking for is a older FMF Ti 4. I'm piecing one together right now to fit my 06 so we'll see. 696
  2. 696

    transworld mx fmf pipe test...

    I just got rid of my WB Alum Pro. On a stock bike it didn't have the low end I like...even with the 38mm cap. I'm the type of guy that if I put something on and I can tell a difference, all say so. Just cause I spent the $$$ doesn't sway my opinion, hence me looking for my 3rd pipe for this bike . 696
  3. I still have my 03 CRF450 but bought a 06 YZ 250F for AX, HS, and smaller MX tracks. For HS I can ride it longer and faster since it's not as big of a handful as I get tired. The only time I race the old 450 is on a BIG open style track. If I only could have one bike the 250F would be it. It's a blast. 696
  4. 696

    Muffler/Mid pipe fits?

    I've been playing around with a Frankenpipe combo that seems to work on my 06. Stock header, 06 FMF 4.1 mid pipe, into a 01-05 FMF Titanium 4 muffler. I'm working on a bracket to lower the muffler a bit but it's the combo I've been looking for. I'll post more once I have completed it. 696
  5. Not really, it seems a 2 stroke always feel more nible in the air than a 4 stroker. You'll learn to get use to it. 696
  6. 696

    exhaust advice needed

    Cause the airbox and baffle are easier 696
  7. 696

    exhaust advice needed

    I would say buy a YZ throttle stop instead of cutting the WR one...like I did. Just a few bucks for one. 696
  8. 696

    hotcams review: 06 YZ250F

    Prob for the low end. Thats at least why I'm buying them. Stage 2 is for more Mid to Upper. 696
  9. 696

    exhaust advice needed

    IMO: Airbox and baffle, then throttle stop. Made my old WR426 come to life, but yeah wait and see what you think of it stock 1st. 696
  10. 696

    exhaust advice needed

    I agree with Root. Start off stock then research some of the free mods and try them one by one so you can see the difference each one makes. 696
  11. I do plan on getting the Hot Cam stage 1 and a HC piston, BUT that will be that much MORE low end. It's hard to explain but the FMF Ti 4 exhaust the 01 had was dang near perfect for the way I ride, and was the reason I went to a 250F.
  12. Yep, up to a 50. Still not the low end I'm looking for but I like the way the 50 starts. If I'm having a good day, I can stay with the 450's in a AX start.
  13. Well, my musical chairs with exhausts still continues. I sold my Rocket Exhaust for a WB Alum Pro, and now I am selling it. I noticed the difference in the mid to top, but still not enough low end grunt (even with the 38mm cap) soooo it's off to E-bay to be sold. Anyway, I was planning on building a FMF system (cause you can't buy the one I want) with a Mega bomb header, 06 mid pipe (for a 4.1) and a Titanium 4 14" can or a Factory 4 14" can. The guys at FMF said the Titanium 4 can SHOULD work with the 4.1 mid pipe (but I don't see the latches for the spring from the can) but if I can get this combo to work I may have to settle for a 4.1 can. My question is (for those who may have had one) does the 4.1 have the same amount of low end as the old Titanium 4 pipes??? A year or so ago I rode a stock 01 250F with a Titanium 4 pipe and it seem to have the most low end of any of the pipes I have rode on a 250F to date. That's the low end I'm trying to get out of my 06. Anyone please put in your $.02. 696
  14. 696

    Question about FMF Megabomb header.

    I'm building my own Frankenstien FMF system. a Titanium 4 14" muffler, 06 mid pipe (I had to order directly from FMF) and a Megabomb header. I rode a 01 with the Titanium 4 muffler and it had impressive low end, I want the Megabomb to add to it. 696
  15. 696

    haspin acres- yz250f

    The only problem is the video makes me look like I'm going at a snails pace . Not that I'm the fastest rider in the world, but I'm a little faster than that :mad: . 696