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  2. Carbon fiber looks cool. I do like some contrast too though. Maybe a mix of some other guards to add??? I have some carbon fiber swingarm guards. It gets scraped up but just have to spray with lps or armour all. I like Topar racing guards and BPD as others to go in the mix. Not too many carbon fiber options. Saw some on Sierra before. http://shoptoparracing.com/brands/BETA.html
  3. I haven’t seen a much better pipe guard than this one for the header. I was hoping flatland racing had a good option but haven’t seen yet. I gotta get one like this for my 350 rr later too.
  4. Yea that’s one element that some choose husky and Ktm. If that’s super important for some can buy those bikes. It’s personal preference. Overall I still choose Beta. I have friends that ride the newest Ktm husky Sherco gasgas Beta 2 stroke enduros etc..All are good bikes. Beta really has such low vibration. Not as low as ktm or husky now but not of consequence to me. What’s weird to me is more that have had counterbalancer husky 300 locally have gone Sherco relatively quickly afterward.. just coincidence I guess. Idk .. The counterbalancer ktm 300 riders I know seemed to have spent lots of time and money tuning their bikes. Guys have bought smartcarbs and lectron and changed topends from 250 to 300 etc etc.. They’re happy now but it’s been a long road . Ive been riding with stock jetting so it doesn’t look favorable to me. I like a kicker so a Sherco is out of the question. Gasgas is too new to me. I’ll wait and watch like I did with Beta plus it just looks too much like a ktm and it’s taller which Im not into. Kyb is Gasgas’s counterbalancer. If it means that much to you go buy one. It’s not a draw to me especially since Gasgas just came back from being out of business. Beta has been in business for over a hundred years and is doing well.
  5. I know exactly what you mean. It's why I've stashed parts for my Gasgas. It's just clarifying here. Let's just be real about what is available from which models. Actually if Torrot had all parts for older gasgas then that's great! Link it up. There's nothing wrong with stashing parts that are hard to get to me.. even if it's not hard to get you don't have to buy if you need it later. Here's my 01' 300 ec in an older vid.
  6. I'm not talking about your 12' . I'm talking about my 2001 and the bike in question. 2 of my friends sold their gasgas 2006 and 2004 because they couldn't find parts.. Why are you bitching at me for? I'm just giving straight honest real information about keeping parts based on my and other local Gasgas riders experiences . I have friends with a variety of Gasgas enduros that have bought up other gasgas enduro bikes just to have a stash of parts. If you are sure there are parts for older gasgas then give links and give real sources. We have a dealer up the road. Last I checked he couldn't get lots of older gasgas parts. Does Torrot have a lot of parts ready to go out to older gasgas bikes? I'm not talking about the newest bikes. I'm talking about bikes like mine and the bike I was talking about. Go ahead and provide dealers and links that fully provide all parts right now for us to buy for older Gasgas.
  7. I’ll be trying a cut slide and maybe a long way off I might put a pro circuit pipe... might as it’s not really needed . I probably will service my suspension since it’s just time but most of all I just need to put new tires on my bike and my bike is good to go. I’ll just ride the bike and see if any added tuning is needed. It doesn’t seem like it needs anything.
  8. The cool thing with Beta is it’s the only dirtbike company that provides custom tuning from the factory for brand new bikes and for guys like me that might want to upgrade my suspension on my current Beta if I feel like it. All I have to do is go to any dealer and figure what I want from Beta suspension services . Beta sends a case to put your suspension in and it goes to their suspension services and is sent back to you. Of course guys can do their own suspension tuning or go to a particular suspension shop for whatever suspension work or upgrade to any suspension they want. You just have more choices. I have 3 different Betas with 3 different forks/suspension. I’m tempted to upgrade but I have just stiffer springs in my open chamber Sachs forks and shock for my 300 rr . My friend and dealer has been my suspension tuner for years and Im actually happy with that for some years now. Really it’s just up to you how far you want to go as far as suspension setup. If Id buy brand new now Id go the race edition with beta custom suspension services and a kicker put on. Id put my own choices of guards etc.. That’s if buying brand new. But Im happy with my simple Sachs with stiffer springs . It’s nice to know that I could blow all kinds of money putting a wide variety of fancy suspension upgrades if I felt like it. From Ohlins to Sachs cc upgrades to whatever other brand suspension. I keep going from just servicing my current suspension to maybe trying one of the new Beta custom factory stuff. I’ll probably just service what I have. .. but I’m tempted to spend money on something fancy.
  9. Just follow Kelseys instructions. You know what you ordered from him. That’s all I’m doing. My head dome is cut different for the thicker base gaskets and setup . No sense rolling dice on setup that could make things not work how you ordered. He just asked me if I just wanted to bolt on the head. I said Id try his setup and probably check my piston and ring etc and probably change that as well. Bike feels like how the description is on his website. As time goes on and I ride the bike I might fool with jetting etc but it’s running great now. Im sure I could be picky snd play around to get more dialed in. For now Im just going to ride it more. Maybe you can have fun playing with different setups later after you get it setup how it’s originally set up.. up to you.. I’m adding mods systematically for now.
  10. I have not needed to jet my bike at all from new. It’s been a tiny bit fat but that’s been perfect for what I ride and race. Ive raced sprint enduro and hard enduro and there’s been nothing to do. Bike has worked great. I was ready to fool with carbs and gearing etc like other bikes Ive had but my 300 rr has been great as is. I only decided to put on the RK head after lots of reading up and listening to others reviews... then the money back guarantee and talking to Kelsey. He rides 2 2015 300 rr bikes that he tests on so figure it’s a good bet it works good.. and he’s an ex professional trials rider. So far Im happy.
  11. Yea thicker to match close to his setup. I said I still wanted my bike to be able to ride hardcore slow technical aswell as whatever upgrades in performance anywhere else. Actually I wonder the difference in performance between his different head cuts now too .. but no matter.. it’s worth it to buy to me already.
  12. Careful.. it’s been hard for older gasgas guys to get parts. You might want to stash some just in case. Im not sure can get old parts with the new Gasgas company. . I still have my 01 300 ec for a while it’s not been easy to get parts.
  13. I got the sea level pump gas with the added base gaskets like his is setup. Im not sure which dome cut. He give you other mod recommendations like for the pipe and carb? I guess there are many combinations to choose from. I gave him my race and riding conditions and my vet riding level. ..I got a bad cold so didn’t get to ride as much as I wanted before. The bike felt good with just dropping the needle one. Bike will work much better when I put new tires too. It needs it.
  14. Great bike.. how much you get it for?