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  1. hawaiidirtrider

    Show me your...BETA !

    Awesome! Any video???
  2. hawaiidirtrider

    Tire sizes - changing from oem

    If it’s dry you won’t have any of the mud packing issues in the swingarm that can happen where I am. You’ll be clear and the bigger tire isn’t going to be a negative. Here we have some clay mud that can mix with fir that I could probably make some bricks to build an eco house with. Shit is nasty. If it’s continuing raining when riding it’s fine. It’s when there’s some rain then stops that the mud tyrns into clay tar mud. I know you ride regular billy goat stuff alot like I figure is something like what I ride at times. Id never go down to a smaller tire. Ive always been left unsatisfied going to smaller tires for gnar. Traction is king above all else here.
  3. hawaiidirtrider

    Tire sizes - changing from oem

    I don’t think there’s any difference in clearance from my bike to yours.. but maybe and how far the adjustment is on the chain? My pics of my 120 on my 300 rr are above in this thread . It works great. The 120 505 and the IBex are about the same size and both work well. I don’t see or have any issues with on my 300. On my 525 Beta I had a little issue with the biggest tires but in certain mud conditions . 120 is bigger and a little heavier but the added footprint and hookup is my higher priority.
  4. hawaiidirtrider

    2T pipe guard vs no guard?

    Here’s another take on this. I think I like a cage better but it’s still way stronger than stock. It looks like a nice job.
  5. hawaiidirtrider

    2T pipe guard vs no guard?

    Here’s an xtr. This is a newer brand available now..never seen them before.. scroll ahead to see.
  6. hawaiidirtrider

    2T pipe guard vs no guard?

    Tons of yz riders here have cage guards and other types of combo guards. YZ pipes are just as vulnerable as other 2 stroke pipes . They all smash on impact hitting a big rock. .. Some use nothing or just pipe guards and skid plates. Maybe it’s terrain and regional and personal preference too. we all can ride varied terrain even witin a small area. One guy rides an mx track and right next one guy rides in boulder filled river beds.
  7. hawaiidirtrider

    My Cage

    Just wondering where you live and ride. These cages are common here too. Ah I see.. South Africa.
  8. hawaiidirtrider

    Beta in racing

    https://enduro21.com/index.php/endurogp/3596-i-knew-if-he-worked-he-could-get-there-matteo-cavallo-s-2018-junior-world-championship-secret-hard-work Seems like Jarmo Boano is turning out like the Mitch Payton of world enduro turning out some champions.
  9. hawaiidirtrider

    2T pipe guard vs no guard?

    2:20 or so got a good shot at a combo guard..
  10. hawaiidirtrider

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    Thanks Drjekyll808!! Going back to some older local Central Oahu trails that aren’t ridden as much anymore.
  11. hawaiidirtrider

    Beta in racing

  12. hawaiidirtrider

    Beta's 2-stroke fuel injection future

    A reasonably priced electric dirt bike would be great. First of all it’s quiet. That’s huge. That changes where bikes can be ridden. Battery life and how long it takes to charge or switch out batteries are possible factors too. That’s still another side of the 2 wheel choices for riding . It’s still wait and see but improvements keep coming.
  13. hawaiidirtrider

    Are Project Bikes Even Worth It?

    Yea. I’d never touch it but it’s good to see everything laid out to see more close to actual costs written down. Just because. I might buy for parts or if I was a part it out and sell parts for money guy. I’d buy a 2 stroke before a 4 stroke for lower cost rebuilds too. Still a 2 stroke you can be left spending more than it’s worth too. I was maybe thinking this thread was about making hybrid bikes... different motor in advanced frame like Honda 500 AF type of thing. Those type of builds are interesting and harder. I haven’t seen a thread on that yet.
  14. hawaiidirtrider

    drum brakes

    Of course drum brakes aren’t good compared to modern disc brakes. On my 81 430 husky xc I grooved my shoes and kept them clean with lots of meat on the pads. I knew I would lose brakes in one turn or downhill eventually with mud and dirt and overheating or whatever. I regularly would lose my brakes and blow through turns at some time and I did in a ton of races. . I just learned to not freak out and learn to ride without brakes. Later my Dad relaced a 465 yz front hub as it has 2 cams so the brakes worked decent. Front brakes are more important than back brakes anyway. I always thought that one day Id get a 430 husky and put modern disc brakes front and back on the bike. That was the biggest issue with that bike. Other than that I loved that bike.
  15. hawaiidirtrider

    4 stroke / 2 stroke

    2 and 4 stroke are great. In ugly tight hard enduro the 2 stroke is lighter and better. Off idle is better down low on 2 stroke. Look at hard enduro. It’s almost all 2 stroke. .. almost. 4 stroke has better fuel mileage. It’s still just ride what you like. If I had to ride one bike it would be a 2 stroke. .. but I don’t so I have both 2 and 4.