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  1. Thanks for posting!!!!
  2. The info has been told us already. It's all on the betausa site. Put a lithium battery,clutch lighter, took off kicker , frame bit lighter ..blah blah blah. The bikes are great... and guards go on with their weight added too. The lightweight wars are quite lame at this point. Get fit. Get stronger. Improve technique. Or don't but just ride more. Actually I'm in the process of changing my diet. I could lose 30 lbs myself. The bikes are fine. I need to be stronger and lighter. I'm actually trying to make a run at being a vegan. It's just a week and a half now. Not pure. Still use real cream in my coffee but that's all. No meat, fish, eggs etc.... I figure my weight and strength will work better than any more weight loss on any of my bikes. It's early though I want to see how far this goes. Im not jonesing like I thought I'd be. Just have to have lots of food that I can eat available.
  3. I wanted these pegs.. but they didn't have the rear offsett in stock when I was looking for my 300rr.. I have these on my Beta 525 RS.. They're super strong and clear out like the ims pros when in mud.. https://motocrossactionmag.com/mxa-team-tested-system-rig-shark-bite-footpegs/ I got these and these are great but just don't clear out as well..got mine from ebay ..They look nice and are super strong..
  4. Do you have your bars all the forward in the triple clamp? That's an easy one.. and adjust your bars a few different positions and ride to see how they feel..
  5. I guess they were doing some dry runs getting the new Beta set up for the race? idk.. but here's a little bit of vid.. I keep thinking the 500 rrs might be better.. it's just a 480rr with plates.. I kind of like the idea of a one bike and you can do everything with it.. street legal.. enough power and you can trail ride and race.. You can rip with it.. but it's still easy to ride so you can still just put around slow if you like... and street legal.. you can race it.. It's a great case for if you could only have one bike sort of thing.
  6. Since talking about log jumping.. well there's a bunch of vids that have been out for a while.. got a bunch on youtube.. Here's a couple since it's the current topic. Here's one of Barry's.. He has a few different ones.. great vids!! I think so anyway..
  7. I just saw this.. about as high level as one can get.. but still you watch the good guys and pick up from them..
  8. Don't say that!!! I'm going to have to stop taking vids.
  9. Yea...I didn't even do that. Just got silicone and put the stool leg rubber tip to cover.
  10. I got some half inch rear offset big moose racing pegs and it's good. I'm 6'1 with extra long arms got a tall seat concept seat and bars moved all the way forward. Bars are taller Ktm/Suzuki bend topar. I'm going to actually try moving my bars closer to the middle hole in the triple clamps to try. Might be a little too big a cockpit as I have it is. It's good but still trying different settings just to see. Idk will try...
  11. yea well . His vid sort of speaks for itself. How did this guy get as many followers? I guess he has a good name for a channel? ... again put some comments for him to do some races.. Tell him please enter any trail race and video ... I want to see some instruction vids to go along.
  12. Nice and smooth monk..and on the pegs balancing down.
  13. That's why this guy needs to line up and race a bunch of hard enduros and mx . Video that! Everyone ask him to do some races!!!!! That's if you want to still want to watch him. Have him do some race footage. He should have done TKO . I'd watch his vid there.
  14. ... he still is still &%$#@!ing killing me. Really monk what can you say...
  15. I didn't look yet but did you look on the support section of the betausa site and look at the service manuals? I figure there should be info there.