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  1. You should open right away in case something is missing or broken... just in case.. probably made by polisport but maybe different formula of plastic? Idk
  2. You didn’t even open the box and show us what you got!!
  3. Yea they’re overweight... Only cat food but too much obviously.
  4. No difference to me. My oem clutch failed and replaced with tusk cliutch kit. I felt no difference Tusk didn’t fail .
  5. Just saw this on a local cl ad. I don’t know how accurate it is but just saw. condition: new brand new never ridden set of wheels. taken off a 2018 husqvarna te, and will fit ktms and betas as well. comes almost complete with brand new rotors front and rear, and brand new dunlop at81tires and tubes. no sprocket, and no front wheel spacers. to fit betas you will have to use a beta rear rotor, and shave down the ktm rear spacer (on rotor side) by about 3mm. for the front you would use beta spacers.
  6. I don’t know... Ktm never had any problems with their 4 strokes estart. They waited from 2008 to 2017 to fix the 2 stroke the right way(like 4 strokes) but hey they finally improved the estart to have it up to par . They finally made it like they should have in 2008 . I think time should stand still in 2017 for ktm and husky.. carb goes away soon. That should stay. Others don’t think so. Im for reliability and simplicity. Lets see how these new fi ktms and Husky work after 5 to 10 years vs a carbed bike..Everyone can try next year who wants. I’ll be happy with my carbed bikes watching.
  7. Love our cats .. They sort of act like dogs.. One fetches the other one walks with me and hangs out when working on the bike or car. The old one mainly sleeps, My bikes??? What cat? There’s no cat.. Cats have fur
  8. Hey power to whoever wants one.. I liked the Service honda 500s but thought the no estart wasn’t what I wanted.. hey but panther makes them.. My 300 is plenty good anyway..
  9. I have a couple of friends that ride the 17 new ktm 250 300.. between them they've both spent alot of money.. lectron carb right off the bat.. then ohlins for the back? I don't get that.. The other bought a 250 and never could get it running right..did all kinds of shit to it then he put a 300 top end on it and finally dialed it in. Hey whatever.. I know the counterbalancer is an interesting positive..but it isn't big considering all the other shit that I've seen my friends go through with their new ktm's.. Hey and ktm's are fine.. like all bikes are fine these days.. but I still have stock jetting and gearing and guarded up my 15 300rr and have just stiffer springs in my open chamber forks and it works awesome. I shake my head at what my poor friends have had to go through with their ktm's.. ..and all bikes are good.. some gotta do more to get it set up.. So for whomever.. buy what you like. My Beta is still a winner when I look right now at the marketplace for the newest in the 2 stroke 300 enduro class.. just this time around I'd get a race edition 300 with the suspension done by Beta before I even get the bike..and I'd get a kick starter kit.. I'd guard up myself. That's what I see as the best bike.. I'd still have a full 6 month warranty. To me that's the ultimate bike. I could go the ktm or husky 300 route but the company isn't as good. It hasn't backed up it's product as well as they should. I just saw the 17 Slavens mule 300 bike for sale with most every goody on it.. 20 grand.. Hey if one wants the very best ktm well ok but I'd still just get the Beta 300 race edition if I'd have to buy from all the bikes available now. ..but shit.. my 15 300 rr looks great and works great.. if my 13' 300rr Beta didn't get stolen I'd be happy with that and just add little refinements to improve and be super happy.. I'm not looking at needing a better bike than what I have.. maybe if in the future I just wanted to get fancy better suspension I might figure a way to buy something better.. maybe the cc Sachs or ohlins.. or just another revalve? idk.. but I'm happy as is and don't feel like I'd want a husky or ktm or sherco or gasgas or anything else either.....But if anyone wants any bike? go get it..
  10. Hey it's all easy... just buy the bike you want.. Want a Husky? buy it.. want a TM buy it.. Beta same thing..
  11. You know.. I actually love air cooled 2 stroke bikes too... &%$#@! radiators and all the shit that goes with it.. buying guards and big impellars and boiling and waterpump seals going.. hose blowing.. it goes on and on.. It has it's advantages but I wish that an air cooled 2 stroke dirt bike with the newer upgraded chassis and stuff like estart were available. It's not so it's just do what you can. Most these days have no clue how good or bad a bike like you are riding feel like . They weren't born.. They never raced one.. They never rode trails or rode in tight technical or raced in the desert or anything.. I think they just look at an old bike and go hey that's an old bike. Older bikes vibrated a bunch more.. for sure the big bikes did..but certain bikes were real reliable and were great to ride.. It's not fair to say it could compare to todays bikes but those are a lot more competitive than people know.. and so simple.. We need a nice 400 cc 2 stroke in a new chassis for sale to ride mx and enduro.. I don't think it will happen but I wish it did.. and if it had 6 speed and estart? That would be great.. Until then it's doing the best with what's available.
  12. No argument. That’s what you like..you like your clutch softer.. ok. Just saying my experience of the tusk springs and I don’t find it an issue. That was just what was asked.
  13. Yea notice the recent group of Beta haters posting . Just about every one doesn’t have a Beta. I only am aware of one who has a Beta so far .. and it’s really that those that have arrived just enjoy trolling. That’s the newest element of Beta growing super fast in the enduro world and going from about 4 models to the full lineup in just a decade. It’s become mainstream so fast . What got me interested in Betas were the group of Beta riders online in the original Beta threads in 2008 or so were almost all experienced vet riders that had ridden a wide variety of brands and models riding trail and racing. They were knowledgeable and generous in their sharing info with me and I’ll always appreciate their help. The were knowing what they had in Beta and had a clear view of what they wanted for an off-road bike. They’d ridden lots of bikes so they knew what worked. Some were not Happy with Ktm’s new motors and were big rfs fans and Beta now had the latest and best generation of rfs motors that ktm had abandoned.The linked chassis of Beta blended with the rfs motor was a big draw for a brand breaking into a luxury level enduro bike in the middle of an economy that was the worst since the Great Depression. It’s kind of shocking that Beta has blown up huge in the middle of this environment. Still it has a year warranty for my 2009 525 rs. That’s still crazy. Through it all what was most noticeable was the overall highest level of owner satisfaction of all the bikes I was reading about. I had a Honda over 10 years and those have high owner satisfaction. Beta easily surpassed that. .. At least those that actually owned them. All bikes have their issues. They’re dirt bikes but I think even now in the time of trolls and internet trash I still think Beta has the highest owner satisfaction of all the brands.. and Ive owned just about every brand.
  14. Whaa? They aren’t bad at all. I put cr 500 springs in my 250 and ran those . Tusk springs are not bad and I don’t think I have any more or less grip than anyone else. Try em. I bet you won’t feel much difference
  15. Great! Please post up a review of how you like them. I hope they work great for you. There are more than one thread on beta pegs. You might find where some have used these there.