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  1. I picked up the shinko front copy of the GT fatty today . It’s the 90/100-21. I don’t think this 90/100-21 is that big. My motoz 90/100 on my 300 rr looks way bigger . I don’t know. I guess I need to put it next to to compare.The rubber doesn’t seem as soft durometer as well.. ehh well nothing counts until it’s on the bike and I see how it works.anyway. I’m just giving my initial impression.
  2. Bpd is quality I just wish it had some support in the back too like Unabiker does and some others. We’re spending a couple hundred or so anyway. But I guess it’s just as well. Radiators are hard to protect. Any crash could still damage the radiators. It just depends on the type of crash .
  3. Yea I’m hoping so. My Dad had a 98’ Ktm 200 that was an awesome trail bike. Getting back toward that size and type bike would be great. I already like the 125 rr vids with Salvini and Holcombe play racing each other. Salvini is not a small guy and he fit well enough too. Beta is pumping out some great stuff. Pretty dynamic with a flock of models of bikes are being made. I’m thinking of supply and demand. I wonder how many of these are going to be ordered. For a couple years my Beta dealer was selling all the Xtrainer’s he could get. I don’t know what sells best now but I bet guys are going to jump on both the 125 and the 200.
  4. Exactly
  5. Where can we buy those nice Beta jerseys!!!
  6. kyb in the rear??? hmm . The price is right. it would be snapped up here.. but the market where you guys are is very different. I don't know about the showa and the kyb in back. I guess some would like that better but I don't know.. that brings up more questions about how it went on and how it works.. idk.. It's nice and cheap though. I don't like the no stand etc.. I like and use those things.. I'd be paying to buy those things to put back on the bike.; Does the bike look nice and well taken care of??? I have a 15 300 rr. I plan on keeping it for a long time.
  7. I’d be happy if they actually just brought back the actual bikes with carburetors. So it was 2015 and earlier except for the 350 rr of that year that was carbed . I know.. just said it anyway..What I’d like and what happens isn’t going to happen. I’m keeping my 525 RS. ... unless upgrading to a 2015 500 RS and earlier big bore Beta at whatever time in the future.. Simply put it’s all good. 2018 Betas are for sale.
  8. http://www.thetugger.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=59 Heres a place to check if lazy to make something.
  9. here.. Dougie Lampkin had a strap on his Beta 450.. 2010 .. man time flies.. Almost all 2 stroke now in extreme enduro.
  10. https://www.dirtrider.com/features/race-reports/141_1002_hells_gate_enduro_2010 Can you guys see a strap anywhere?
  11. Yea that’s a good one. Some have used old seat belts... got a wider strap to grab. This reminds me . I have the front tugger strap to put on my bike. I bought it and never put it on. I figure can put that front tugger. In back for Beta. If you like. So far with my 300 I just don’t need it. Got my 09 525 for riding gnarly I use my luggage rack to grab. It’s way better that a grab strap. It’s solid and has better leverage. A luggage rack looks like shit and seems lame .. but it’s the shit to grab and maneuver the bike in ugly situations. Looks ugly.. works great.. for that 09 and earlier Betas.I bet for my 350 rr Beta a luggage rack would be great for gnarly riding too but talk about sacrilege. Putting a luggage rack on a race edition 4 t is just straight wrong. I should look at older Beta extreme enduro vids to see if Beta pro riders put a strap before.
  12. Read again.. you misread I think.
  13. I thought some were already made for Beta? I don’t know though . I haven’t felt the need to get it. We have built in grab handles as it is in back. I guess more can be added but it’s so easy to make if one wanted to also. Have you put a search?? Do that first.
  14. Info on the 200 based on the 125 looks like a winner. That’s exactly where there’s a niche for Beta to take advantage of. It’s worked with the Xtrainer. There are tons of people looking for that sized bike and that size motor to race with. A smaller 200 with a chassis that is good to go fast will sell like crazy. As it is it’s lame that Ktm and husky make 125s that are taller than my 300rr. More info would be nice.. but we haven’t even seen the 125 rrs yet. Lots of cool stuff coming!!!
  15. I have bpd on 2 of myBetas and a modified flatland on the other. I’m liking the quality and look for sure on the bpd guards. I’m thinking of going Unabiker on the next guard because the design might be stronger and it may have a little more side protection and it’s about half the price. Both brands are good and no guard is protecting completely. That’s just what is with watercool dirtbikes. The bike is vulnerable there.