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  1. Yea.. I doubted. I figured it would be a year or 2 later. I mean who even has a 125 now? A few? I hope someone orders one for Hawaii. None have come yet from what I know. Maybe a 200 comes late this year or next idk. Im just going by Beta not being on time for any new Beta Ive ever bought. It’s always been months later from original arrival date proposed.
  2. I don’t know. I just read random issues once in a while. Im a dirt guy more than anything too so...
  3. Here’s some goodies
  4. Well it’s still round but I think the texture might make it look that way in a picture? I don’t have the stock off side by side. The ktm thread RK vs S3 slavens dome thread has some comparison pics on the first couple of pages of the thread. Maybe those pics may be clearer. It’s still roundish.
  5. Well I guess I asked about a variety of options and was pretty descriptive about riding here etc. Didn’t realize he was a trials rider too. I guess that design has a specific setup but I know nothing. I was thinking it would be the exact setup as your pump gas head. I’ll just see how it runs next week when it goes on. Im stoked to get it. Im going to ride my bike this weekend and then compare to next weekends ride with it on.
  6. Yea well the content has been getting worse and worse in past years. Still Im not knowing what kind of content “The Motorcyclist” will bring.
  7. They went under. Im getting The motorcyclist now. They might be in digital form.
  8. Im close enough to twice his weight now but I was 6’ 150 in high school at peak racing weight. That’s the probable age they tapped to use. Give em 40 years more and see what their weight is then.
  9. My RK head came fast!! It came today!! Fast!!! Check out what the head is listed as. It’s a KTM-Beta-Husky head. I guess it’s the same head?? Maybe? I’d heard of them being interchangeable but not necessarily?? Check the receipt. Anyway here’s a few pics. I think I might get it on next week early. I think I might put on a bunch of mods on at the same time.. got a bunch of new goodies to go on. I’ll run my current setup. It’s storming and I might as well let my current setup get a little more beat up for now and have my bike be with more trick stiff next week. Storm weather means stream crossing and mud and usually Ill be falling on rocks etc. Need to pad up.
  10. RK head is made for ktm husky and Beta. S3 heads are made for Beta husky and KTM. I’ll know how my bike works with an RK head like others here have posted how their RK heads work. I won’t be making shit up.
  11. Yea well knowing me I’ll get the stock head that’s cut and regret getting the better setup. Really $350 isn’t very much money. Look. I have a 2015 300 rr. Look how much Ive saved compared to those that just upgrade to a newer bike every couple of years. A new pipe and spark arrestor is maybe more. A steering damper is way more. A hundred fifty bucks is a good more frugal approach. That’s good. I wanted the best for my money and like you said I spent alot of time gathering info. Im getting the full head and the best setup.
  12. Checked in with my Beta dealer mechanic to check on parts I may need in addition . He’s dealt with Kelsey on different bikes already.. for husky and whatever.. Im still getting feedback to figure what will work best from both of them. Ive got to email Kelsey for more other than head mod info to come.
  13. Just got off the phone with Kelsey. It turns out there are more options than have been talked about here and a bunch more options shared that go beyond different designs of heads. It’s actually much better to get the correct information from the source. Im getting the same sort of head setup as he runs on his 2 Beta 300 rr that he experiments on. Im also getting more of the other mods to get like his bike which he says runs excellent. I won’t say how he describes how they run. I’ll leave it all for those that actually buy to talk to him and find out. No black heads available now...only orange and blue. Have to wait a couple weeks for black. I might do a top end at the same time so calling my dealer to order gaskets as well. Head might be here in a week or so. It’s very nice talking to Kelsey. He explains things clearly and explains options and Im even more lucky that he just happens to ride what I ride so score more insight. He had a husky before too. .. but Im sure he’s got the setup for everyone.
  14. Ok just got off the phone with Kelsey. I just ordered an RK head. After talking to him I am way more encouraged. I now know there are more options that haven’t been discussed on TT threads. It makes sense to talk to the source to get the correct information . The cool thing is Kelsey has 2 2015 Beta 300 rrs that he rides and experiments on. I learned more than I expected and found out more mods for my bike beyond specific design for my head. I’m going to put the same type head setup he has on his bike.As a side note.. I didn’t realize he was a professional trials rider as well. Im figuring his setup ought to fit with what riding I do. We will see. Im actually even more confident buying this head now. it’s sounding like this bike will have more power everywhere and I’ll be getting more info on the other mods he runs on his Beta. I’m not going to say what mods to add that he’s sharing with me. I figure those that buy a head can get them if they want. Current colors available now are blue and orange.. have to wait a couple weeks for black to be made. I was going to wait but said screw it and got blue. That goes with the race edition look which I think looks best on Beta. Should come in a week or so.