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  1. hawaiidirtrider


    Sure there’s a choice. It’s ride the last carbed bikes. .. and watch..
  2. hawaiidirtrider

    Lock on grips and full wrap hand guards?

    To me these are excellent and cheap!!! Good enough for Dakar then good enough for me. I wish these were on lock on grips. It’s great for my hands.
  3. hawaiidirtrider


    Well no need to go decades . It can at least be around a year or few. Lets be real here. KTM has a habit of releasing products before they’ve been fully gone through.Just look at the 8 years or so to put in a decent estart on the 2 strokes that KTM knew was flawed from the start. KTM 4 strokes never had the 2 stroke problems with estart. KTM knew the whole time what needed to be done to fix from day one. So what do you think the first 2009 ktm 300 estart owners thought in 2009???not that it would break and guys might have to drop close to $500 to fix. They sure didn’t think it would take till 2017 to finally get it done right. Thats just one issue as an example. Hey we will see. KTMs are great bikes but like every bike it will show what it needs or doesn’t need. Maybe it’s great.. and maybe got some stuff to work on.
  4. hawaiidirtrider


    It’s new and improvements will come along too.. I’m watching like everyone else too. Im great with my carbed bikes and I’ll watch everyones reports and maybe catch a ride or 2 locally. So far I haven’t heard any bad locally. I think after a year or 2 the real stuff will be more evident and how to address to make things set up right.
  5. hawaiidirtrider

    300RR 52t rear longer chain?

    Hey do what you like. It’s up to you. To me what you are doing is creating a 5 speed bike. Right? Why the hell would you do that? Making second gear your first gear is not better for your skill level. I also have exactly the same gearbox as you do with my 300 rr but your strategy still makes no sense to me. What are you hoping to achieve by using 2nd gear as first??? How about gearing your bike higher so you use first? Then you have all the rest of the gears to have a large broad range of use.
  6. hawaiidirtrider


    What are you talking about?? A hundred hours compares to many decades of carb use? Duh ....That makes zero sense at all. Come on now.. It’s BRAND NEW. It may be fine and it may not ... but it’s brand new. Just because soething is brand new doesn’t mean it’s good or bad. It’s wait and see and wait till the dust settles.
  7. hawaiidirtrider

    Anyone see this honda???

    I don’t know.. think it’s a 500. I thought I saw it in a magazine somewhere but forget. I was interested in the wheels and just wanted to see who built it etc and how and what? Etc.. That exhaust tip looks crazy loud but it may be for looks.. with a smaller canister inside..can’t tell so far.
  8. hawaiidirtrider


    Really? Knock down all the misinformation? TPI is brand new.. It’s a whole lot of wait and see more than anything else.
  9. Gorr been doing it so long I’m surprised if he’s not burned out. He said mo betta and that’s just a regular name for gorrs setup. That’s the setup I was going to get and a big bore for my cr but ended up going 300 Beta instead.
  10. He said the “ mo betta porting” that eric gorr has as an option. Call Eric Gorr and he gives you the scoop.
  11. hawaiidirtrider

    2009 Beta 525 mods?.. other stuff to put on?

    It would be nice but I tried to order before and nothing.. Also there was a time where some first gen Beta parts were on closeout sale including some plastics. Some specialty stuff sold and I got my race edition triple clamps then for ex. Beta sold stuff like a 540 top end kit too for example before. I think they sold a 50 mm marzocchi fork and some carbon fiber side cover kit from Boano so no need to take off bolts and seat to get to the air filter. I can see why just the 09 enduro plastics would be available now. I mean so few Beta enduro were produced and distributed. I mean just think getting 300 Beta enduros in a year and dividing those up through 50 states. That’s an exotic. I think so few plastics were sold for so few bikes. The other thing is the first gen plastics were really good. They didn’t break so not many sales for plastics unless guys scratched theirs up too much.
  12. hawaiidirtrider

    Anyone see this honda???

    Anyone see this build somewhere?? I thought it was in a mag but not sure where. Just wanted to read more about it. https://www.instagram.com/p/Brl0wwblU3m/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  13. My buddy put a 270 top end on his cr from LA sleeve and it works well in the trails.
  14. hawaiidirtrider

    Who runs a wider rear rim for offroad?

    I was trying to find examples of wider wheel setups from old family riding pics... not doing so good.. . So far only found this one . I guess we never bothered to take pictures much. As an example in this not very clear picture is a wider rear rim hybrid bike. It’s a kx 125 chassis with a kdx 200 motor with a 240 big bore top end. It’s got a 2.5” ( I think?) width rear rim or wider. It’s got a custom cage pipe guard and of course a nice machete. That’s like a late 80’s ? Early 90’s bike?? Forget now.