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    ride my 450x and crf50
  1. crf450xracer

    Getting off my tip toes

    I had a good upholstery shop trim my seat down just a little bit and i love it:ride:
  2. crf450xracer

    How to fall?

    even if for nothing panic rev so ppl look and get to see u eat it j/k
  3. crf450xracer

    2 Stroke mix

    I run mix in my 50 from time to time
  4. crf450xracer

    New tires Maxxis..

    maxxis it for president
  5. crf450xracer

    energy drink can

    maybe i missed some thing but why put a can on the rez is it just for looks??
  6. crf450xracer

    How do you pay for your parts?

    fabricator for racer engineering
  7. crf450xracer

    Drinking beer on the trail...

    I love beer (coorslight) and i hate liter ! p.s. chris777 for president
  8. crf450xracer

    Ktm 2 smoke or 450 thumper

    +1 to that alot of my friends ride cr250s and i blow by them, then click 5th to make them feel sad:p
  9. crf450xracer

    Ktm 2 smoke or 450 thumper

    top speed the 450x . out of the dig the 250 with track gears. imo.
  10. crf450xracer

    Rocky Mountains "Attack Graphics"=POS

    sikspak goes on the best!
  11. crf450xracer

    Crf250x Vs. Crf250r

    im short and i love my 450x.
  12. crf450xracer

    renthal vs. tag sprockets

    steel vs aluminum ???
  13. crf450xracer

    Dirt bikes are dangerous, but so is tag.

    Full Face Helmet ????